It’s bigger than a major. It’s more than an engineering degree. It’s late-night conversations about changing the world. It’s the set of experiences that turns a job into a lifetime of difference-making.


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For future students, there’s nothing like walking up the big staircase in the Scott Building, asking questions during a one-on-one tour with an engineering ambassador, or talking with current students about their engineering project.

Take advantage of these engineering-specific visit opportunities:

Scott Bioengineering Building Exterior


We offer undergraduate student-guided tours of engineering facilities from academic buildings to our Engineering Residential Learning Community.

Engineering Exploration Day for future students

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A visit day offered for free twice each year, the College invites high school students, their parents, and community members to explore engineering majors and careers.

E-Days Senior Design Showcase


Although this is not a traditional visit day, the E-Days design showcase features outstanding opportunities across disciplines to interact with undergraduate students and their projects.


E-mail us at explore@engr.colostate.edu

Our Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors live the engineering life every day, and are the perfect people to answer questions about the engineering experience. The ambassadors give tours of our buildings, offer advice to future students, and are available for any questions about the College.

Jeremy Rodriquez
Jeremy Rodriquez, WSCOE ambassador

Ask me about:
• Electrical and computer engineering
• Career readiness programs and assistance
• Colorado sightseeing
• Work study jobs
• 3D printing
• Photography
• Engineering mentoring programs

Tyler Loeffler
Tyler Loeffler, engineering student ambassador

Ask me about:

• Civil engineering
• Being a resident assistant
• Work study jobs
• Internships
• Professional organizations/networking
• Changing engineering disciplines during school

Camille Milo
Camille Milo, engineering student ambassador

Ask me about:

• Chemical and biological/biomedical engineering
• Being an out-of-state student
• On-campus jobs
• Student diversity organizations
• Engineering societies
• Living in Corbett Hall
• Off-campus living/life

Danelle Lazcano-Concelman, Student Ambassador

Ask me about:
• Being a first generation student
• Key communities
• Started college as undeclared
• Mechanical engineering
• Co-op at NASA
• CSU Snowboarding Team
• Living on campus sophomore year

Tanner Foreman

Ask me about:

• Engineering science/engineering open-option majors
• Balancing school, sports, and social life
• Club and intramural sports
• Mountain activities and snow sports
• Christian groups/organizations

Joshua Leasure

Ask me about:

• Mechanical engineering
• Living in Academic Village
• The community of Fort Collins
• Clubs and organizations
• Living off campus
• Internships
• My home state of Colorado

Jarrod Cornejo

Ask me about:

• Biomedical and mechanical engineering
• Engineering student organizations
• Starting as an engineering open-option student
• Internships
• Intramural sports
• On-campus activities
• Tutoring

Hannah Gridley

Ask me about:

• Environmental engineering
• Going to school as an in-state student
• Living in Edwards Hall and in a focused community hall
• Various activities to do in Fort Collins and in Colorado
• The ENpower Bridge program
• All of the activities at CSU

mauri richards

Ask me about:

• Living in a non-engineering dorm
• Clubs that are at CSU
• Fort Collins and Colorado
• Biomedical and mechanical engineering
• Research
• Engineering College Council
• Leaders in Freshman Engineering
• University Facilities Fee Advisory Board
• Study abroad

Emily Strack

Ask me about:

• Computer engineering
• Going to school as an out-of-state student
• Greek life
• Living in a non-engineering residence hall
• Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Scholarship
• Outdoor activities in Colorado
• Why I love CSU

Megan Andrade

Ask me about:

• Chemical and biological engineering
• My minor in business administration
• Being an out-of-state student
• Living on campus and being an RA
• Professional engineering societies
• Things I love about Fort Collins

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Engineering Residential Learning Community

Imagine living among other students on campus, surrounded by peers building a strong community. Being a part of the College community, at Colorado State University and in Fort Collins, offers an experience like no other.

Edwards Hall, Colorado State University
Edwards Hall

Open to first-year and returning/upper-class engineering students.

Academic Village, Colorado State University
Academic Village

Open to first-year engineering students only.

Aspen Hall, Colorado State University
Aspen Hall

Open to returning/upper-class engineering students.

Academic Support, Engineering Residential Learning Community, Colorado State University
Academic Support Services

• Peer mentoring
• Nightly tutoring (Sunday-Thursday)
• Weekly advising walk-in hours
• Live-in “Faculty-in-Residence” and Graduate Academic Coaches
• Access to engineering Resident Assistant

Resources, Engineering Residential Learning Community, Colorado State University

• Design studios
• Collaborative work rooms
• Electronic classroom
• Engineering Network Services Help Desk

Aggie A in front of Horsetooth Rock

About Colorado State and Fort Collins

CSU is about community. Whether you live on or off campus, you’ll be an important member. If you’re looking for a college experience with the perfect fusion of culture, opportunity and adventure, Fort Collins is where you’ll find it.

Engineering Exploration Day

Engineering Success Center

The Engineering Success Center provides undergraduate engineering students with resume reviews, job search advice, salary negotiation tactics, mock interviews, cooperative education partnerships, and the opportunity to engage with diversity organizations.

Undergraduate Programs

Our departments have a vast array of respected programs and coursework to satisfy any engineering student interests. From strong majors to interdisciplinary minors, the College offers prospective students the education and research experience needed to start their careers on the right path.

Biomedical Engineering
Click here for more information

The School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) provides transdisciplinary education, research, and practical experiences throughout all our programs. The unique structure of the School involves four colleges, 14 departments, and over 70 faculty. Academic excellence across diverse fields converges into three primary areas of research: (1) regenerative and rehabilitative medicine, (2) imaging and diagnostics, and (3) medical devices and therapeutics.


  • Biomedical Engineering Combined with Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering Combined with Electrical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering Combined with Electrical Engineering + Lasers & Optics Concentration
  • Biomedical Engineering Combined with Mechanical Engineering

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Chemical and Biological Engineering
Click here for more information

The mission of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is to educate future leaders in chemical and biological engineering who effectively combine their broad knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology with their engineering analysis and design skills for the creative solution of problems in chemical and biological technology and for the synthesis of innovative processes and products.

Major, Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is recognized both nationally and internationally for education, research, and service and outreach.

Our research not only serves to solve real-world problems of current state, national, and international significance, but also serves to push the envelope of the discipline so that future generations can reap the benefits of our efforts towards enhancing society’s ability to sustain and develop the infrastructure necessary for our continued existence and quality of life.

  • Major, Civil Engineering

  • Major, Environmental Engineering

  • Minor, Environmental Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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A leader in innovation for more than a century, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is redefining what it means to both teach and learn. Rather than teaching courses in isolation, faculty work in teams to hook students’ interest earlier by showing them how concepts connect across the curriculum and how that knowledge relates to the real world.

  • Major, Electrical Engineering

  • Lasers and Optical Engineering Concentration

  • Major, Computer Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering
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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a curriculum that combines classroom learning with engineering practice. The goal for students is to give our graduates the engineering skills to obtain leading positions in advanced technology fields.

Students not only learn about mechanical engineering analysis and design, they also gain valuable hands-on experience through class projects and application-oriented research.


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Engineering Science
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Engineering Science is an interdisciplinary major that allows students to acquire a strong base in mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering fundamentals while pursuing a broad background in other areas of interest in preparation for specialized careers or graduate studies.







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Senior Design

Using project-based learning gives students real-world experience, readying them for an ever-changing future in engineering. Year-long senior design projects culminate in Engineering Days, where undergraduates get the chance to show their earned knowledge to the community.