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Admissions Information

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Freshmen Information:

Q. Do I qualify for admission?

A.  The Office of Admissions reviews all undergraduate applications for eligibility. Click here for the details.

Q. How do I set up a visit to see labs and meet with a professor?

A. We’re glad you are interested in visiting! Visit information can be found here.

Q. When should I apply?

A. Students should apply early in their senior year, as interest in the program is strong. In addition, there are deadlines to apply for scholarships for qualified students. Deadlines for application can be found on the Office of Admissions webpage.

Q. How can I be considered for a scholarship?

A. Incoming freshmen who have been accepted into an engineering major should complete the CSUSA application (including the Engineering supplemental application) on RAMweb for all available scholarships administered by the College of Engineering for which they meet the requirements as specified by the sponsor. In the process of selecting freshman scholarship recipients, the scholarship committee looks at the strength of the academic high school record (courses completed, cumulative GPA, and class rank) and results from standardized tests (SAT and/or ACT). Other scholarship programs may require additional materials. For more information, see the College of Engineering’s webpage on Scholarships and Financial Aid. .

Q. What is the cost of tuition at CSU?

A. Tuition depends on whether you are an in-state or out of state resident. For tuition information, and other financial information, visit Student Financial Services.

Q. Do I need to live on campus during my freshman year?

A. Information on housing policies can be found through Housing & Dining Services: Prospective Students. For more information about the residence halls, click here.

Q. Do I have to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE)?

A. All entering students are required to take either the CSU Math Placement Exam or Math Challenge Exam unless they have already earned transferable University credit for a course in college level mathematics. Depending upon course prerequisites, incoming students with transferable credit in mathematics may still need to complete the MPE. Students are strongly advised to prepare for the exam by using the MPE Review Materials provided by the Math Department. To see the Review Materials and for more information on the MPE, see Placement Information.

Q. Do you accept AP credits?

A. Many AP credits can be applied toward an engineering degree. Typical areas in which students bring AP credits include calculus, chemistry, physics, computer science, biology, and liberal arts subjects. For equivalencies, see the Registrar’s Office webpage on AP Equivalencies. For the Civil and Environmental Engineering curriculum requirements, see the appropriate Flowcharts on our Curriculum and Advising webpage.

Q. What kinds of credits do I receive for an International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Diploma?

A. For equivalencies, see the Registrar’s Office webpage on IB Equivalencies. For the Civil and Environmental Engineering curriculum requirements, see the appropriate Flowcharts on the Curriculum and Advising webpage.

Q. Do you have an Honors Program? If so, how do I apply?

A. Yes, there are Honors classes available in the Civil and Environmental Engineering degree programs. If you are accepted into the Honors Program, you will usually be in smaller classes that delve a little deeper into topics of study than the non-Honors classes on the same subject. For more information about the honors program, click here.

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Transfer Information:

Q. What are your admissions requirements for transfer students?

A. Majors within the College of Engineering are considered “Competitive Majors” – there are more competitive admission requirements such as higher GPA, higher test scores, and/or additional course work. To qualify for direct admission to a competitive major, you must be recommended for general University admission after a holistic review and satisfy the additional requirements. To see the additional requirements for admission into the College of Engineering, click on “Engineering” on the Registrar’s Office Competitive Majors webpage.

Q. Can I qualify for scholarship consideration in the first semester at Colorado State?

A. Transfer students who do not already have a renewable college/departmental scholarship can apply for annual scholarships, to be awarded for the following academic year. The College of Engineering has a large number of merit-based scholarships. Academic performance at CSU and involvement in extracurricular activities are typically important criteria used in awarding these scholarships. Before the deadline, undergraduate students fill out the online CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA) located on RamWeb. For more information, see the College of Engineering’s webpage on Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Q. What credits will you accept from my previous school?

A. The Transfer Evaluation Section in the Office of Admissions will review your transcript. You are encouraged to consult, an online database that lists course equivalencies for most Colorado institutions and a wide range of non-resident colleges/universities for which information is available. More details about transfer evaluation are on the Registrar’s Office website.

Q. How do I register for my first semester?

A .After you are granted Admission into CSU, you will be contacted by Orientation and Transition Programs. At that time, you will be given information regarding your advisor and the registration process.  

Q. I need a place to live. Where do I begin?

A. Transfer students with 15 post-high school credits or more can choose to live on campus or off campus. For information about living on campus in the Residence halls, or University apartments see Housing & Dining Services . If you are thinking about living off campus, view Off Campus Life’s  webpage for more information.

Q. What if I still have questions about transferring to CSU?

A. If you need any more information, go to the Office of Admissions’ page for Transfer Students or give them a call at (970) 491-6909.