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Dr. Atadero wins Best Diversity Paper Competition

Dr. Atadero's paper, "Creating Inclusive Environments in First-year Engineering Classes to Support Student Retention and Learning" has been selected as the winner of the Best Diversity Paper Competition for the upcoming ASEE Conference on June 14-17, in Seattle.

The paper will be presented at the special session on the Year of Action on Diversity on June 15. Congratulations Becki!

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Dr. Mahmoud invited to US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Dr. Hussam Mahmoud has been invited to participate in the National Academy of Engineering's 2015 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium at the National Academies' Beckman Center in Irvine, California September 9-11. Dr. Mahmoud was nominated by Bruce Ellingwood, who is an NAE member, and selected by the organizing committee.

There will be 100 engineers, from industry, universities, and government labs at the symposium and attendees will represent the full range of engineering fields. The four broad topics that will be covered at the 2015 symposium are: Optical and Mechanical Metamaterials, Cybersecurity, Engineering the Search for Earth-like Planets, and Forecasting Natural Disasters.

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Dr. Labadie receives 2015 OnlinePlus Innovative Educator Award

Dr. John Labadie is awarded a 2015 OnlinePlus Innovative Educator (OPIE) Award. The award was established by Online Plus in 2013. All recipients are nominated by OnlinePlus students. Emphasis is placed on the positive relationship established with the students, how the professor was responsive, motivating and challenging in class and were the lectures interesting and insightful with thought-provoking homework assignments.

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Dr. Venayagmoorthy receives 2015-17 Monfort Professorship

Dr. Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy has been named a Monfort Professor, one of the university's top honors. The Monfort Professor Award was established in 2002 through a gift from the Monfort Family Foundation. Venayagmoorthy will receive $75,000 annually for two years to support his research projects and teaching efforts.

"In addition to being an extraordinary researcher and student mentor, Karan is also an excellent teacher in a classroom setting," College of Engineering Dean David McLean wrote in his nomination letter. "He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, consistently receiving outstanding evaluations from the students. Karan incorporates his cutting-edge research and knowledge into his classes and creates an environment that facilitates learning and student engagement."

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Dr. Salas receives 2015 Norman Medal

Dr. Jose Salas has been selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards Committee to receive the 2015 Norman Medal for the paper, "Revisiting the Concepts of Return Period and Risk for Nonstationary Hydrologic Extreme Events" published in the March 2014 issue of the ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.

Congratulations Jose!

Dr. Nelson receives Faculty Early Career Development Program Award

The National Science Foundation has recently granted its most prestigious award in support of junior faculty, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program, to Peter Nelson. The award will provide $510,848 over five years to support theoretical and experimental research on the morphodynamic effects of sediment supply and sorting in meandering rivers.

The award will also support educational programs in river science, including integration of the research in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as the development of summer science programs aimed at K-12 students and outreach events at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

New $12M Urban Water Sustainability Research Network

Dr. Mazdak Arabi has just received the cooperative agreement from NSF to establish a $12M Urban Water Sustainability Research Network (SRN) at CSU. The vision of the SRN is to "make a global impact by creating science, guidance, and agents of innovation for integrated water systems and water-sensitive urban design." The other CE faculty involved with the SRN are: Brian Bledsoe, Neil Grigg, Jorge Ramirez, and Sybil Sharvelle.

The SRN partner institutions include:

Colorado State University (CSU) - lead university
Arizona State University (ASU)
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (CIES)
Florida International University (FIU)
Howard University (HU)
Oregon State University (OSU)
Princeton University (PU)
University of Arizona (UA)
University of California-Berkeley (UCB)
University of California-Riverside (UCR)
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
University of Miami (UM)
University of Oregon (UO)
University of Pennsylvania (UPENN)

Congratulations Mazdak, Brian, Neil, Jorge, and Sybil on this exciting new research center!

NIST Awards $20 Million for Research Center

PI and Director Dr. John van de Lindt, Co-Director Dr. Bruce Ellingwood and Co-PIs Dr. Suren Chen and Dr. Hussam Mahmoud have been awarded $20M by NIST over 5 years for a research center focused on resiliency to communities affected by disasters. This Community Resilience Center of Excellence will be working with NIST researchers and partners from 10 other universities, and will develop computer tools to help local governments decide how each can best invest resources intended to lessen the impact of extreme weather and other hazards on buildings and infrastructure and to recover rapidly in their aftermath.

"This center complements NIST's long-standing efforts to improve the performance of the built environment against natural hazards—such as tornadoes, coastal flooding, wildfires and earthquakes—as well as large-scale, human-caused disruptions,” said Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and Acting NIST Director Willie May. “The tools developed by the center will help to further advance the important goal of disaster resilience from ambitious concepts to cost-effective solutions that communities can implement over time."

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Congratulations to John, Bruce, Suren and Hussam!

Graduate Applications Being Accepted

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