Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering





Buckman, Bradford E.

Hydrodynamics in Meandering Compound Channels with Varied Emergent Floodplain Vegetation Densities: A 3D Numeral Modeling Study

Advisors:   Ryan Morrison/ Peter Nelson

Abdallah, Abdelrahman K.

A Study on Bridge Inspections: Identifying Barriers to New Practices and Providing Strategies for Change

Advisors:   Rebecca Atadero/ Mehmet Ozbek

Furth, David C.

Resilience: A Citywide Analysis of Flood and CSO Mitigation in NYC

Advisor:   Mazdak Arabi

Alkharisi, Mohammed Khalid A.

One-dimensional Effective Continuum Mechanics Models of Braided and Trapezoidal Wires

Advisor:   Paul Heyliger

Pugh, Joseph E.

Experimental Investigations for Improving the Accuracy of Flow Measurement in Irrigation Canals

Advisors:   Subhas Venayagamoorthy/ Timothy Gates

Andika, Neil

Propagation of the Sidoardjo Mud in the Porong River, East Java, Indonesia

Advisor:  Pierre Julien

Sinclair, Joseph M.

New Insights into Flow Over Sharp-Crested and Pivot Weirs Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Advisors:   Subhas Venayagamoorthy/ Timothy Gates

Chulahwat, Akshat

Structural Systems with Suspended and Self-centered Floor Slabs for Earthquake Resistance

Advisor: Hussam Mahmoud

Spencer, Dorothy L.

Characterizing Tailings Professional Labor Demand

Advisors:   Christopher Bareither/ Joseph Scalia IV

Hemmati, Mona

The Role of Urbanization in Resilience of Communities Under Flood Risk

Advisors:   Hussam Mahmoud/ Bruce Ellingwood

Tasdelen, Selina

Frequency of Pressure Fluctuations in the Stilling Basin for the Spillway of Raised Gross Dam, Colorado

Advisors:   Robert Ettema/ Christopher Thornton

Jiang, Chao

Numerical Simulations of Binary Mixtures Under Gravity Deposition Using the Discrete Element Method

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger

Wilson, Stacy

Hydrologic Responses to Urbanization in Denver Watersheds and Investigation of Precipitation Thresholds for Streamflow Generation in Pre-Development Semi-Arid Rangeland

Advisor:   Aditi Bhaskar

Kalan, Duygu

An Investigation of Water Quality Considerations for Premise

Plumbing Systems in Buildings

Advisors:   Mehmet Ozbek/ Pinar Omur-Ozbek


Nofal, Omar M.

High-Resolution Multi-Hazard Approach to Quantify Hurricane-Induced Risk for Coastal and Inland Communities

Advisor:  John van de Lindt


Wang, Zhenqiang

Simulation-Based Tsunami Evacuation Risk Assessment and Risk-Informed Mitigation

Advisor:  Gaofeng Jia




Fakhri, Alireza

Application of Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry to Entrance Flows

Advisor:  Robert Ettema

Besiktepe, Deniz

Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for Building Maintenance in Facility Management

Advisors:  Mehmet Ozbek/ Rebecca Atadero

Hocking, Craig

Salt Transport in the South Platte River System: Modeling, Controlling Factors, and Management Strategies

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Deng, Chenda

Assessing Impacts of Rainfall Patterns, Population Growth and Sea-Level Rise on Ground Water Supply in The Republic Of Maldives

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Trotter, Brianna

Assessing the Impact of EQIP-Funded Agricultural Conservation Practices on Water Quality in Colorado: The Republican, South Platte, Arkansas, and Rio Grande Watersheds

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Ghanbari, Mahshid

Nonstationary Flood Risk Assessment in Coastal Regions Under Climate Change

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi


Han, Heechan

Improving Hydrologic Modeling of Runoff Processes Using Data-Driven Models

Advisor:  Ryan Morrison


Hassan, Emad Mohamed Shafik

Resilience of Healthcare and Education Networks and Their Interactions Following Major Earthquakes

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud


Heidari, Hadi

Vulnerability of U.S. River Basins to Water Shortage Over the 21st century

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi


Norris, Anna S.

Mechanisms of Interaction Between Bentonite and Anionic Polymers in Enhanced Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Advisors: Joseph Scalia IV/ Charles Shackelford


Robbins, Cristian A.

Systematic Analysis of Beneficial Reuse in Unconventional Oil and Gas Wastewater Management

Advisors:  Tiezheng Tong/ Kenneth Carlson

2020 FALL



Abdelhafez, Mohamed A.

Vulnerability of a Coastal Industrial Community to Sea Level Rise, Hurricanes, and Climate Change

Advisors:  Hussam Mahmoud/ Bruce Ellingwood

Nowrooz Pour, Ali Reza

Observations from a Series of Flume Experiments on Contraction Scour Along a Rectangular Channel

Advisor:  Robert Ettema

Adhikari, Pramodit

Life-cycle Cost and Carbon-Footprint Analysis for Buildings and Communities Subjected to Tornadoes

Advisors:  Bruce Ellingwood/ Hussam Mahmoud

Zou, Qiling

Modeling and Improving Urban Human Mobility in Disaster Scenarios

Advisor:  Suren Chen

Cortese, David J.

Multi-scalar Response of an Experimental Fixed-Wall Meandering Channel to a Sediment Supply Increase

Advisor:  Peter Nelson


Fogarty, Caitlin E.

Linking Morphodynamic Processes and Silvery Minnow Habitat Conditions in the Middle Rio Grande- isleta Reach, New Mexico

Advisor:  Pierre Julien


Joseph George, Alfy

Assessing of Performance of Stormwater Control Measures Under Varying Maintenance Regimes

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi


Ludwig, Madeline J.

Characterization of Water Quality Pollution in Mixed Land Use Watersheds

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi


Patel, Saloni N.

Assessing Benefits and Consequences of Water Conservation and Fire for Purpose Water Systems

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle


Rainey, William

Characterization of Co-benefits of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Across Ecohydrologic Regions in the United States

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi


Shehab, Omar M.

Waste to Resource – Beneficial Use of Water Treatment Residuals as a Stormwater Control Measure Amendment for Phosphorus Removal

Advisor:  Neil Grigg





Bindner, Joseph R.

Procedure for Measurement of Surgical Soil Strength Via Bevameter

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Jeffrey Niemann

Peacock, Matthew E.

A Value Function-based Method for Incorporating Ensemble Forecasts in Optimal Real-time Reservoir System Operations

Advisor:  John Labadie

Bouzaid, Ibrahim F.

The Impact of Nonlocal Elasticity Factors on Natural Frequencies of a Rectangular Cantilever Beam

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger


Hogan, Wesley

Internet of Things Monitoring of the Oxidation Reduction Potential in an Oleophilic Bio-Barrier

Advisor:  Joseph Scalia IV


Knight, Kathryn L.

Assessing the Use of Dual-Drainage Modeling to Determine the Effects of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Networks on Events of Roadway Flooding

Advisor:  Aditi Bhaskar


Passero, Elaina M.

The Development of a Decision Support System Concurrently Evaluating Changes in Instream and Floodplain Habitats Caused by Flow Modifications

Advisor:  Ryan Morrison


Roads, Eric

Analysis of Contaminant Mass in Place in Transmissive and Low-k Zones

Advisor:  Thomas Sale


Sitler, Katherine A.

Identification and Validation of Screening Methods for Assessment of the Sheening Potential of Embedded Oil in Sediments

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Thomas Sale


Vander Vis, Kimberly

Proposed Laboratory Investigation into Electroosmotic Dewatering of Mine Tailings

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Joseph Scalia IV





Biethman, Blake W.

Air Concentration and Bulked Flow Along a Curved, Converging Stepped Chute

Advisors:  Robert Ettema/ Christopher Thornton

Hassanzadeh Gorakhki, Mohammad Reza

Pore Fluid Salinity Effects on Sedimentation and Geotechnical Properties of Fine-Grained Soils

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither

Ferrie, Zachary S.

Real-Time Visualization of Advective Groundwater Flow

Advisors:  Thomas Sale/ Jens Blotevogel

Waheed, Saddam Q.

Long Term Robust Adaptation Strategies for Reservoir Operation Considering Magnitude and Timing of Climate Change: Application to Diyala River Basin in Iraq

Advisor:  Neil Grigg

Fillo, Noelle K.

Quantifying Lawn Irrigation Contributions to Semi-Arid, Urban Stream Baseflow with Water-Stable Isotopes

Advisor:  Aditi Bhaskar


Javed, Abdullah B.

Modeling the Distribution of Major Salt Ions in Regional Agricultural Groundwater and Surface Water Systems: Model Development and Application

Advisors:  Timothy Gates/Ryan Bailey


Kannan, Sandhya

Modelling the Effective Properties of Magneto-Electro-Elastic Three-Dimensional Cellular Solids

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger


Nezat, Caryn J.

Growth, Recovery and Bioaccumulation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) Exposed to Cyanotoxins in Agricultural Environments

Advisor:  Pinar Omur-Ozbek


2019 FALL



Amiri, Samia

Combining Chemical with Biological Oxidation for Efficient Treatment of Chloronitrobenzene in Groundwater

Advisor:  Jens Blotevogel

Alqahtani, Abdulaziz

Optimizing Operation and Design of Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wellfields

Advisor:  Thomas Sale

Anandan, Yeshwant Kumar

Shake Table Testing of Hybrid Wood Shear Wall System

Advisor:  John van de Lindt

Alrashidi, Mosaed

The Fresh Groundwater Lenses in the Arabian Peninsula:  Formatives Stability and Management Assessments

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Bojan, Olivia

Explosing New Compositional Coverage of Weathered Petroleum Hydrocarbons through a Tiered Analytical Approach

Advisors:  Jens Blotevogel/ Thomas Sale

Fields, Christopher

Geospatial Decision Support System for Ameliorating Adverse Impacts of Irrigated Agriculture on Aquatic Ecosystems

Advisor:  John Labadie

Gupta, Vatsal

Methods to Detect and Analyze Volatile Organic Carbons Using Low-Cost Real-Time Sensors

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson

Hou, Guangyang

Multi-scale Traffic Performance Modeling of Transportation Systems Subjected to Multiple Hazards

Advisor:  Suren Chen

Hudak, Lauren

Experimental Fatigues Evaluation of Underwater Stat Panels Retrofitted with Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud

Mclaughlin, Molly

Environmental Fate of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Additives After Spillage on Agricultural Topsoil

Advisors:  Thomas Borch/ Jens Blotevogel

Keene, Anthony

Estimating Interstitial Discharge and Velocity in Flow in Riprap and Gabion Engineering Applications

Advisors: Christopher Thornton/ Joseph Scalia IV 

Souissi, Moncef

Helical Pile Capacity to Torque Ration:  A Functional Perspective

Advisor:  Tom Siller

Neale, Michael

Assessing Tradeoffs of Urban Water Demand Reduction Strategies

Advisors:  Mazdak Arabi/ Sybil Sharvelle

Wei, Xiaolu

Improved Assessment of Monogen and Phosphorus Fate and Transport for Intensively Managed Irrigated Stream-Aquifer

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Palu, Susan

Assessment of Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Integrity and Maintenance Costs of Simply Supported Steel Girder Bridges in the United States

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud


Rico Reyes, Jorge

Rewiring Anaerobic Digestion:  Production of Biofuel Intermediates and High-Value Chemicals from Cellulosic Wastes

Advisor:  Susan De Long


White, Daniel

Flume Study of Mechanisms Responsible for Particle Sorting in Gravel-Bed Meandering Channels

Advisor:  Peter Nelson


Woolridge, Douglas

An Assessment of Streamflow Production Mechanisms for Dam Safety Applications in the Colorado Front Range

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann


Young, KC

Enhancing Hydraulic Performance of a Multi-Stage Anaerobic Digester for High Solids Cattle Manure

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle





Borja Castillo, Raquel

Undrained Shear Behavior and Critical State Analysis of Mixed Mine Waste Rock and Tailings

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Joseph Scalia IV

Ameri Kaznouni, Mohammad Reza

Optimizing Resilience Decision-Support for Natural Gas Networks Under Uncertainty

Advisor:  John van de Lindt

Costa Filho, Edson

Modeling Sensible Heat Flux for Vegetated Surfaces through an Optimized Surface Aerodynamic Temperature Approach

Advisor:  Jose Chavez

Ghazi Zadeh, Shahin

Shear Behavior of Geosynthetic Clay Liners and Textured Geomembranes in Mining Applications

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither

Garfield, Mason

The Effects of Scour on the Flow Field at a Bendway Weir

Advisor:  Robert Ettema

Kang, Woochul

Geospatial Analysis of Specific Degradation in South Korea

Advisor:  Pierre Julien

Heiden, Chelsey

Characterization of the Vulnerability of Urban Streams to Nutrient Pollution Under Varying Flow Regimes

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Karimi Askarani, Kayvan

Thermal Monitoring of Natural Source Zone Depletion

Advisor:  Thomas Sale

Hogan, Taylor

The Effects of Bend Radius on Flow Field Around a Configuration of Bendway Weirs: Insight from a Numerical Model

Advisors:  Christopher Thornton/ Robert Ettema

Nozhati, Saeed

Optimal Stochastic Scheduling of Restoration of Infrastructure Systems From Hazards: An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach

Advisors:  Bruce Ellingwood/ Hussam Mahmoud

Karpack, Marissa

Quantitative Assessment of Floodplain Functionality in Colorado Using an Index of Integrity

Advisor:  Ryan Morrison

Pilkington, Stephanie

Integration of Graphical, Physics-based, and Machine Learning Methods for Assessment of Impact and Recovery of the Built Environment from Wind Hazards

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud

Larson, Vicki

Impacts of Operating Conditions on Aerobic Removal of Emerging Contaminants from Animal Waste: Composting Post Anaerobic Digestion

Advisor:  Susan De Long

Rohmat, Faizal

Machine Learning Methods to Facilitate Optimal Water Allocation and Management in Irrigated River Basins to Comply with Water Law

Advisors:  John Labadie/ Timothy Gates

Pauly, Matt

Modeling and Field Evaluations of the Strength of Surface Solids for Vehicle Mobility

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Jeffrey Niemann

Sadeghi, Marjan

Information-Augmented Building Information Models (BIM) to Inform Facilities Management (FM) Guidelines

Advisors:  Neil Grigg/ Jonathan Elliott

Perry, Brandon

A Streamlined Bridge Inspection Framework Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Advisor:  Yanlin Guo


Roman, James

Aquifer Test Methods to Estimate Transmissivity and Well Loss Via a Single Pumping Well

Advisor:  Thomas Sale


Siefken, Seth

Computational Fluid Dynamics Models of Rio Grande Bends Fitted with Rock Vanes or Bendway Weirs

Advisor:  Robert Ettema


Timilsina, Sujana

Modeling Hydrologic Processes Associated with Soil Saturation and Debris Flow Initiation During the September 2013 Storm, Colorado Front Range

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann





Choat, Benjamin E.

Spatial Arrangement of Stormwater Infiltration Affects Partitioning of Subsurface Storage and Baseflow Timing

Advisor:  Aditi Bhaskar

Hodgson, Brock A.

A Cross Sector Evaluation Comparing Nutrient Removal Strategies in Urban Water Systems

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle

Irfaee, Mazin M.

Effect of Mixed-Mode Loading on Fatigue and Fracture Assessment of a Steel Twin Box-Girder Bridge

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud

Hussein, Assal T.

Performance Assessment of Simple Blast Wall Systems

Advisors:  Hussam Mahmoud/ Paul Heyliger

Kahramanoglu, Kubra

Development and Verification of a Miniature Cone Penetration Test

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither

Palu, Marcos Cristiano

Floodwave and Sediment Transport Assessment Along the Doce River After the Fundao Tailings Dam Collapse (Brazil)

Advisor:  Pierre Julien

Kutlu, Caner

Calibration and Uncertainty of a Head-Discharge Relationship for Overshot Gates Under Field Conditions

Advisor:  Timothy Gates

Peterson, Kirsten L.

Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of the Erodibility of Particle Packings with Surface Treatments and Spring Reinforcements Using the Discrete Element Method

Advisors:  Paul Heyliger/ Christopher Bareither

Sonwani, Jeet Kumar

Seismic Collapse Risk Assessment and Probabilistic Sensitivity

Analysis of Braced Frames Under Near-Fault Earthquakes

Advisors:  Gaofeng Jia/ Hussam Mahmoud

Yang, Chun Yao

The Sediment Yield of South Korean Rivers

Advisor:  Pierre Julien

Zhang, Zuoyou

Treatment of Shale Oil and Gas Produced Water Using Membrane Distillation Combined with Effective Pretreatment

Advisor:  Tiezheng Tong


2018 FALL



Asiri, Abdullah N.

Nonlinear Free Vibration of Beams by One-dimensional and Elasticity Solutions

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger

Amini, Mohammad Omar

Determination of Seismic Performance Factors for Cross Laminated Timber Share Wall System Based on Fema P695 Methodology

Advisor:  John van de Lindt

Batista, Giovana Das Gracas

Characterization of Urban Water Use and Performance Evaluation of Conservation Practices using the Integrates Urban Water Model in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Aseperi, Oladapo T.

Dynamics of Flow in River Bends

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Loetscher, Lucas H.

The Development and Demonstration of a Multiple Stage Anaerobic Digester for the Treatment of High Solids Wastes

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle

Brogan, Daniel J.

Spatial and Temporal Channel Changes Across the Watershed Scale following Wildfire and Floods

Advisor:  Peter Nelson

McCann, Amanda J.

Effects of Explosive Pressure on Cadaveric Ovine Auditory Tissue

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger

Cole, Jeanne R.

A Collaborative Planning Framework for Integrated Urban Water Management with an Application in Dual Water Supply: A Case Study in Fort Collins, Colorado

Advisors:  Sybil Sharvelle/ Neil Grigg

Tochko, Laura E.

Processes Governing the Performance of Oleophilic Bio-Barriers (Obbs)- Laboratory and Field Studies

Advisor:  Thomas Sale

Follum, Michael L.

Spatial Simulation of Snow and Frozen Ground Using a Modified Temperature-Based Model

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann

Turner, Sydney S.

To Treat or Not to Treat: The Evolution of Wastewater Treatment Management Approaches

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Li, Huishu

Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Activities in Northern Colorado

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson

Vundala, Janardhan

Pre-Oxidation and Adsorption with Powdered Activated Carbon for Taste and Odor Control and Optimizing Coagulation for Dissolved Organic Carbon Removal

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson

Park, Seonggyu

Enhancement of Coupled Surface/Subsurface Flow, Odels in Waterships; Analysis, Model Development, Optimization, and User Accessibility

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey




Almahawis, Mohammed K.

Assessing Groundwater Storage and Groundwater Level Fluctuations in the Area of Fort Collins, Colorado

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Garanaik, Amrapalli

Mixing in Stably Stratified Turbulent Flows: Improved Parameterizations of Diapycnal Mixing in Oceanic Flows

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Benvenga, Risa N.

Vulnerability Assessment of Extended End-Plate Connections Under Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud

Jung, Jeffrey Y.

Advanced Bayesian Framework for Uncertainty Estimation of Sediment Transport Models

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann

Cook, Emily M.

Implications of Solid and Liquid Waste Co-Disposal on Biodegradation and Biochemical Compatibility

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Sybil Sharvelle

Lammers, Roderick W.

Uncertainty and Sensitivity in a Bank Stability Model:  Implications for Estimating Phosphorus Loading

Advisor:  Brian Bledsoe

Debelak, Aliena M.

A Finite Element Analysis of Flexible Debris Flow Barriers

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither

Tavakoli Kivi, Saman

Simulating the Fate and Transport of Salinity Species in a Semi-Arid Agricultural Groundwater System: Model Development and Application

Advisors:  Ryan Bailey/Timothy Gates

Deshon, Jordan P.

Stochastic Analysis and Probabilistic Downscaling of Soil Moisture

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann


Flores, Luke R.

A Combined Field Analysis and Modeling Approach for Assessing the Impact of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey


Furley, Jace J.

Shake Table Testing of a Two-story CLT Platform Building

Advisor:  John van de Lindt


Gautam, Sumit

Multispectral Remote Sensing to Estimate Actual Crop Coefficients and Evapotranspiration Rates for Grass Pastures in Western Colorado

Advisors:  Jose Chavez/ Perry Cabot


Herweynen, Wesley J.

Shear Strength of Coal Combustion Product by Vane Shear

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Joseph Scalia IV


Huang, Xin

Image-Based Development of Three-Dimensional Finite Element Models

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger


Moden, Kayla N.

Laboratory Evaluation of a Post-Fire Ground Treatment to Mitigate Soil Erosion and Runoff

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither


Opalinski, Nicole F.

Response of Municipal Water Use to Weather Across the Contiguous U.S.

Advisor:  Aditi Bhaskar


Popang, Monika A.

Selected Factors Affecting Measurement of the Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Charles Shackelford


Queen, Robert W.

Morphodynamic Modeling of Flow and Sediment Transport over Low-head, Run-of-river Dams

Advisor:  Peter Nelson


Qurban, Ibraheem A.

Finding Water Management Practices to Reduce Selenium and Nitrate Concentrations in the Irrigated Stream-aquifer System along the Lower Reach of Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley

Advisors:  Ryan Bailey/ Timothy Gates


Rodriguez Lopez, Santiago

Multi-Axial Fatigue Strength of Structural Bolts in Slip-Critical Connections Under Combined Cyclic Axial and Shear Demands

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud


Stock, Caleb S.

Hydrologic Comparison of Prescriptive and Water Balance Covers

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither


Thena Surendran, Amrish Nath

Evolution of Cow Peat as a Plant Growth Media

Advisors:  Sybil Sharvelle/ Kenneth Carlson


Vandermause, Renee A.

The Role of Dynamic Ice-Breakup on Bank Erosion and Lateral Migration of the Middle Susitna River, Alaska

Advisors:  Robert Ettema/ Lyle Zevenbergen


Wostoupal, Benjamin C.

Integrated Water Resources Management under Uncertainty: Exploring Interconnected Technological, Infrastructural and Institutional Solutions

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi





Admuthe, Sushant A.

Semi-Rigid Steel Frames Subjected to Mainshock-Aftershock Earthquake Sequences

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud

Masoomi, Hassan

A Resilience-Based Decision Framework to Determine Performance Targets for the Build Environment

Advisor:  John van de Lindt

Baker, Jessica L.

Assessment and Improvement of Hydraulic Disinfection Efficiency of a Live Small Drinking Water System in South Africa

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Morgan, Jacob A.

The Effects of Sediment Supply, Width Variations, and Unsteady Flow On Riffle-Pool Dynamics

Advisor:  Peter Nelson

Carroll, Andrew S.

Solid Waste Management: A Comparative Carbon Footprint and Cost Analysis

Advisors:  Sybil Sharvelle/ Christopher Bareither


Chen, Kaiwei

Application of Large-scale Particle Image Velocimetry at the Hydraulics Laboratory of Colorado State University

Advisor:  Robert Ettema


Cottrell, Pamela M.

Reactor Design for Electrochemical Oxidation of the Persistent Organic Pollutant 1,4-Dioxane in Groundwater

Advisor:  Jens Blotevogel/Thomas Sale


Czyzyk, Kelsey A.

A Nonlinear Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Method that Accounts for Channel Network Type

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann


Kode, Anirudh

Testing of a Full-Scale Mass Timber Diaphragm

Advisor:  John van de Lindt


Liu, Jinna

Chemical Equilibrium Modeling of Phosphorus Removal and Recovery Process of Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson


Nguyen, Trai N.

Modeling Spar Concrete Surfaces Using Hydronic Radiant Heat

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger


Scheel, Kara

Toward Understanding Changes in Large Scale Floodplain Connectivity Caused by Levees

Advisor:  Ryan Morrison


Turpin, Deeann-Rose G.

Exploration of Anammox Based Deammonification and Phosphorus Recovery Systems Using Biomolecular Tools

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson


2017 FALL



Abdalrwaf, Wael B.

Stresses and Frequency Shifts in Fully Extended and Folded Wind Turbine Blades

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger

Kim, Seongyun

Characterization and Treatment of Water for Unconventional Oil Wells with Temporal Variability and Fracturing Fluid Type

Advisor:  Pinar Omur-Ozbek

Alkharisi, Mohammed Khalid A

One-dimensional Effective Continuum Mechanics Models of Braided and Trapezoidal Wires

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger

Mahmoudzadeh Varzi, Manijeh

Optimal Water Allocation for Joint Sustainability of Irrigated Agriculture and Urban Growth

Advisor:  Ramchand Oad

Badr, Ali Hadi Badr

The Effects of Design Decisions on Service Life and Life Cycle Cost for a Concrete Slab in a Parking Garage

Advisor:  Rebecca Atadero

O’Brien, Patrick S.

A Framework for the Analysis of Coastal Infrastructure Vulnerability Under Global Sea Level Rise

Advisor:  Pierre Julien

Conzelmann, Joel T.

Hydraulic and Chemical Properties of Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Mining Applications

Advisor:  Joseph Scalia IV

Zhou, Jian

Physics of Environmental Flows Interacting with Obstacles

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy

Dalaeli, Mozhdeh

Flow-generated Displacement of Reinforced Granular Slopes Using the Discrete Element Method

Advisor:  Paul Heyliger


Giampa’ Fedchuk, Natalya

Evaluation of Oxidation Treatment on Algal Toxins and the Cytotoxic Effects of Algal Toxins Post Oxidation

Advisor:  Pinar Omur-Ozbek


Grieco, Nicholas R.

Use of Global Datasets for Downscaling Soil Moisture with the EMT +VS Model

Advisor:  Jeffrey Niemann


Hardee, Travis L.

Evaluating Fish Passage at Whitewater Parks using a Spatially Explicit 2D Hydraulic Modeling Approach

Advisor:  Peter Nelson


Maloney, Timothy D.

Quantification of Performance Damage and Risk to Lightwood Frame Buildings Subjected to Tornadoes and Expansive Soils

Advisors:  Hussam Mahmoud/ Bruce Ellingwood


Nwaokorie, Kelechi J.

Phase-based Analysis to Determine First Order Decay Rates for a Bioreactor Landfill

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Sybil Sharvelle


Shultz, Christopher D.

Finding Land and Water Management Practices to Reduce Selenium and Nitrate Concentrations in an Agricultural River Valley Applying a Region-Scale Stream-Aquifer Model

Advisor:  Timothy Gates


Wu, Rongxi

Enhancement of Liquid Flow Through a Leach Bed Reactor for Anaerobic Digestion of High Solid Cattle Manure

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle


Zey, Scott

Flow Field at Open-Channel Contractions: Insights from Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

Advisor:  Robert Ettema


Zhang, Yishu

Effects of Inlet/Outlet Locations and Influent Temperature on Hydraulic Disinfection Efficiency in Contact Tanks

Advisor:  Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy





Brown, Ryan A.

Stratigraphic Feedbacks on Alternate Bar Morphology

Advisor:  Peter Nelson

Dozier, Andre Q.

Integrated Water and Power Modeling Framework for Renewable Energy Integration

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Campbell, Calista E.

Effects of Capping Material on Longevity of Degradable Contaminants in Sediments

Advisor:  Thomas Sale

Oikonomou, Panagiotis

Methodologies for Transforming Data to Information and Advancing the Understanding of Water Resources Systems Towards Integrated Water Resources Management

Advisors:  Darrell Fontane/ Reagan Waskom

Fritz, Cameron J.

Limiting Membrane and Diffusion Behavior of a Compacted Sand-Bentonite Mixture for Hydraulic and Chemical Containment

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Charles Shackelford

Olson, Christopher C.

A Model for Evaluating the Effectiveness and Life Cycle Costs of Stormwater Best Management Practices

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Jobin, Olivia G.

Assessing Nutrient Management Scenarios at the System Level

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Tasdighi, Ali

Confronting the Natural Variability and Modeling Uncertainty of Nonpoint Source Pollution in Water Quality Management

Advisor:  Mazdak Arabi

Kim, Sunah

Impact of Inoculum Source and Primary Carbon Source on Biotransformation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

Advisor:  Susan De Long


Taher, Zana J.

Effectiveness of Polymer for Mitigation of Expansive Soils

Advisors:  Joseph Scalia IV/ Christopher Bareither


Wardwell, Scott

The Effect of Single Shaped Surface Flaws on Ductility in Cast Aluminum Dog Bone Specimens in Uniaxial Tension

Advisor:  Hussam Mahmoud





Armstrong, Dylan L.

Bed Sediment Transport and Channel Morphology in a Braided Channel: Insights from a Flume Experiment

Advisor:  Robert Ettema

Alsumaiei, Abdullah A.

The Sustainability of Atoll Islands Freshwater Lenses Under Non-Stationary Climactic and Anthropogenic Stresses

Advisor:  Ryan Bailey

Daly, Miles B.

Occurrence and Transport of Salinity and Selenium in a Tile-Drained Irrigated Agricultural System

Advisors:  Ryan Bailey/ Timothy Gates


Emerson, Eric D.

Biotic Control of LNAPL Longevity – Laboratory and Field-Scale Studies

Advisors:  Susan De Long/ Thomas Sale


Gao, Yuan

Particle Tracking Using Dynamic Water Level Data

Advisor:  Thomas Sale


Harper-Smith Kelly, Aura Lee L.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Joint Elimination Retrofits and Thermal Loading on Colorado Bridges

Advisors:  Hussam Mahmoud/ Rebecca Atadero


Machado Paolinelli Hamade, Matteus

Undrained Shear Behavior of Mixed Mine Waste Rock and Tailings

Advisor:  Christopher Bareither


Nickless, Kyle C.

Investigation of Mechanistic Deterioration Modeling for Bridge Design and Management

Advisor:  Rebecca Atadero


Nunez Hernandez, Martha L.

Stormwater Treatment Strategy for the Degradation of Aircraft Deicing Fluid at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska

Advisor:  Kenneth Carlson


Sampath, Muthukumaran

Evaluation of Oxidation & Absorption Techniques for Taste, Odor and Toxin Removal

Advisor:  Pinar Omur-Ozbek


Sandefur, Julie N.

Aerobic Post-Processing of Digestate from a Multi-stage Anaerobic Digester

Advisor:  Sybil Sharvelle


Stroth, Travis R.

Full Spectrum Analytical Channel Design with the Capacity/Supply Ration (CSR)

Advisor:  Brian Bledsoe


Tian, Zhengguang

Induced Consolidation Test on Mine Tailings

Advisors:  Christopher Bareither/ Joseph Scalia IV