Our Research

Researching everything from agriculture to energy, sustainability is being used to drive technologies towards environmentally favorable and commercially viable solutions.


Energy Systems Optimization

Lifecycle Assessment-Focused on Environmental Impact Evaluation

Development of methodologies that are enabling the advancement of life cycle assessment. This includes considering temporal aspects associated with emissions.

Techno-Economic Assessment-Focused on the Economic Viability of Technologies

Leveraging sustainability modeling to make strategic investments that support the commercialization of technologies.

Microalgae to Biofuels Systems Modeling & Experimentation

Multiple projects focused on understanding the viability of microalgae based biofuel systems. Working across the entire value chain to understand the performance advancements needed to meet renewable fuel standards while having economic parity with conventional fuels.   

Wireless Power Transfer for In-Motion Charing of Electric Vehicles

Looking at the economic viability and environmental impact of various electrified transportation systems. Work focuses on understanding optimal solutions for vehicles ranging in size from passenger to heavy duty.

Experimental Validation of Process Models (Quantification of Produced Waste Stream Integration)

Investigating the viability and architecture of distributed produced water treatment systems.