Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Research Laboratories

Civil & Environmental Engineering Water Quality Laboratory

The lab is a fully-equipped water quality laboratory in the Engineering Building. It provides civil and environmental engineering graduate and undergraduate students a modern laboratory/ classroom that is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Directors: Kenneth Carlson


Concrete Materials Laboratory

The Concrete Materials Laboratory supports teaching and research activities on aggregates, concrete materials, and small concrete structural units. Supports student projects in these areas. Director: Rebecca Atadero


Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab

Uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools in conjunction with theoretical analysis and experimental methods (as well as collaborative research with field observationalists) to study turbulent flows in both natural and engineered systems. Director: Karan Venayagamoorthy


Fu Hua Chen Geotechnical Laboratory

The Fu Hua Chen Geotechnical Laboratory conducts research and provides education in the areas of geoenvironmental topics, earthquakes, explosives, expansive soils, expert systems, dam safety and mine tailing. Directors: Christopher Bareither and Joseph Scalia.


GIS Engineering Design Laboratory

The GIS Engineering Design Laboratory supports several graduate courses in Civil Engineering, training sessions in support of undergraduate Civil Engineering Courses, special workshops and short courses on the application of GIs in Engineering, and graduate student research. Director: John Labadie


Harold H. Short Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory

The Harold H. Short Laboratory for Urban Water Infrastructure Studies is dedicated to the study of water use management in urban areas, and research into management and uses of alternatives that will lead to better water use and reduced infrastructure costs. The lab is also a teaching lab for urban water systems analysis and urban storm water systems management. Director: Dr. Rob Ettema


Hydraulic Research Laboratory

A world class facility comprised of flumes and associated equipment for hydraulic model studies and hydraulic research. Supports research, trains undergraduate and graduate students and provides hydraulic testing and support services. Director: Christopher I. Thornton Phone: (970) 491-8394 Fax: (970) 491-8462. Website:


Hydrologic & Water Resources Computing Laboratory

The Hydrologic & Water Resources Computing Laboratory provides computer software and hardware requirements for graduate students engaged in research in the Hydrology program. Director: Jorge Ramirez


Hydromachinery Laboratory & Turbine Research Facility

The Hydromachinery Laboratory & Turbine Research Facility developed for conducting specialized research on hydromachinery (valves, meters, turbines), on pipeline transients, and on unique piping networks. The lab is used to conduct research, support undergraduate and graduate teaching, and provides testing services in areas not available in the private sector. Director: Christopher I. Thornton


Jack E. Cermak Thermal Fluid Sciences Laboratory

The Thermal-Fluid Science Laboratory includes a collection of experiments and instrumentation design to compliment instruction in basic fluid mechanics, hydraulics, experimental methods, heat transfer and thermodynamics. The laboratory is equipped with a selection of flumes, wind tunnels, water tunnels, pipe flow and network experiments, engines, heat exchangers; as well as computers, data-acquisitions, equipment and software, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and other equipment. The laboratory provides the instructor with the opportunity to demonstrate concepts or for the student to creatively inquire into mechanical principles.


Sedimentation Laboratory

The Sedimentation Laboratory is a compilation of specialized equipment to analyze sand, silt, and clay particles associated with the transport of sediments in streams and rivers. The lab is used to support the research conducted in the Hydraulics lab and to train undergraduate and graduate students. Director: Christopher I. Thornton


Solid Wastes and Resource Recovery Lab

The solid waste and resource recovery lab is focused on improving landfill-based solid waste management through innovative laboratory techniques to evaluate the effects of chemical and biological processes on the hydro-mechanical behavior of solid waste and engineering properties used in landfill design.. Directors: Christopher Bareither and Sybil Sharvelle


Large-Scale Structural Testing Laboratory

The structural laboratory is suited for small and large scale testing of structural systems. The laboratory consists of large testing space, strong floor, reaction frames, and a dedicated control room and is serviced by various hydraulic actuators. In addition a 16 ft x 8 ft uniaxial shaking table is available and can be used for real earthquake simulation. The laboratory is equipped with various contact and non-contact instrumentations that can be used to capture critical performance parameters during testing including strain, displacements, and temperature. Director: Hussam Mahmoud