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Masters of Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology

The worlds of science, engineering, and business are merging, and a new breed of technologist is necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Graduates of the Professional Science Master’s program have the academic and professional skills to effectively combine engineering, life sciences, and business.

Our Masters of Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology prepares students with:

Science and engineering skills necessary to excel in careers in biomanufacturing and biotechnology

Business skills that make them
highly effective employees

Internships in a business or the public sector that provide valuable experience

Professional Science Masters of Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology graphic

You can benefit from this program by:

  • Advanced bioscience courses in genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry
  • Advanced engineering courses in biochemical engineering, bioprocessing, and bioseparations
  • Advanced business courses from CSU’s MBA program
  • Elective coursework in synthetic biology, cell and tissue engineering, and biofuels
  • Internship opportunities for students in the PSM program
  • Expanding your career opportunities
  • Training to advance in your current career

What is a PSM degree program?

PSM degree programs have emerged over the last two decades to provide students and practicing professionals with practical, career-specific advanced training in a specialized field.

Colorado State University biochemistry PhD student Luke Hartje and Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Christopher Snow discuss their research on computer-guided protein and DNA engineering, June 15, 2018.
  • PSM programs consist of two years of academic and practicum training.
  • Applicants with a background in engineering or life sciences are encouraged to apply, however the program is accessible for non-engineers who want to pursue this PSM to advance their biotech career.
Colorado State University Chemical and Biological Engineering post doctoral researcher Gayani Dedduwa Mudalige and undergraduate research assistant Ramsey Smith work on computer-guided protein and DNA engineering in Christopher Snow’s lab, June 15, 2018.
  • The PSM in biomanufacturing and biotechnology is designed with engineering courses that focus on key technology areas of interest to the Colorado bioscience and biotechnology industries. These include:
    • Protein engineering
    • Cell and tissue engineering
    • Biofuels engineering.