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CSU researchers seek to measure COVID-19 aerosol dispersion
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We need better face masks - and origami might help
Professor John Volckens featured in National Geographic Coronavirus Science Coverage article
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CSU mechanical engineering master's program ranked one of top 25 in the country
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Extension internship takes mechanical engineering student back to CSU’s roots
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Mechanical engineering professor part of $50 million NSF research center
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Propane could be the new diesel with $3.5 million U.S. Department of Energy grant
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Mechanical engineering alumnus helps guide medical device company’s role in COVID-19 solutions
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Student engineers finish swing project to bring joy to Fort Collins man with autism
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Artificial muscle made of sewing thread enables new motions for soft robots
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COVID-19: CSU mechanical engineering researchers continue mask studies

At the onset of the pandemic, our Center for Energy Development and Health was quickly designated a state research site to evaluate the safety of masks. Today, we continue to support this global effort.

Read the latest: CSU researchers test a variety of masks for the NY Times Wirecutter magazine.

Cutting-Edge Research

Perching robots could be the answer for environmental modeling, package delivery and more

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Jianguo Zhao and his research team are pushing the bounds of robotics technology – their latest endeavor with micro aerial vehicles (MAV). MAV have many promising applications ranging from environmental monitoring and agricultural inspection to package delivery, but there’s a problem: short flight times and high energy consumption.

To solve this problem, a promising solution is underway at CSU. By engineering a MAV that is able to rest by perching, similar to an insect, the vehicles use less energy and can travel longer. 

Read more on New Atlas

Out-Of-This-World Opportunity

First-generation student launches career at NASA

Danelle Lazcano-Concelman’s prestigious internships at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, proved to be life-changing experiences. She now works at NASA as a cryogenic propulsion systems engineer – not bad for someone who is the first in her family to go to college and took calculus three times just to be admitted to the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering!

Read Danelle’s story on Source News.

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Making tongues go mainstream is goal of open-source, CSU-created product

JJ Moritz, who recently completed his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, is leading the startup company Sapien LLC using technology developed at CSU. The technology senses the position of the tongue, which allows users to control video games or mobility and assistive devices with the tongue alone.

Read JJ’s story on Source News.

From Experts in the Field

Department Head Christian Puttlitz named ASME Fellow

Dr. Christian Puttlitz has been recognized for his leadership and distinguished service to the engineering profession through his research and teaching in engineering education in general, and orthopaedic bioengineering in particular. He is an Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. Dr. Puttlitz has made key contributions in advancing our understanding of the behavior of orthopedic tissues, pioneered the application of non-linear viscoelastic models to orthopedic tissues, and invented new methods to predict the initial course of fracture healing. He has also led innovations in graduate and undergraduate mechanical engineering curricula.

Christian Puttlitz

Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

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