Sustainability Research Laboratory

Sustainability of Emerging Technologies Through Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Assessment

Our Research

Researching everything from agriculture to energy, sustainability is being used to drive technologies towards environmentally favorable and commercially viable solutions.

Opportunities for

We are always looking for motivated graduate students and research scientists to work on interesting projects related to sustainability. 

Industry Partnerships

We are open to collaborations with industry partners in assessing current environmental impact and identifying pathways for meeting environmental goals.

The Lab

Welcome to the Sustainability Research Laboratory at Colorado State University. The lab is founded and directed by Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Jason Quinn. It is located in room 300 at the Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

In the lab, we work on a variety of technologies including wireless power transfer for charging of electric vehicles, biofuel systems, carbon capture and sequestration, water treatment, various biorefining concepts, food systems, and more.

Real World Impact

We work to impact policy, consumer choices, and technology commercialization from a combined environmental impact and economic perspective.


Our Team