Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Chemical and biological engineers are problem solvers that address human health, the environment and big challenges like climate change. New fields such as the bioeconomy, smart materials, and agile manufacturing will require chemical and biological engineers.

We develop processes.

CBEs figure out how to cultivate and process lipids produced by algae to be effective for fuel and safer climate emissions.

We make medical devices.

CBEs develop nanofibers that could help graft bones that are accepted upon transplant into human bodies.

We make new materials

CBEs make fibers that can adapt – materials that can shift from soft and flexible to hard when dropped or hit.

Academic Programs

Chemical and Biological students at Colorado State University receive a challenging, hands-on education that offers a future of changing lives in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing and many more fields.

Research and impact

Our distinguished researchers collaborate with departments and colleges across the University, other global institutions, and industry partners, in state-of-the-facilities.