Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

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Increasing population and urbanization, greater stress on limited resources, degradation of the environment, aging infrastructure, and a changing climate are a few of the major challenges facing civil and environmental engineers in the 21st century.

An essential facet of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at CSU is the research enterprise that works to address these global concerns. The department’s faculty are nationally and internationally renowned for research on many of the most vexing problems of our time.

Strategic Research Focus Areas

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department contributes to society in three broad, cross-cutting research focus areas:

Engineering for Planetary Health is centered around environmental and energy systems that are both natural and engineered, are closely linked and disproportionately contribute to the state of planetary health.

Risk-Informed Planning for a Resilient and Sustainable World

Water for people and the planet: Developing water resources systems and technology to meet human needs in a globally sustainable environment