Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Research Laboratories and Facilities

Located on- and off-campus, the College’s centers and labs make cutting-edge research possible, and facilitate practical, hands-on learning experiences for students in water, health, energy, and the environment. 

Atmospheric Science


  • Atmospheric Science and CIRA Research Center (ACRC)
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Laboratory
  • Atmospheric Science West
  • CHILL National Radar Facility
  • Satellite Earth Station
  • CSU Campus and Christman Field Weather Stations
  • Colorado Climate Center
  • Atmospheric Science Reading Room

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Laboratories

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Water Quality Laboratory
  • Concrete Materials Laboratory
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Fu Hua Chen Geotechnical Laboratory
  • GIS Engineering Design Laboratory
  • Harold H. Short Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Research Laboratory
  • Hydrologic and Water Resources Computing Laboratory
  • Hydromachinery Laboratory and Turbine Research Facility
  • Jack E. Cermak Thermal Fluid Sciences Laboratory
  • Sedimentation Laboratory
  • Solid Wastes and Resource Recovery Lab
  • Large-Scale Structural Testing Laboratory