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Senior Design Showcase
April 24, 2023
Lory Student Center

The engineering students at Colorado State University hold an annual Engineering Days celebration, “E-Days,” to showcase undergraduate senior design projects. E-Days draws visitors from the community and industry, as well prospective students interested in exploring engineering.

Interact with our students and view a variety of engineering projects in-person at the Lory Student Center and Plaza.

E-Days 2022 was a huge success!

The campus and Fort Collins communities turned out in droves for E-days! It was a warm and sunny day, with students available both on the Plaza and the Ballroom to discuss their projects. Below is just a small sample of the excitement, including a list of our award winners!

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Photos by John Eisele, CSU Photography

Award winners

Biomedical Engineering

  • 1st – Expandable Sheath for Minimally Invasive Gallstone Removal
  • 2nd – SnifTek
  • 3rd – Compression Inserts for the Quatro Socket

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • 1st – Ram Wastewater Solutions
  • 2nd – Green & Gold Inc.
  • 3rd – Topo Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 1st – Regenerative Braking Electric Skateboard
  • 2nd – Electric GoKart
  • 3rd – Emulation of Aerospace Actuation Systems

Mechanical Engineering

  • 1st – NASA Robotic Mining
  • 2nd – Prosthesis for Quadruple Amputee
  • 3rd – Motorbike Swingarm Guards

Mechanical Engineering Research Practicum

  • 1st – Nick Katsampes
  • 2nd – Brady Hine
  • 3rd – Jenna Stubbers

Event Resources

Downloadable flyer and teacher's guide

Incorporate E-Days into your classes! Download our flyer to post around your schools and classrooms.

Included is a short guide for students, teachers, and counselors about what to expect, and tips for integrating the event into your classes.


Engineering Days is sponsored by the Engineering College Council and ASCSU.

For information about how you or your company can support Senior Design, or sponsor Engineering Days, contact Mary Jarchow.