Our Team

Lab Director

Dr. Quinn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. His education and research have always been centered on energy, with current work focused on techno-economic assessment, life cycle assessment, and system optimization. This skill set is currently being applied to a variety of emerging technologies including microalgae biofuels, desert southwest agriculture, small modular nuclear systems, electrified transportation, waste to energy, and electrical grid energy storage. Research efforts are dedicated to the development of engineering system models validated through experimentation and leveraged for techno-economic feasibility, life cycle assessment, and resource demand of emerging technologies.  Results from modeling work are used to focus research and development efforts to high impact areas.  Dr. Quinn completed a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in nuclear engineering and engineering physics, and a Ph.D. at Colorado State University.


Garrett received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University while studying the water energy nexus as a member of the Quinn research group in the Sustainability Research Laboratory. In his thesis, he addressed the feasibility and logistics of decentralized produced water recovery through various treatment methods using multi-objective optimization. After graduating, he returned to be a full-time research associate and has since remained a member of the Quinn group.

Garrett’s research interests lie in the sustainability and optimization of energy systems. Garrett is guiding experimental research and project direction through system modeling, techno-economic assessment (TEA), and life cycle analysis (LCA). Currently he is aiding the design of a membrane anaerobic digester for energy self-sufficient and cost-competitive wastewater treatment and the development of new algae to biofuel production pathways by defining critical design parameters through TEA and LCA. When he is not in his office, he can be found cycling or running through the mountains.

Braden Limb is a Research Associate working under the direction of Dr. Jason Quinn in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses on the techno-economics and optimization of sustainable technologies such as electrified transportation and carbon capture. Braden holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University. He prefers to spend his free time outdoors by trail running in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Jonah Greene is a Research Associate in the Sustainability Research Laboratory. His research focuses on performing sustainability assessments on various emerging technologies including microalgae growth systems, biofuel conversion technologies, micro-grid systems, waste-utilization systems, net-zero carbon buildings, macroalgae cultivation coupled with rare earth element extraction, solar and wind energy systems, among others. Jonah holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Graduate Students

Anthony Asuega

Phone: 415-466-3725
E-mail: asuega@colostate.edu

Anthony Asuega is an M.S. student researching the economic viability of small modular nuclear reactors. After completing his undergraduate degree, he joined the Peace Corps and taught high school math and science in West Africa. Besides science and engineering, Anthony enjoys philosophy, video games, and backpacking.

  • B.S. Applied Physics, California State University, Sacramento
Austin Banks

Austin Banks began doing research for Dr. Quinn during his undergraduate career and is now pursuing a M.S. under Dr. Quinn’s direction. He currently is studying the impacts of harmful algal blooms and developing models on emerging technologies that will reduce their impacts on the environment and local economies. Austin loves skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking.

  • B.S. Chemical & Biological Engineering, Colorado State University
Peter Chen

Phone: 303-505-6670
E-mail: peter.chen@colostate.edu

Peter Chen is a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student working under Dr. Jason Quinn in the Powerhouse Campus. His focus is on economic and sustainability assessments of algae biofuels. Peter’s experience with algae has extended to positions at three national laboratories: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he currently works remotely.

  • B.S. Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Noah Horesh

Noah Horesh is a Ph.D. student studying the economics of emerging technologies in transportation and energy storage. In his free time, Noah likes to play sports and snowboard.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University

Brooke Silagy

Brooke Silagy is a chemical engineering M.S. student working under Dr. Jason Quinn in the Powerhouse Campus. Her research focuses on evaluating the economic and environmental sustainability of guayule bioeconomy in arid regions in addition to developing ASPEN models for guayule co-products. Outside work, she spends her free time whitewater kayaking and climbing.  

  • B.S. Chemistry, Michigan State University

Jack Smith

Jack Smith is a first-year master’s student working with Dr. Quinn to model and evaluate potential biofuel production pathways. He is interested in learning about advanced biofuels and the criteria concerning their economical viability, as well as how modeling might be applied to simulate technology adoption. Outside of work, Jack enjoy movies, travel, and soccer.

  • B.S. Engineering Science, minor in mathematics, Colorado State University

Abdo Soliman

Abdallah (Abdo) Soliman is currently pursuing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is researching the economical and environmental viability of project aiming to re-engineer anaerobic digestion into an electrochemically enhanced conversion of wet waste to divert carbon from low-value methane into chemical products beyond methane. Abdo loves traveling, photography(@_african_traveler_), camping, and playing soccer.

  • B.S. Chemical & Biological Engineering, Colorado State University

  • B.S. Biological Science, Colorado State University

David Quiroz

David Quiroz is a second-year graduate student completing his MS in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently researching the sustainability of microalgae biofuels and bioproducts. He is interested in systems modeling and optimization, as well as TEA and LCA. David enjoys going to concerts, playing guitar, hiking, and soccer.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Arkansas Tech University

Undergraduate Students

Jenna Stubbers
Jenna Stubbers is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student researching sustainable transportation and working toward developing an app which will help people understand their transportation carbon footprint and change their habits. She also helps put on the yearly KidWind competition. She wants to continue pursuing sustainability research and is interested in eventually researching or working in the field of solar energy. In her free time, Jenna enjoys long distance running as well as skiing in the mountains.


  • Ben Pawlowski, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2019
  • Garrett Cole, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  Hailey Summers, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  Audrey Beattie, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  Benjamin McKenney, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  Derek Adelman, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  David Quiroz, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2021
  •  Evan Sproul, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Fall, 2020
  •  Katherine DeRose, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2020
  •  Aaron Rabinowitz, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Spring, 2020
  •  Jonah Greene, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2019
  •  Braden Beckstrom, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2019
  •  Benjamin Luck, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Spring, 2019
  •  Derek Hess, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2019
  •  Alyssa Aligata, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2018
  •  Jesse Cruce, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2018
  •  Michael Somers, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2018
  •  Sam Compton, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Fall, 2017
  •  Jay Barlow, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Fall, 2016