Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

1990’s to 2000

1990’s to 2000


Luiz Gabriel T. de Azevedo, M.S. 1990, Ph.D. 1994 Civil Engineering, has been appointed as a faculty affiliate member in the Department of Civil Engineering at Colorado State University. He will be working with Dr. Darrell Fontane and other Water Resources Planning and Management faculty. Dr. Azevedo is a Brazil Country Sector Leader in the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Department with the World Bank. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Michael Harmer, B.S. 1990 Civil Engineering, is a senior engineer at PBS&J in Denver. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Craig Houdeshell, B.S. 1990 and M.S. 1992 Civil, is district manager for BCI engineers in Jupiter, Florida. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Ayob Katimon, M.S. 1990 Agricultural Engineering, is a lecturer in the civil engineering department at Universiti Teknologi in Johor, Malaysia. His interest is in water resources research. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

William E. Rice, B.S. 1990 Civil Engineering, is working as a project engineer at Jacobs Engineering in Arlington, Virginia. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Forsgren Associates in Boise, Idaho, has named Stephen J. Waldinger, B.S. 1990 Civil Engineering, as its director of transportation. Waldinger will be responsible for company wide transportation activities. During his past seven years with the company, he has played key roles on the I-84/Garrity interchange in Nampa, pavement rehabilitation projects in Boise, McCall, and northern Idaho, as well as bridge replacement projects. He was lead roadway engineer for replacement of the $8.5 million, 1006-foot-long Clark Fork River Bridge in Clark Fork. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Abdullah S. Al-Ghamdi, M.S. 1991 Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. 1993 Civil Engineering, was promoted to associate professor in Civil Engineering and appointed Dean of Community Services and the Continuing Education Center at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Christopher L Doherty, B.S. 1991 Civil Engineering, recently accepted a position as Senior Project Manager in the area of Hydrology and Hydraulics with Brown and Gay Engineers in Houston.

Kathy Fitpatrick Mercure, B.S. 1991 Civil Engineering, has received a promotion to Commander, Indian Health Service and Deputy Director of the Aberdeen, South Dakota area with direct responsibility for construction and maintenance of all reservation hospitals and professional staff quarters. Kathy resides in Aberdeen with sons Sam and Jordan. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Chris Hicks

Chris Hicks, B.S. 1991 Civil Engineering, is working on the Ghatghar project, located in the state of Maharasta in India. The Ghat­ghar project is the first RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) dam project in India. It is a pumped storage scheme with three RCC dams, two for creating an upper reservoir and one creating the lower reservoir.

The largest of the three is the lower dam, approximately 600,000 M3 of RCC and 84 meters tall. The project will have the capacity to produce 250 megawatts of electricity. Chris happened across a fellow CSU graduate in Amman, Jordan at an RCC conference. Hesham Elbadry, Ph.D. 1993 Civil Engineering, (shown with Chris Hicks in the photo) picked Chris out of a crowd of people assembling for a group picture for the conference. Hesham was a graduate student and GTA for fluid dynamics while Chris was an undergraduate at CSU. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Kevin Lusk, B.S. 1991 and M.S. 1993 Agricultural Engineering, is senior project engineer with Colorado Springs Utilities. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

John McLain, B.S. 1991 Civil Engineering, is director of Baseline Engineering Corp. in Golden, Colorado. Baseline specializes in land use and civil engineering services and the design of residential, retail, office, transportation, industrial and public works projects. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Taha B.M.J. Ouarda, Ph.D. 1991 Civil Engineering, is a professor and chair of the Department of Statistical Hydrology at the National Institute for Scientific Research: Water, Land, and Environment, University of Quebec. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Abdulmohsen Abdulrahman Alshaikh, (Ph.D. ’92) visited on March 20. Since graduation, Dr. Alshaikh worked in the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Planning and is now a faculty member at King Saud University, where he specializes in water resources planning. Tim Gates was his adviser at Colorado State, and Neil Grigg was a co-adviser. (2001 newsletter)

Armando Balloffet, Ph.D. 1992 Civil, was in Ghana in March 2006 working on a project for the Millineum Challenge Corporation, a U.S. foreign aid organization. The organization has plans to fund a number of infrastructure facilities, including rural roads and small irrigation projects. Recently he reports that he continues to spend a great deal of time traveling, working for Asian Development Bank, USAID, and Millennium Change Corporation. He recently was at a meeting in Vientiane, Laos, dealing with the proposed Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project and ran into Professor Thavivongse Sriburi, Ph.D. 1983 Civil, director of the Environmental Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Katherine Chase, M.S. 1992 Civil Engineering, is working for U.S. Geological Survey in Helena, Montana. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

David Ferryman, B.S. 1992 Civil Engineering, was appointed vice president of systems engineering of the Canadian National Railroad. He is located in Edmonton, Canada. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Jamie Johnson, B.S. 1992 Civil Engineering, was recently awarded a patent as reported in the Northern Colorado Business Report. Congratulations! (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Youngseok Lee, M.S. 1992 Civil Engineering, works for Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., in Korea, in charge of all structural work for the company.(2002 newsletter)

Su Mishra, M.S. 1992, Ph.D. 1998 Civil Engineering, is a water resources engineer with Ayres Associates in Sacramento, California. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Kaan Sevincli, M.S. 1992 Civil Engineering, has been working on the revamping of the Sulfuric Acid Plant on the South Coast of the Marmara Sea in Turkey. Sevincli serves as the construction site manager. The scope of the project consists of the dismantling of some 3,850 tons of equipment, erecting 1,000 tons of equipment, installing 215 tons of air and gas ducts, and completing piping and insulation. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Dr. Robertus Triweko, Ph.D. 1992 Civil Engineering, is a water management specialist and dean of the faculty of civil engineering at the Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR). His teaching and research has focused on river basin management, infrastructure financing, stormwater management, and solid waste management. received the decree from the Minister of National Education for his professorship in water resources engineering at Parahyangan Catholic University in Indonesia.

Bret Egan, B.S. 1993 Civil, is a project engineer in Greenwood Village, Colorado, at CLC Associates, Inc. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Mohamed Rami Mahmoud, M.S. 1993, Ph.D. 1995 Civil, a research professor in the National Water Research Center and director of the Main Information Center for the Ministry Ofice, Egypt, gave a presentation on “Water Resources and Demand in Egypt: Future and Challenges” at CSU on October 8. Rami caught up on all the news with his former professors. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Amy Ritter, M.S. 1993 Civil, informed her graduate advisor, Neil Grigg, that she is working for Waterborne Environmental, Inc. The majority of the company’s work is for chemical companies in the agrichemical business. They perform modeling, GIS, and field studies to determine the concentrations of pesticides in surface water and groundwater. The chemical companies use this information to determine if pesticides can be registered for use or to change the label of the pesticide. Amy states “I always thought that CSU had a great program in civil engineering, especially water resources.” (Spring 2008 newsletter)

John Bingham, B.S. 1994, M.S. 1997 Civil, is currently with Hart Crowser in Seattle, Washington. He writes, “I continue to learn something new almost every day at my current position at Hart Crowser. I greatly appreciate the things I learned from you all at CSU. The practical things I learned continue to be the foundation for the diverse experiences that I’ve had.” John met Todd Cotton, B.S. 1992, M.S. 1995 Civil, at a rock mechanics short course in Seattle. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Perry Cabot

Perry E. Cabot, B.S. 1994 Civil, completed an M.S. in Environmental Engineering in 1999 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will complete a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering and Land Resources in 2005 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His areas of expertise include water resources, nonpoint source pollution, soil conservation, and agricultural waste management. He is active with Engineers Without Borders and one project he is involved with is in Muramba, Rwanda. They are working with all levels of government to improve water supply and reduce contamination. Cabot is a professional engineer and will be looking for a faculty position at a university in Fall 2006. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Pete Foster, M.S. 1994 Civil, has been named head of WWE’s Durango office. Foster is working on the Red Cliff irrigation pipeline project that includes 5,000 lineal feet of pipeline and a Dolores River crossing. He is also overseeing work for BP in Durango. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Mark Gemperline, Ph.D. 1994 Civil Engineering, continues to work for the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation in the Technical Service Center of the Geotechnical Services Division, Earth Science and Laboratory Group. He also does private contracting for independent clients and is planning to start a business when he retires in the future. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Mark Peters

Mark Peters, B.S. 1994 and M.S. 2002 Civil, and M.B.A. 2002, is deputy chief of party for CDM International Inc. He is working on a three-year watershed projection project in Jordan to help the government of Jordan develop and implement source water protection plans in three pilot watersheds. Mark and his wife, Kristin, have a daughter, Sophia. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Carlos Sanchez, B.S. 1994 Civil Engineering, is working in McAllen, Texas as Assistant City Engineer. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Doug Walker, M.S. 1994, published a Technical Note in WRR on “Analytical Solutions for Transport in Porous Media with Gaussian Source Terms,” Vol. 37, No. 3, March 2001, pp. 843-848. (2002 newsletter)

Roy Watts, B.S. 1994 Civil, is a project manager for the city of Wichita Falls, Texas. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Quentin Armijo, B.S. 1995 Civil, is with Terra Nova Engineering & Surveying, Inc. in Colorado Springs. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Mark Beebe, B.S. 1995, M.S. 1997 Civil Engineering, was awarded the New Faces in Engineering Award by the American Council of Engi­neering Companies. The New Faces program recognizes 109 nominees out of 1.8 million engineers in the United States. Mark was one of the top three young engineers in the U.S. to be nomi­nated. To qualify, engineers had to have worked on unique or high profile proj­ects and/or engineering achievements during the last two to five years. Some of the projects Mark has been involved with include: Lake Mead Membrane Water Treatment Plant, AZ; Alamosa Arsenic Removal Project, CO; and La Junta Water Treatment Plant, CO. Mark is employed by Richard P. Arber Associates in Denver. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Nathan A. Dowden, M.S. 1995 Civil, was recently appointed a principal at RMG Engineers in Colorado Springs. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Having given up life as a bureaucrat at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Henry Kunhardt, M.S. 1995 Civil, is happy to be back in the private sector at Sandford Survey and Engineering, Inc., in Bedford, New Hampshire. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Michael Malusis, M.S. 1995, Ph.D. 2001 Civil Engineering, has accepted a faculty position at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He will begin his appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the fall semester of 2005. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Dana Moore Miller, B.S. 1995 Civil Engineering, is one of the founding engineers of a new firm in Buena Vista, Colorado: E&C Services. With strengths in water resources, dams, and construction, E&C Services provides civil engineering services to the upper Arkansas Valley and water resources and construction consulting on a national and international level. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Troy Nissen

Troy Nissen, B.S. 1995 Civil Engineering. Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Inc. (TD2), Chairman of the Board, Robert Dreessen, PE announced today it has extended the invitation to purchase ownership shares in the firm to Douglas E. Kellner, PE and Troy J. Nissen, PE, SE. These additional principals will help continue TD2’s ability to provide the expert Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, and Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying services our clients have come to expect.

Troy Nissen, PE, SE has extensive experience in the design of structural systems for a variety of facility types and business classes including commercial, educational, industrial, medical, residential/senior living, and religious projects. He is a 1995 graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Employed by TD2 for 15 years, Troy is a registered professional structural engineer in NE, CO, IA, and IL.

Roestam Sjarief, Ph.D. 1995 Civil Engineering, is the Director General for Water Resources in Indonesia. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Jim Starling, B.S. 1995 Civil, is the light-rail engineering manager for TREX, based in Centennial, Colorado. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Congratulations to Brenndan Torres, B.S. 1995, M.S. 1997 Civil, for being named restoration project manager for Carl Walker, Inc., in Englewood, Colorado. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

David T. Williams, Ph.D. 1995 Civil Engineering, is the National Director of Hydraulics and Hydrology at HDR in San Diego. (Fall 2004 newsletter) Dr. Williams is now with PBS&J in San Diego, California as national technical director for water resources. In his new role, Williams will provide technical guidance to PBS&J’s clients, assist in client relations, develop innovative tools and solutions to a wide variety of complex engineering problems, and coordinate firm-wide water resources activities. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Brent W. Auverman, Ph.D. 1996 Agricultural Engineering, was awarded the Nolan Mitchel Young Extension Worker Award from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Auverman is an associate professor of biological and agricultural engineering at Texas A&M. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Justin Beckner, B.S. 1996 Civil, has joined Nolte Associates in Fort Collins. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

William Chmelir, B.S. 1996 Civil, left Colorado State and worked for several firms in Fort Collins before moving to Oregon. He currently works for John Chmelir’s Sons LLC in Grants Pass, Oregon as a project manager, and is developing housing subdivisions and building custom homes. He completed Army Helicopter Flight School as a Warrant Officer in 2004 and serves in the Oregon National Guard as a Blackhawk Medevac pilot. Chmelir married Dr. Natasha Nair, a graduate of CSU’s Veterinary School. They have a 16-month-old son, Calvin, and are expecting a daughter. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Matt Cook, B.S. 1996 Engineering Science, M.S. 1999 Civil Engineering, is manager of water resources operations for Coors. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Amy Johnson, B.S. 1996 Agricultural Engineering, received a national merit award from the American Society of Irrigation Consultants. The award, was based on the quality of project planning and design in functionalism, environmental responsibility and relevance of her work at Aqua Engineering, Inc., in Fort Collins. The four principals at Aqua Engineering are all CSU engineering alumni: Robert W. Beccard, M.S. 1981 Agricultural Engineering, president; Stephen W. Smith, M.S. 1975 Agricultural Engineering, chairman and vice president; Richard Aust, B.S. 1978 Agricultural Engineering, vice president; and Darren Salvador, B.S. 1991 Agricultural Engineering. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Peter Molnar, M.S. 1996, Ph.D. 2001 Civil Engineering, made a visit to Colorado State in July to start up a project, “Floodplain Vegetation Dynamics under Water Stress,” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Molnar works for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at the Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management. (Fall 2004 newsletter) Molnar is with the Institute of Environmental Engineer­ing at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He made a presentation at Hydrology Days 2006. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Heather Seitz, B.S. 1996 in Engineering Science and M.S. 1998 Civil, is the planning and zoning technical assistant for the town of Amherst, New Hampshire. She reviews building permits, subdivision applications and provides technical support to town boards and assists the public workd department on projects such as the community septic system. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Cara Tackett, M.S. 1996 Civil, is vice president, land development, at Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc., in San Antonio, Texas. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Todd Williams, M.S. 1996 Civil Engineering, is the Deputy Director of Water Resources for the City of Aurora. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Suleyman Akalin, M.S. 1997 and Ph.D. 2002 Civil, is with the consulting engineering firm, Nolte Associates, in Centennial, Colorado. (Fall 2006 newsletter) Prior to this appointment, Suleyman was an assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Mersin University in Turkey. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Chenghsin Chang, M.S. 1997, Ph.D. 2001 Civil Engineering, studied in our wind engineering program and is currently a faculty member in the Department of Civil Engineering at Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan. He is performing research on urban transport and teaching classes in engineering and computational fluid dynamics. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Joseph Delich, B.S. 1997 Civil, is a traffic/transportation engineer in Loveland. His son, Jackson, was born in March 2003. Aside from time with his son, Joseph also enjoys mountain biking and the outdoors. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Mark Donner, B.S. 1997 Civil, is a civil/environmental engineer at Trihydro Corportation, a firm based in Laramie, Wyoming. Trihydro is the largest engineering firm in Wyoming and ranks 171 on ENR’s top 200 environmental firms list. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Mindy Jacobson, B.S. 1997 in Civil Engineering, worked as a structural analyst on spacecraft for Orbital Sciences Corp. in Maryland for two years after graduation. She now works for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland as an analyst in the structural mechanics group. (2002 newsletter)

Jeremy Franz, B.S. 1997 Civil Engineering with an Environmental Engineering minor, M.S. 2002 Civil Engineering, is a water resources engineer at Ayres Associates in Fort Collins. He is a hydraulic and hydrologic modeling expert who performs numerical modeling of rivers and tidal waterways throughout the nation to support highway design and flood control projects. He was recognized as one of the 2005 New Faces in Engi­neering as part of National Engineers Week. The New Faces of Engineering program recognizes 109 nominees out of 1.8 million engineers in the United States, highlighting the interesting and unique work of young engineers and the resulting impact on society. He was nominated by the American Consulting Engineers Council. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Ick Hwan Ko

Dr. Ick Hwan Ko, Ph.D. 1997 Civil Engineering, speaks of his experience at CSU fondly, mentioning that he continues to stay in contact with many acquaintances from Colorado State University. Dr. Ko, with assistance from his civil engineering faculty advisor Darrell Fontane, was able to tailor his CSU program to the specific situation in Korea. Upon graduation, he was able to continue his research in Korea and spent eighteen months in Vietnam on a joint project with the Korea Water Resources Corporation (KOWACO) and the Vietnamese government. Since his return to Korea, he has risen through the ranks of KOWACO and is currently Director of the Water Resources Research Institute. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Momcilo Markus, Ph.D. 1997 Civil, was selected as a Faculty Fellow of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Markus’ research is on "Data fusion, data mining, pattern recognition and regional classification of water quality data in the midwestern United States. In addition Dr. Markus has recently co-authored the book, Hydroinformatics: Data Integrative Approaches in Computation, Analysis, and Modeling by P. Kumar, M. Folk, M. Markus, and J.C. Alameda, CRC Press, October 2005. Dr. Markus works for the Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, Illinois. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Steve Nguyen, B.S. 1997 Civil Engineering, is the president of Clear Water Rights, Inc. in Broomfield, Colorado. The company provides water resources planning and management services to both public and private water clients. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Paul Perri, B.S. 1997 Agricultural Engineering, is a project engineer at W. W. Wheeler and Associates, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Dan Stenta, B.S. 1997 Civil Engi­neering, is in private consulting for Keogh Land Surveying in Moab, Utah. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Hyun-Suk Shin, Ph.D. 1997 Civil Engineering, is working in the Department of Civil Engineering at Pusan National University in South Korea. He attended Hydrology Days at Colorado State, making two presentations, “A River Flood Warning System Using a Neural Probabilistic Forecasting Model” and “Developing a Modified GCUH Based on the Geomorphic Characteristics of Korean Mountain Regions.” (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Eric Tuin, B.S. 1997 Civil Engineering, is the vice president of engineering at High Country Engineering, Inc., in Englewood, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Tom Chapel, M.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, was elected to ASCE’s Board of Governors for Region 7. Tom is currently employed with Tetra Tech, Inc., in Fort Collins, as a senior geotechnical engineer. He was a founding member of ASCE’s Northern Colorado Branch. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Tom Dahl, M.S. 1998, has been promoted to area engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation Lampasas Office. (2002 newsletter)

Brandon Eisen, M.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, was a presenter at a seminar held in November at Colorado State. His presentation was titled “Characterization and Remediation of a Site Contaminated with Commingled Chlorinated Solvents and Metals.” Mr. Eisen is a groundwater hydrologist with Komex Environmental in California. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

John England, M.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, is with the Bureau of Reclamation in Denver. He presented “Distributed Modeling of Extreme Floods on a Large Watershed” at Hydrology Days 2006. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Junke Guo

Junke (Drinker) Guo, Ph.D. 1998 Civil Engineering, joined the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) in January 1999. He later accepted an assistant professorship with the National University of Singapore, where he taught a variety of fluids and water resources courses for undergraduate and graduate students, and served as the Supervisor of the Hydraulics Lab.

Junke was also an active consultant for Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB), National Parks Board, Jurong Shipyard, and the Danish Hydraulic Institute. He helped PUB establish a long-term training program – Core Technology Courses and lectured on Drainage Systems Design. Junke has been very active with professional societies. He organized the 13th IAHR-APD Congress in Singapore in 2002, which attracted over 300 participants from 25 countries. He also serves as ASCE Associate Editor for the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. Since January 2005, he has assumed a new tenure-track position with the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Guo is living in Omaha with his wife, Joanne, and their two sons, Alex and William. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Steven Lukens, B.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, is working for Lockheed Martin. Upon graduation Mr. Lukens went to work for PSI Engineering. He also had the opportunity to volunteer for two years in Mexico City. Before joining Lockheed, he earned his MBA in International Business and Finance. He uses his engineering background in his work as a financial analyst. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Mohammad Makkawi, Ph.D. 1998 Civil, worked as a groundwater and environment consultant in Saudi Aramco Oil Company. At the company, he performed a groundwater flow/salinity transport numerical model for a deep aquifer. He also participated in designing a remediation system to remove floating hydrocarbon products from a shallow aquifer. In mid 2005, Dr. Makkawi was promoted to associate professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia. (Fall 2006 newsletter) In 2003 Dr. Makkawi reported that he had started a research project to map groundwater surface by integrating Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technique and geostatistical methods. The project was sponsored by the Research Institute of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Peter Marxhausen, B.S. 1998 Civil, graduated with his master’s in civil engineering from University of Colorado at Denver in 2004. He has worked as a structural engineer since 1998 and has worked for an engineering forensics firm since 2004. In addition to working for a forensics firm he has his own design firm and also teaches civil engineering courses at the University of Colorado at Denver. Currently he teaches Senior Design. Peter lives in Highlands Ranch and has three children. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Lela Parsons, B.S. 1998 Engineering Science, M.S. 1999 Civil Engineering, married  Jacob Perkins on March 20, 2004. The couple lives in Denver and works for Black & Veatch. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

James Prelog, B.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, is working for Nolte Associates, Inc., in Fort Collins. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Óli Grétar Blöndal Sveinsson, M.S. 1998, Ph.D. 2002 Civil Engineering, made several presentations at Hydrology Days 2006 during the Stochastic Approaches sessions. Dr. Sveinsson is with the National Power Company, Reykjavík, Iceland. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

An Vinh Tran, B.S. 1998, M.S. 1999, Ph.D. 2002 Civil Engineering, began working for the Colorado Department of Transportation in the Bridge Design Branch in December 2004. (Spring 2005 newsletter) Tran was awarded the Mountain Plains Consortium Outstanding Student of the Year Award, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2004 in Washington, D.C. Dr. Tran completed a computer-based study of load sharing with open-deck timber trestle railroad bridges based on results of full-scale field test loads. The work was part of a joint project with the Transportation Technology Center of the Association of American Railroads to examine the capacity of 40+ year old bridges for contemporary train loads. His dissertation, titled Pier Moment-Rotation Behavior of High Performance Steel HPS70W I-Girders, will assist the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to lift code restrictions on use of such girders in bridge construction. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Brian Varrella, B.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, is the supervisor of a new stormwater department at Weld County Public Works in Greeley, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Capt. Rockie K. Wilson, B.S. 1998 Civil Engineering, was recognized as one of 57 “New Faces of Engineering.” Wilson is an engineering flight commander for the 374th Civil Engineer Squadron at Yokota Air Base, Japan. Wilson has played an instrumental role in several important projects, including leading a 45-person team on a $130M annual construction program and a $647M host-nation funded program, managing a $260M program to replace four maintenance hangars via host-nation construction funding that helped transform the flight line, and working on a $66M overlay of the primary runway, ensuring Yokota’s operational mission for years to come. He was also named to the 2002 Army Corps of Engineers Project Delivery Team of the Year. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Chris Boespflug, B.S. 1999 Civil Engineering, is an engineer with the Colorado Department of Transportation. (Spring 2006 newsletter) Chris left Denver on a solo bicycle tour in August 2002. Almost 5,000 miles later, Chris landed in San Jose, Costa Rica. Check out Chris’ website with great photos and information about his travels at (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Kyle Gustafson, B.S. 1999 Civil Engineering, has been focusing on structural design of facilities and bridges with his position at URS in Colorado Springs. In the fall they completed work on a large pumpstation in Las Vegas, Nevada and on a highway extension involving four bridges in Colorado Springs. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Mark Kempton, B.S. 1999 Civil, is now senior engineer for Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc., in Fort Collins. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Enrique Moncada, Ph.D. 1999 Civil Engineering, completed his Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) assignment in Iraq about three years ago and is now an international consultant, mainly in Latin America. He wrote the Food and Agriculture Organization’s country water strategy for Peru last year and had plans to be involved in a World Bank project in Mexico. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Craig Ullmann, B.S 1999 and M.S. 2000 Civil, was one of five young engineers throughout the U.S. to be nominated by ACEC for the New Faces of Engineering program sponsored by National Engineers Week. Ullmann is a water resources engineer at Applegate Group, Inc. in Westminster, Colorado. His knowledge of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling were cited, along with his innovative infrastructure design. Ullmann’s design work on an orphanage in Africa was also lauded. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Grant Bennett, B.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, is an engineer working for Matrix Design Group, Inc., in Denver. The company is working on the redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport, with client Forest City Enterprises. Matrix’s work there includes overlot grading, roadway, water, sewer and storm drainage designs, along with environmental investigation and assessment reports. The site is currently the largest urban infill site in the country, and is a 5000+ acre airport infill in the middle of Denver. The redevelopment plan calls for mixed residential, commercial, and industrial uses. There are currently hundreds of homes already constructed, along with numerous parks and commercial centers. Grant works on utility designs for sewer and water systems, as well as storm drainage planning. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Andrew Brandt, B.S. 2000 Civil, recently made a visit to the Colorado State campus. He is working for the California Department of Transportation with several other CSU Civil Engineering alums. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Joseph Donnelly, B.S. 2000, M.S. 2005 Civil Engineering, is working as a water resources engineer in the watershed engineering group at URS Corporation in Denver. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Nick Haws, B.S. 2000 Civil, is working at Northern Engineering in Fort Collins.

Michael T. Hobbins, M.S. 2000 Ph.D. 2004 Civil Engineering, is a postdoctoral fellow at Australian National University in the Research School of Biological Sciences. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

During the last two years, Robert J. Kodoatie, Ph.D. 2000 Civil Engineering, has written four books. The titles are Applied Hydraulics – Open Channel Flow and Pipe Flow; Floods – Some Causes and Methods in Environmental Perspectives; Water Resources Management in the Regional Autonomy; Infrastructure of Regency/City – Management and Engineering. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Jason Laible, B.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, is working at a firm in Las Vegas on private land development projects. He just received his Nevada P.E. license and stamp. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Stephen Osgood, M.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, is working at MWH’s Sacramento office in its water resources planning group. He works on flood control planning for USACE, surface water storage planning for USBR, and groundwater storage planning for a local water agency. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Matt Salek, B.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, was featured in the September 4, 2003 issue of the Rocky Mountain News. Matt, a civil engineer in Aurora, Colorado, is the webmaster for an internet site called Highways of Colorado. Salek started building the site while at Colorado State, putting the first version online in 1997. The site has information on every numbered interstate, U.S. and state highway in Colorado. There are picture galleries, average daily traffic counts, and histories. The address for the site is (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Daniel Stiles

Daniel Stiles, B.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, is an attorney and member of the Public Law and Policy Group, Corporate and Tax Group, and Litigation Group of the law firm Isaacson Rosenbaum P.C. Dan earned his J.D., Order of St. Ives, from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. He is the recipient of various honors, including the CSU Alumni Association Distinguished Student Service Award for his service to the University and community. While a student at CSU, the American Society of Civil Engineers selected Dan to spend a summer in Washington, D.C. researching high-speed ground transportation. Dan returned to Washington, D.C. the following summer to serve as a special assistant to United States Secretary of Transportation, Rodney Slater.

Dan is a former ski racer and has traveled all over the globe. Closer to home, Dan served as National Traveling Press Coordinator for Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign at its Tennessee headquarters and as co-county counsel for Ken Salazar’s U.S. Senate campaign. Dan continues to be active in the community, including serving as a member of the Education Task Force for the Colorado Lawyers Com­mittee, which focuses on ensuring adequate funding for public educa­tion in Colorado.(Spring 2006 newsletter) Dan completed his law degree and now works at Isaacson, Rosenbaum, Woods & Levy, P.C., in Denver. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Jason Woolard, B.S. 2000 Civil Engineering, is with the Air Force, working in design and construction management. He was deployed for six months beginning November 2002 to Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Woolard was recently restationed at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. (Spring 2004 newsletter)