Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

1970’s to 1980’s

1970’s to 1980’s


John R. Eckhardt, B.S. 1970, M.S. 1976, Ph.D. 1991 Civil, is the executive program manager at IID/SDCWA Transfer, the largest ag to urban water transfer in the United States.

Karl Dreher, B.S. 1971, M.S. 1973 Civil Engineering, has been serving as the Director of the Idaho Department of Water Resources since May 1995. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Alan Lindskog, B.S. 1971 Civil, is principal with Civil Engineering Consultants in San Antonio, Texas. The company specializes in public works, development, surveying and transportaion.

Larry A Rundquist

Larry A. Rundquist, M.S. 1971, Ph.D. 1975 Civil, development and operations hydrologist at NOAA’s Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center, was the 2005 recipient of the Max A. Kohler Award. This award is presented annually to recognize individuals for sustained superior performance and distinguished accomplishments of NOAA’s National Weather Service hydrology program.

Jose Sanabria, M.S. 1971 Civil Engineering, owns a company and also teaches graduate courses in rivers, drainage, and sedimentation in Venezuela. His company focuses on work involving flood plains, scour, channel design, river training, and urban drainage. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Paul Beebe, Ph.D. 1972 Civil, has retired after 32 years with General Motors, where he worked on vehicle aerodynamic development and management of resources in that field. Since retiring, Paul and his wife Judith have enjoyed traveling and Paul has been able to focus on his much-neglected fishing habit and has been riding his first-ever motorcycle. He reports that all is well in Michigan. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

At the Annual Meeting of the American Council of Engineering of Colorado, several CSU alumni were recognized. David Frazier, B.S. 1972 Civil Engineering, received the Committee Chair of the Year Award. Frazier is Vice President at Merrick & Company in Denver. (Fall 2004 newsletter) Frazier was selected resident of the Colorado Chapter of American Public Works Association (APWA). His company received two awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Gary L. Lewis, Ph.D. 1972 Civil Engineering, is a Senior Water Resources Engineer at Parsons in Denver. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Jamie Millan, Ph.D. 1972 Civil, presented a lecture, "Developing Hydro Power in Latin America: Potential Challenges and Contributions of Analytical Tools," on October 30, 2006 at Colorado State. The presentation was part of a Distinguished Lecture Series. Dr. Millan was principal energy economist at the Sustainable Development Department when he retired from the Inter-American Development Bank in late 2005 after 23.5 years of service. At present he serves on the board of directors of XM, the operator of the electricity market in Columbia, and works as a private consultant in energy issues. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Jean Rousselle, Ph.D. 1972 Civil, published a new book: Hydrologie, with co-authors Francois Anctil and Nicolas Lauzon.

David Frick, B.S., 1973; M.S., 1976; Ph.D., 1990 Civil, is executive vice president of Ayres Associates, an engineering consulting firm with 16 ofices in eight states. He was promoted to this position from Vice President in 2001. David has been with this company since 1972 when he was an undergraduate at Colorado State. The company started in Fort Collins as M.W. Bittinger and Associates, Inc., which then became Resource Consultants, Inc., and merged with Ayres Associates in 1994. David’s expertise is in surface and groundwater hydrology and hydraulics, including studies related to loodplain mapping, drainage, lood control, and hydraulic design of water resource facilities. An individual who believes in giving back to his community, David served on the City of Fort Collins All City Water Board, served as president of the Fort Collins Housing Authority, and is now president of the nonproit CARE Housing Inc., which works to provide affordable housing for low-income families. When asked what might be a fond memory of CSU, David said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process as an undergraduate and now truly appreciate what it was like to have the opportunity to gain knowledge without all the ‘real world responsibilities.'”

Rick George

Rick George, B.S. 1973, Civil Engineering. Born in Brush, Colorado, Richard received a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Colorado State University and a law degree from the University of Houston Law School. His career began with Sun Company Inc. where he held various positions, and then in 1991, he accepted his current position as president and CEO of Suncor Energy, the company that pioneered commercial oil sands production.

Under Mr. George’s leadership, Suncor’s output has more than tripled and production costs have declined significantly. During the 17 years Richard has led Suncor, he has cultivated Suncor’s reputation as an oilsands producer that cares about and aims to reduce its impact on the environment. The company has made a $750 million commitment to developing renewable energy technology. On September 18, 2008, Rick George was inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame for his accomplishments (one of only six to be inducted this year). The selection committee wrote that “his leadership in the areas of corporate and industry growth, community involvement and environmental responsibility is unmatched by his peers.”

Rick advises CSU students to start with the job they will love to do for the next 20 years and make that into a career; to work to find creative solutions; and to travel and stay informed about international events. Rick George has proven that doing what you love, striving to make a difference in the world and taking risks is indeed an excellent path to follow.

Vijay Gopu, M.S. 1973, Ph.D. 1975 Civil, is the department chair of Civil Engineering at Tulane University in New Orleans. He reports that all his faculty are well and safe after Hurricane Katrina. He hopes that the University will be up and running again for the spring semester of 2006. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Theodore L. Hall, B.S. 1973 Civil Engineering, is now working for the Bureau of Reclamation and in May 2009, he was one of forty people to receive the award from Secretary Salazar for the Missouri River Bank Stabilization near Vermillion South Dakota. The Secretary presented the multi-group project with one of 26 national awards to individuals and organizations at a ceremony at Interior headquarters in Washington, D.C. to honor “those who achieve natural resource goals in collaboration and partnership with others.”

“The Partners in Conservation Awards demonstrate that our greatest conservation legacies often emerge when stakeholders, agencies, and citizens from a wide range of backgrounds come together to address shared challenges,” the Secretary said. “This particular partnership developed a plan to protect the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System’s infrastructure while stabilizing and enhancing the bank of the Missouri River within an area designated as a National Recreational River,” the Secretary said. “Cooperation produced a highly successful design that helps ensure delivery of water to three states as well as environmental protection of the river.”
To view the nomination prepared by Ted Hall and another Reclamation employee, click here.

Mark Haynes, B.S. 1973 Civil, is with the Safety of Dams Program at the Colorado Division of Water Resources in Denver. (Fall 2005 newsletter) Haynes gave a presentation on January 11th for the Northern Colorado branch of the ASCE, of the revised Dam Safety Regulations that were scheduled to go into effect early this year. Mark is chief of the Safety of Dams Program for the State Engineer’s office and the Colorado Division of Water Resources. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

William O. King, B.S. 1973 Civil Engineering, is the lead mechanical engineer at S&B Engineers & Constructors, Ltd., in Houston. King has been living in Houston since 1976 and has three children and three grandchildren. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Scott Lynn

Scott S. Lynn, B.S. 1973, Civil Engineering received the 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Civil Engineering on Saturday, April 17, 2004. Mr. Lynn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Atkinson Construction, LLC, a heavy and highway construction company serving the United States markets. Previously, he was the President and Chief Executive of Flatiron Structures Company and FCI Constructors, a heavy and highway construction firm active in the US market and the Caribbean. Lynn supervised revenue growth at Flatiron from $5 million in 1982 to approximately $400 million in 2002. After graduating from Colorado State University, he completed an M.S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA at Stanford University. He has served on numerous non-profit boards, and is currently an advisor to Leaders Challenge, a leadership training program for high school seniors in Colorado. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Bruce Meaker, B.S. 1973 Civil Engineering, is working for the Snohomish County Public Utility District in Everett, Washington. Aside from being a great dad, he is currently the senior manager of regulatory affairs leading the relicensing of the 112 MW Jackson Hydroelectric Project. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Professor Marvin Stone, B.S. 1973 Agricultural Engineering, M.S. 1977 Agricultural and Chemical Engineering, was recognized as the recipient of the 2005 Oklahoma State Eminent Faculty Award, the highest distinction given to a faculty member by the University. BAE professor and head at OSU, Ron Elliot, Ph.D. 1981 Agricultural Engineering, made remarks, saying, "Dr. Stone excels in all the academic areas he works in–teaching, research, and service….Marvin Stone is a superb researcher who has demonstrated a consistent and exemplary record of creative accomplishments during his 20-year-plus career at OSU."

Eric Wilkinson, B.S. 1973, Civil Engineering, received the 2007 College of Engineering Honor Alumnus Award on February 10. The awards program recognizes CSU alumni who have distinguished themselves professionally, brought honor to the University, and made significant contributions of time and/or philanthropy to the University or their community. Eric is general manager of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD) and has been a superior leader in the field of water conservation and management, and a tireless proponent of water conservation efforts throughout the state of Colorado. Mr. Wilkinson is a member of numerous committees and boards, including the Colorado Water Congress, the Platte River Project, Colorado River Advisory Council, Colorado Water Conservation Board, the West Foundation, South Platte Water Related Activities Project (SPWRAP), and South Platte Basin Roundtable Interbasin Compact Committee. In March of 2000, the governor of Colorado appointed Mr. Wilkinson the South Platte Basin representative on the Colorado Water Conservation Board. In 2004, he won the General Palmer Award, given annually to the outstanding engineer in industry, from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Mike Applegate, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, has a consulting firm, Applegate Group, Inc. The company has Denver and Loveland offices, and works in all aspects of civil engineering. Mike and his wife Chris have two daughters. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

The president of Lake Mead Membrane Water Treatment Plant is Richard P. Arber, M.S. 1974, Civil Engineering. (Spring 2006 newsletter) The City of La Junta’s New Water Treatment Plant and Denver Water’s New Water Reuse Facility were both honored by the American Council of Engineering Companies at the 2005 Engineering Excellence Awards Competition in November. Richard  P. Arber Associates in Denver provided design services for both of the projects. La Junta’s new water treatment facility produces 6.6 million gallons per day of water, making it the second largest reverse osmosis system in the state. The Denver Water Reuse facility supplies over 17,000 acre-feet of recycled water per year to both irrigation and industrial customers, and it is the largest water reuse plant in Colorado, capable of producing 30 million gallons per day. Richard P. Arber, M.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, serves as president of the company, which was named one of the “2004 Top 50 Firms to Work For” by CE News. (Spring 2005 newslettter)

Rich Asahi, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is currently on assignment as Program Manager for Washington Group International (formerly Morrison Knudsen). This five-year project is with the Department of the Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and is a Job Order Contract for facility renovation, repair, utilities, and new construction for all naval installations in Hawaii. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Steve Bagley, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is the Deputy City Engineer for the City of Greeley. He has worked in the Public Works Department since 1984. Steve is the NSPE National Vice President for the Professional Engineers in Government (PEG) Practice Division. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Rich Brenner, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, has been working for U.S. Sublimation which sells an ink dying process. The company recently sold, and he is looking for his next opportunity. Rich and Kathy have two children, a daughter and a son. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Robert Cardenas, B.S. 1974, M.S. 1979 Civil Engineering, is living in Framingham, Massachusetts, and works for Foster-Miller, Inc.. Foster-Miller’s core business is Research and Development for the Department of Defense. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Clement Dang, B.S. 1974, M.S. 1976 Civil Engineering, works for the Department of Navy at Pearl Harbor. He moved from taking care of waste water treatment to blowing up bombs on the largest UXO clearance project in the world at the Hawaiian island of Kaho’olawe. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Janet Ingles Tsuchiya, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, lives in the California Bay area. Janet has two daughters and has been learning to teach English as a second language. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Ed Jones, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is Executive Vice President of a natural gas exploration, development and production company in Texas, Aurora Gas, LLC. The company is focused on development in the Cook Inlet Basin of Alaska. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

President of Synergetics, Inc., Rajiv Mehta, M.S. 1974 Civil, received the 2006 U.S. Department of Agriculture Group Honor Award on behalf of his company. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Mike Munekiyo, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, and a business partner own a 10-person consulting company, Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc. They do land use feasibility, regulatory permitting and community relations work. Mike, his wife Lori, and their two daughters live in Wailuku, Hawaii. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Steve Nikkel, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is the Plant Manager for Vulcan Chemical in Wichita. Steve and wife Kris have a daughter and son and a new grandson. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Russ Noblett, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, retired from Colorado Interstate Gas and has three daughters. He is currently involved in vintage car racing and has recently acquired a 1959 Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite race car. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

James Norris, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is working at Tutor-Saliba Corporation in Sylmar, California. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Jim Pankonin, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, lives in the Denver area and is Engineering Division Manager for Arapahoe County. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Doug Perks, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Eclipse Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of products and systems for industrial heating and drying applications. He is also the director for three not-for-profit associations and owner of Perks Ranch. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Dennis Petrie, B.S. 1974 Civil, is in planning and analysis with ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company in Texas.

Wayne Preskar, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is working for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Matt Sakurada, B.S. 1974 Civil Engineering, is the President of EmPower Resources, Inc. in North Carolina. Matt is developing energy projects and consulting for small businesses. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Vijay P. Singh, Ph.D. 1974 Civil Engineering, received the 2002 Arid Lands Hydraulic Engineering Award in recognition of his leadership and exceptional research contributions. (Spring 2003 newsletter) The ASCE’s American Academy of Water Resources Engineers recently profiled two esteemed, compassionate water resources engineers, one of which was Vijay Singh, Ph.D., Sc.D., P.E., P.H., Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, editor-in-chief of ASCE’s Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. Singh shares his thoughts on his transition of moving from India to North America, his love of teaching and research, and his passion and vision for a school he founded in his native India that provides secondary education in rural communities. Singh’s extensive volunteerism in the U.S. and abroad earned him a nomination for the Hoover medal. Read the Singh interview.

Gary Thomas, B.S. 1974 Civil, was promoted to president of Martin/Martin, Inc. In addition, his company received an award for structural engineering design from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Walter Trimmer, B.S. 1974 and M.S. 1975 Civil, and Ph.D. 1984 Agricultural Engineering, developed a product called the Weir Tracker (flow volume integrator) and a venturi meter for irrigation pipelines. He still makes the products and also does consulting work on irrigation systems, electronic water monitoring systems, as well as water rights and other civil engineering work. (Fall 2004 newsletter) Walt is consulting as well as teaching in the civil and construction engineering program at Oregon State University in Corvallis. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Steve Gerber, B.S. 1975 Civil, is a senior project manager at HKM Engineering, Inc., in Lander, Wyoming.

Tahir A. Malik, M.S. 1975 Civil Engineering, is currently the Country Manager for Montgomery Watson Harza in Pakistan. Previously Mr. Malik was Chief Engineer in the Irrigations and Power Department for the Government of Punjab and Chief Engineer Advisor/Chairman of the Federal Flood Commission for the Government of Pakistan, and has been awarded the highest service grade available in Pakistan. In response to an article in the Civil Engineering Fall 2004 newsletter regarding the passing of Professor Koloseus, Mr. Malik wrote: “Professor Koloseus taught us Open Channel Hydraulics. He was a great teacher who had full command over his subject. He made the concepts of Open Channel Flow so clear that I have always remained confident about this subject during the subsequent 29 years of my professional career.” (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Thomas Trout, M.S. 1975, Ph.D. 1979 Agricultural Engineering, is the research leader of the USDA-ARS Water Management Research Unit in Fort Collins. He replaced Dale Heerman, M.S. 1964, Ph.D. 1968, Agricultural Engineering, who retired after 38 years with USDA-ARS. Dr. Trout was previously a research leader at Fresno/Parlier, California, where a key program of that group was to find alternatives to soil fumigation with methyl bromide, which was being phased out under international treaty. As a result, a soil fumigation application through drip irrigation systems is currently the primary alternative being used by California’s strawberry industry. This effort won several national awards including the White House Closing the Circle award, the USDA Secretary’s Honor Award, the EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award and the ARS Technology Transfer Award.

Dr. Robert E. Akins, Ph.D. 1976 Civil Engineering, died of cancer on November 3, 2004. Dr. Akins was the Robert Lee Telford Professor of Physics and Engineering at Washington and Lee University, serving on the faculty there for 20 years. He was an expert on the effects and use of wind, as well as an influential community leader. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Lloyd Gronning, M.S. 1976 Civil, is the program manager for Parson’s work for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Currently they have several billion dollars of projects in planning, about $750 million in design, and about $250 million in construction. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Sheng-Yen Hsieh, M.S. 1976 Civil, is the director of the Water Resources Planning and Research Institute in Taiwan. He visited Colorado State in November of 2005 with a Taiwan delegation to continue collaborative opportunity discussions.

Jerson Kelman

Jerson Kelman, Ph.D. 1976 Civil Engineering, and Francisco Gomide, Ph.D. 1975 Civil Engineering, were recently at a meeting hosted by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Kelman is currently the Director General of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) and Gomide was formerly Brazil’s Minister of Energy. (Spring 2005 newsletter) Kelman was a Monfort Professor-In-Residence in March 2004 at Colorado State. During his visit to the University he also delivered a Borland Lecture on Applied Stochastic Hydrology at the 24th Annual Hydrology Days. (Fall 2004 newsletter) In 2003 the inaugural edition of the Hassan II Great World Water Prize was presented to Dr. Kelman for his contribution to the river basin restoration program to develop policies and institutional arrangements in the field of irrigation, hydro-power, water and sanitation.

William Linfield, B.S. 1976 Civil, is the public works director for Silverthorne, Colorado. His wife, Sherry, is a 1980 alumna in home economics. Williams enjoys trail running and mountain climbing. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Carlos Rodrìguez-Amaya, Ph.D. 1976 Civil Engineering, has been working on the navigability project for the Meta River to the southeast of Bogotá, acting as project director as well as the hydrology and hydraulic specialist. The project includes geology, geomorphology and environmental aspects, as well as field work. Victor Ponce, M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1976 Civil Engineering, is also collaborating on the project. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Eric Carleton, B.S. 1977 Civil Engineering, was awarded the Ameri­can Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Award of Merit. This award, with its accompanying honorary title of Fellow, is the highest Society award granted to an individual member for distinguished service and outstanding participation in ASTM technical committee activities. His work in developing and advancing standards to be of maximum value to the consumer, and the engineering and design professions was specifically noted. Carleton is a corporate engineer with Independent Concrete Pipe Company in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Ed Goodman, B.S. 1977 Civil, is the director of marketing and and strategic planning at TST, Inc. Consulting Engineers in Fort Collins.

S. Janakiram, M.S. 1977 Civil Engineering, works in rural develop­ment for World Bank in Washington D.C. He designs and implements rural information systems and works on income generation activities in conflict-affected areas. He recently completed a successful operation in Russia. He is also an executive member of World Bank’s Sustainable Agricultural Systems Knowledge and Institutions (SASKI) thematic group. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Brian Janonis, M.S. 1977 Civil Engineering, was named executive director of Fort Collins Utilities last December. After serving as interim executive director for fie months, Brian was chosen from a national search. The city utilities division oversees water, wastewater, stormwater and electrical power and employs more than 350 people.(Spring 2008 newsletter)

Larry Warner, B.S. 1977 Civil, retired from his state engineering job to work for Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas. Warner was the head of the T-REX project since 1999 and was with the Colorado Department of Transportation for 28 years. Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas is part of the consulting team working on the FasTracks rapid transit program. (2006) The Colorado Performance Excellence (CPEx) program awarded the Timblerline Award to the Transportation Expansion (T-REX) Program in 2004. The Timberline was awarded after the project was evaluated on key management processes including project direction, quality audit program, project controls, public information, contract change control and partnering. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Margaret A. (Peggy) Catlin, B.S. 1978 Civil Engineering, has been named winner of the 2002 Woman of the Year Award by the Colorado Women in Transportation Seminar. Catlin is the deputy executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, where she is responsible for day-to-day management, operation and overall strategic direction of the agency and its 3,100 employees. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Martin Farber, M.S. 1978 Civil, is a senior engineer with the Department of Utilities in Sacremento, California.

A. Ghaheri, M.S. 1978, Ph.D. 1983 Civil Engineering, is the head of the Civil Engineering Department at Iran University of Science and Technology. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Keith Hjelmstad

Keith Hjelmstad, B.S. 1978 Civil Engineering, was appointed by Arizona State University as the new vice president and dean of the College of Technology and Innovation at the Polytechnic campus. His appointment will start July 1, 2008. Keith s currently a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and former associate dean of academic affairs in the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Keith has 25 years of experience in higher education, with more than 10 of those years in administrative roles. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Tissa Illangasekare

Tissa Illangasekare, Ph.D. 1978 Civil, made a presentation at Hydrology Days 2006, "From Laboratory to Field, Intermediate Scale Testing, a Necessary Step." And as the AMAX Distinguished Chair of Environmental Science and Engineering and professor of civil engineering at Colorado School of Mines, he has been chosen by the faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University in Sweden, to receive an honorary doctorate in the area of “Natural Science and Technology.”

Illangasekare was cited as being “a world leading researcher and experimentalist in the water resource area.” He is known for his unique ability to combine innovative scientific theory with precise measurement techniques and innovative experiments. These methods have led to significant progress on a number of different areas of groundwater hydrology. His research has developed theories and models to apply our knowledge of small-scale processes on real, large-scale problems. This is necessary for example to understand the spread of environmental pollution and to rehabilitate them effectively.

Uppsala University’s honorary doctorates are conferred upon individuals who have done outstanding academic work or in some other way promoted research at the university. The title of honorary doctor, doctor honoris causa, is conferred upon academics, primarily from abroad, who have established ties with Swedish academic researchers or other individuals who have not taken a doctorate through academic studies but should clearly be inducted into the research community.

Dr. Ahsan Kareem, Ph.D. 1978 Civil Engineering, chair of the Uni­versity of Notre Dame’s Department of Civil Engineering, specializes in probabilistic structural dynamics, fluid-structure interactions, structural safety and mitigation of natural hazards. His research focuses on the environmental loads of wind, waves and earthquakes on structures, the associated dynamic behavior of the structures and risk management. (Fall 2003 newsletter) Dr. Kareem, Ph.D. 1978 Civil Engineering, was the first recipient of the ASCE Jack E. Cermak Medal in 2003. Dr. Kareem is currently a professor at the University of Notre Dame. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Greg Peters, M.S. 1978 Civil, is a reservoir engineering manager with ExxonMobil Development Company. Greg has a son currently studying mechanical engineering at Colorado State. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Kent Rominger

Chief of the NASA astronaut office, Kent Rominger, B.S. 1978 Civil, has resigned his position and was named vice president of advanced systems for Alliant Techsystems, Inc. and will be based in Magna, Utah. Rominger logged in over 1,600 hours in space, flying as pilot of STS-73 (1995), and STS-80 (1996), and STS-85 (1997), and was crew commander on STS-96 (1999) and STS-100 (2001). Rominger’s missions included two shuttle flights to the International Space Station. Rominger also flew on both the longest and second longest shuttle missions in history. (Fall 2006 newsletter) In 2002, NASA astronaut Kent Rominger, B.S. 1978 Civil Engineering and M.S. 1987 U.S. Naval Postgraduate School received the William E. Morgan Award. Rominger has been commander and pilot on five NASA shuttle missions and has served in a variety of technical assignments in support of NASA’s successful Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs. (2002 newsletter)

Carlos Tucci, Ph.D. 1978 Civil Engineering, has been appointed man­ager of a new Brazil water research fund. Dr. Tucci is a professor at the Institute of Hydraulic Research (IPH) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Abdallah S. Bazaraa

Abdallah S. Bazaraa, Ph.D. 1979 Civil Engineering, has been appointed as the Head of the Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Dr. Bazaraa is also the coordinator of the Shared Water Resources Diploma Program at Cairo University, an interdisciplinary program established in 1998. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Michael J. Moodie, M.S. 1979 Agricultural Engineering, has been designing the electrical distribution, and synchronizing and load sharing for over 50 MW of turbine-generators for a future ship. Michael is a Project Engineer for Northrop Grumman in Virginia. He has a daughter in college and a son in high school. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Ginger Evans, M.S. 1979 Civil Engineering, joined Parsons Corporation as senior vice president for the Aviation Division in December. She will be based in Washington D.C. Ginger has more than 25 years of experience in airport development, design, and construction as well as airport security and operations. She spent eight years as associate director and director of aviation for the Denver Municipal Airport System which included managing the design and construction of Denver International Airport. (Spring 2008 Newsletter)

John F. Scott III, M.S. 1979 and Ph.D. 1983, died at his home on March 16, 2008, in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 1967, John received an academic appointment to the U.S. Military Academy and after serving in the Army, John returned to get his M.S. and Ph.D. at CSU. He was very active in intramural soccer while at CSU and men’s adult hockey in Fort Collins. After graduating, John worked for Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and then formed his own business, Scott Water Engineers. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Anibal Alarcon, M.S. 1980 Civil Engineering, is the President of Ambi­oConsult, a Venezuelan environmental consulting firm. He married Marysabel Smith, also a graduate of CSU, and they have three sons. Mr. Alarcon is a former member of the National Committee for Environmental Regulations, former leader of the “Responsible Care Program” for the chemical industry in Venezuela, former professor at Simon Bolivar University, and an advisor for environmental affairs for the National Federation of Chambers in Venezuela. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Professor Mohammed Y. Al-Ani, M.S. 1980, Ph.D. 1984 Civil Engineering, is now Vice President for Higher Studies and Scientific Research at Al-Mustansyria University in Baghdad. (Spring 2004 newsletter) He started the Environmental Engineering Department there in 1994 and was the department head. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Rick Dennison, B.S. 1980, became the Denver Broncos’ offensive line coach in July 2001. (2002 newsletter)

On August 10, 2006, Kenneth A. Lovelace, M.S. 1980 Civil, passed away. Ken worked for the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in Anchorage, Alaska. From 1989-1991 he served in the Peace Corps in Morocco. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Professor Yoji Shimazaki, Ph.D. 1980 Civil Engineering, gave a seminar titled, “Damping Effects of Tuned Rotary-Mass Damper on the Vibration of a Lighting Pole” at Colorado State University on September 3, 2003. Dr. Shimazaki is currently Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering at Tokai University, Japan. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Thomas Anzia, B.S. 1981 Civil, is the project manager for the North I-25 Environmental Impact Statement being completed for the Colorado Department of Transportation. The project is evaluating tranist and highway improvements for the I-25 corridor from Denver to Fort Collins. Tom recently visited the Civil Engineering Principles I class to discuss his work. Tom is a principal at Felsburg Holt & Ullevig in Centennial, Colorado. The CDOT project manager for the North I-25 project is Dave Martinez, a fellow 1981 civil engineering graduate. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Ronald L. Elliott, Ph.D. 1981 Agricultural Engineering, was named a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

James A Klang, B.S. 1981 Civil Engineering, has over 20 years experience in water quality and watershed management. Prior to joining K&A, Mr Klang was the lead Engineer at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) TMDL program. He was the technical lead for the Minnesota River Summer Low Flow DO TMDL and co-authored the Low Dissolved Oxygen TMDL Protocol at the MPCA. Recently he joined Kieser-Associates as a senior project scientist. James joined K&A after being lead engineer at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Total Maximum Daily Load program.

Alan Leak, B.S. 1981 Civil Engineering is the president of WRC Engineering Inc., in Denver. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Deborah Brink, B.S. 1982, M.S. 1984 Civil Engineering, is the deputy executive director for Water for People in Denver. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Rick Dorris, B.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, is a development engineer for the City of Grand Junction, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Ramon Gomez-Ferrer, M.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, was appointed Director General of the Valencia Port Authority. The Spanish port of Valencia is important to international trade and has been chosen to host the 2007 America Cup.

Mark A McLean, P.E., B.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, Mr. McLean has 20 years of experience in civil engineering focusing on water resources and water rights. Recently he was named by Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. as a key professional. Mark has 20 years of experience in civil engineering focusing on water resources and water rights. Mark joins other CSU civil engineering alumni at Deere & Ault including Daniel Ault, M.S. 1981 Civil, Colby Hayden, B.S. 1984 Civil, Michael Ballantine, B.S. 1978, M.S. 1980 Civil, and Scott Palmer, B.S. 1999 Civil.

Kathleen Hancock, B.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, is an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Geospatial Information Technology at Virginia Tech in Alexandria. Her research interests include the application of spatial analysis and geographic information systems and intelligent mapping for engineering problem solving; freight planning; and highway safety. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Karla Harding

Karla Harding, B.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, retired from CDOT after 26 years. Harding was director of Region 4, overseeing state highway facilities and projects for northeast Colorado, including Larimer and Boulder counties. As reported by the Rocky Mountain News on April 19, 2008, Karla addressed her colleagues stating “we affect lives in transportation. Everything we do, right down to that maintenance guy that got stuck on the cruddy job of cleaning off that delineator. We save lives just remember I am now one of those people whose life you are going to affect.” (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Kurt Rollin, B.S. 1982 Civil Engineering, is a project manager and associate at Tetra Tech RMC in Longmont, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Dr. Riad Elhaj, M.S. 1983, Ph.D. 1985 Civil Engineering, is the assistant vice president of training for Consolidated Contractors Company, one of the largest international con­struction and engineering companies The company’s project types include office buildings, petrochemical plants, waste water treatment facili­ties, and road and highway projects. (Spring 2006 newsletter) Dr. Elhaj was featured by FM Magazine (Facilities Management Magazine), in an article entitled “Follow My Leader.” Elhaj, assistant vice president of Consolidated Contractors International Company, has created a Leadership Training Program and he gives seminars and workshops on various aspects of leadership. He has conducted seminars for nearly 2,000 employees from training zones in Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Africa, Asia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Paul Grover, M.S. 1983 Civil Engineering, works for the consulting engineering firm AMEC in Calgary, Alberta. Most of his time is spent working on water related aspects of oil sands projects in northern Alberta. He misses the warmer temperatures at Colorado’s ski areas! (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Luiz Alberto Küster, M.S. 1983 Civil Engineering, now living in São Paulo, is the energy director of TPI, a Brazilian infrastructure development company. He is also the president of Rio Verde Energia, controlled by TPI, responsible for the 108 MW Salto Hydro Power project with a $250 million U.S. investment. Salto will generate power in December 2009. Luiz reports his daughter Kristie is a M.Sc. student of electrical engineering at TU Dresden, Germany; son Berrnardo is a mechanical engineering student at Universidade Positivo, Brazil; and son Bruno is a B.A. student also at Universidade Positivo. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Maria Patton-Mallory, M.S. 1983 and Ph.D. 1996 Civil, is the USDA Forest Service’s national biomass and bioenergy coordinator. She is also a science and technology fellow assigned to the U.S. Senate. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Robert C. Tedrick, B.S. 1983 and M.S. 1986, Civil, is with the Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division in the Alaska District. He is currently doing some marine concrete specification. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

Dick Wolfe, B.S. 1983, M.S. 1986, Agricultural, Governor Bill Ritter announced last fall that he named Dick Wolfe as Colorado state engineer. Dick filled the vacancy created by the retirement of Hal, B.S. 1967, M.S. 1969 Civil. Prior to this appointment, Dick served as assistant state engineer in the Colorado Division of Water Resources since 2005. He led the South Platte Task Force in examining water issues in the Northeast Colorado Basin and made recommendations on possible solutions to the challenges facing the state’s water users. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

Metin Arslan, M.S. 1984, Ph.D. 1993 Civil Engineering, is a board member of Türk Telecom, where he is advising on the forthcoming privatiza­tion of telecommunications in Turkey. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

William Bellamy, Ph.D. 1984 Civil Engineering, was inducted into the University of Wyoming College of Engineering Hall of Fame in fall 2005. His career in environmental engineer­ing includes working with Texaco and CH2M HILL where he is currently a senior vice president, directing global water technologies. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Peter Brothers, Ph.D. 1984 Civil, is the Dean of Engineering at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. (Fall 2005)

Lisa Goodbee, B.S. 1984 Civil, and her engineering firm, Goodbee and Associates Inc., was featured in the March 27, 2006 issue of the Rocky Mountain News. Goodbee’s 13-employee business, has been involved in nearly every major transportation project underway in the Denver area and all of her employees are former corporate engineers who now telecommute in order to spend time with their families. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Dr. Elizabeth Jones, B.S. 1984 Civil Engineering, is an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Peter Kiewit Institute and lab director for their new I-Cubed laboratory. The Intelligent Transportation Systems Information and Infrastructure Laboratory provides a research-intensive educational environment for students and faculty, supporting basic research in traffic flow theory, human factors, communications, and computer/machine image processing. Major equipment in the lab includes an Autoscope Solo Pro system for traffic control and monitoring, NEMA and 170 traffic controllers, global positioning satellite systems, a mobile traffic data collection van with Autoscope Solo Pro cameras mounted on a 42-foot extend­able mast and a trailer for communication of video and data over an 802.11b network with a range of over 5 miles. More information about Dr. Jones and the I-Cubed Lab can be found at (Fall 2003 newsletter)

David Nettles, M.S. 1984 Agricultural Engineering, is assistant division engineer with the Division of Water Resources in Greeley, Colorado. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Dr. Shen-Hsien Chen, M.S. 1985 Civil Engineering, received the CSU Distinguished Alumni Award, College of Engineering Honor Alumnus. Dr. Chen has been the director general of Taiwan’s Water Resource Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs since 2003. He and his agency have worked closely with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Colorado State University. The Water Resources Agency and the Bureau of Reclamation jointly founded the establishment and operation of the Hydroscience and Training Center in the civil and environmental engineering department in 2005. (Spring 2008 newsletter)

José Amundaray, B.S. 1985 Civil Engineering, received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Geotechnical Engineering at Purdue University in 1994. He now owns a consulting comapny and teaches at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Jeffery P. Bauman, M.S. 1985 Civil Engineering, was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Williams Environmental Services, Inc., Stone Mountain, Georgia in December 2003. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Van E. Komurka, M.S. 1985 Civil Engineering, was recently named treasurer for the Wisconsin section of the American Society of Civil Engineers for 2004. He currently works in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, at Wagner Komurka Geotechnical Group, Inc., of which he is one of the founders. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Kent Mao

Kent Mao, M.S. 1985 and Ph.D. 1990 Civil , was featured in the Snohomish County Business Journal in a May 2006 article titled "The China Connection." Dr. Mao met with China’s president Hu Jintao. Founder, chairman, and CEO of North America Industrial Investment Co. Ltd., in Seattle, Mao specializes in fostering international trade. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Dan Overton, B.S. 1985 Civil, was named an ASCE Fellow. Dan is with Tetra Tech, Inc., in Fort Collins and is past president of the ASCE Northern Colorado Branch. (Fall 2007 newsletter)

Jose Raynal

José A. Raynal-Villaseñor, Ph.D. 1985 Civil Engineering, is a full professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico. (Spring 2005 newsletter) Raynal was elected to Mexico´s Academy of Sciences in 2002. He is a member of Mexico´s Academy of Engineering since 1985 and is the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Universidad de las Américas-Puebla in Mexico. (Fall 2003 newsletter) Recently he received the Francisco Torres-Herrera Award from the National Hydraulics Association of Mexico at its 2010 bi-annual conference. Raynal-Villasenor was honored for his more than 30 years career and for his outstanding contributions to the practice of hydraulics.

Henry H. Smith, Ph.D. 1985 Civil, is Vice Provost for Research and Public Service at the University of the Virgin Islands. (Fall 2005)

Leighton Cochran, M.S. 1986 Ph.D. 1992 Civil Engineering, is senior associate with CPP Inc., wind engineering and airflow consultants, in Fort Collins. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Scott Crail, B.S. 1986 Agricultural Engineering, is a vice president with Delphi Control Systems, Inc., in Pomona, California. (Fall 2006 newsletter)

Luc Janin

Luc Janin, Ph.D. 1986 Civil Engineering, can identify with CSU’s “Knowledge to Go Places” motto. Several years after Janin left Colorado State, he joined a European management consultancy firm, based in Paris, to work on a future fighter-aircraft project, for what he thought would be a six month assignment before returning to Scripps; against all odds he stayed there to get involved in Strategy consulting, and become the Director of Innovation and Strategic Marketing. At the end of 1998, he accepted a position in the French office of PDI, a global leader in helping multinationals improve their performance and achieve strategic results through people. He took over their Strategic Performance Modeling practice area for Europe. A year later they asked him to take over the French activities as Managing Director; and in 2002, nominated him Vice President, Deputy Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) thus responsible for co-leading the effort to develop the EMEA market. As a consultant, Janin leads large PDI assignments, helping clients define competencies that support future strategies. When not working abroad, he lives in Paris with his wife Pat, and their two sons. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Dr. Simon Lorentz, M.S. 1986, Ph.D. 1995 Agricultural Engineering, is a professor of Process Hydrology in the School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. On April 14, 2005, Dr. Lorentz gave a seminar at Colorado State entitled Process Hydrology Research in South Africa with an Emphasis on Quantifying Low Flows. (Fall 2005)

Margaret Matter, M.S. 1986 Agricultural Engineering, made a Hydrology Days 2006 presentation in the Climate and Hydrology session with Drs. Luis Garcia and Darrell Fontane. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Peter G. McCornick, MS 1986, Ph.D. 1989 Agricultural Engineering, was recently appointed as the director of the Asia region for the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). He, his wife Miriam (Social Work, 1999) and daughter, Mak’da, relocated to New Delhi, India in August. Their son, Sean, is studying at the University of South Carolina. Prior to this relo­cation, Peter was based in Washington D.C. as a seconder from IWMI to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Sue Morea, M.S. 1986 Civil Engineering, is project manager on the $2.7 million Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) Project. The overall objective of the project is to help Colorado maintain an adequate water supply for its citizens and the environment. Ms. Morea is employed at Camp Dresser and McKee in Denver. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

William Winter, B.S. 1986 Civil Engineering, is a recruiter for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

John H. Baionno, B.S. 1987 Civil Engineering, is a project manager with Tri-State Engineers and Land Surveyors in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. John is married and has been coaching his two children’s soccer and baseball teams. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Carl Baylor, B.S. 1987, Civil is a structural engineer at Washington Group International, Inc., in Englewood, Colorado. He recently attended a shake table demonstration at CSU’s Engineering Research Center. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Mahendra Gurung, M.S. 1987 Civil Engineering, is now the Under Secretary at the Ministry of Water Resources in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Fred Ogden, B.S. 1987, M.S. 1989, Ph.D. 1992 Civil Engineering, made a presentation at Hydrology Days “Simple-Scaling of Flood Quan­tiles in a Small Hortonian Research Watershed: Higher Order Moments and the Effect of Record Length.” (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Cindy Paulson, M.S. 1987 Civil Engineering, is Brown and Caldwell National Practice leader in water resources. Brown and Caldwell is a leading national consulting firm in water and environmental engineering. Congratulations, Cindy, on your fine professional achievements. (Fall 2004 newsletter)

Jaeeung Yi, M.S. 1987, Ph.D. 1996 Civil, is an Associate Professor, Division of Environment, Construction and Transportation Engineering, at Ajou University in Korea. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Janet Adams, B.S. 1988 Civil Engineering, manages the largest, high-profile project in Caltrans’ history – the $2.9 billion replacement of the Bay Bridge’s eastern span. Ms. Adams was recently profiled in the Contra Costa Times. (Spring 2004 newsletter)

Paul Fischer, Paul Fischer, B.S. 1988 Civil Engineering, Associate Vice President at Burns & McDonnell, received the George Warren Fuller Award, given annually by the American Water Works Association to individuals who have provided outstanding leadership, displayed sound engineering skill and made a significant contribution toward the advancement of the water works practice within the association. (Fall 2004 newsletter) Paul has been promoted to Vice President at Burns & McDonnell Engineering. A 17-year firm vetran, Fischer has led the Denver office for three years as a regional manager and is currently leading efforts on the city of Thornton’s Columbine Water Treatment Plant expansion. (Fall 2005 newsletter)

Dan Gessler

Dan Gessler, Dan Gessler, B.S. 1988, M.S. 1993, Ph.D. 1995 Civil Engineering, was promoted to Principal and Owner by Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. on Dec. 11, 2009. Dr. Gessler, who heads Alden’s Fort Collins, Colo. office, will be a practicing principal as he continues his hands-on role with physical and numeric modeling projects while providing leadership in the company’s hydraulics and fish passage areas.

Dr. Gessler will lead Alden’s renowned program in hydraulic modeling, including sedimentation, erosion, and fish passage studies. Dr. Gessler has 18 years of numeric and physical modeling experience, including work on numerous hydroelectric projects. Dr. Gessler, a recipient of B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Colorado State University, has been Director of Colorado Operations since Alden opened its Fort Collins office in 2008. To visit Dr. Gessler website, click here.

Dr. Jeffery P. Holland

Dr. Jeffery P. Holland became the director of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and the director of research and development (R&D) and chief scientist for the Army Corps of Engineers on Jan. 1.

As ERDC director, Holland will manage one of the most diverse research organizations in the world, with seven laboratories located in four states and more than 2,500 employees, $1.2 billion in facilities and an annual program exceeding $1.5 billion. He will be located at the center’s headquarters in Vicksburg, Miss.

To view the full news release from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about Holland’s appointment, click here.

Robert Houghtalen, Ph.D. 1988 Agricultural Engineering, is a professor and department head of civil engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. (Fall 2006 newsletter) The ASCE’s American Academy of Water Resources Engineers recently profiled two esteemed, compassionate water resources engineers, one of which was Robert Houghtalen, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE. Houghtalen and his wife, Judy, spent 2007-2008 on a sabbatical doing humanitarian work in Sudan, which won them the Rose-Hulman Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award. Their experiences led them to return to Sudan in December 2009 to pursue their work full time. Houghtalen reflected in his interview on his tenure at Rose-Hulman, his current work in Sudan and his hopes for the region. Read the Houghtalen interview.

Doug Koskie, B.S. 1988 Civil Engineering, is the general manager of the North American crude oil supply for Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company in San Antonio, Texas. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Dr. David Molden, B.S. 1982, Ph.D. 1988 a graduate of Colorado State University (M. Sc. And Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Class of 1988), and current Deputy Director General of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Sri Lanka, has received the CGIAR Award for Outstanding Scientist, which was presented yesterday at the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) in Montpellier, France.

In a speech on World Water Day (March 22) last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned listeners about the water crisis facing two thirds of the world’s countries and the importance of water management in combating water scarcity. In large part due to David Molden’s leadership, policy makers around the world now have concrete policy options for ensuring global food security over the next 50 years.

Molden has brought issues of water scarcity to global prominence on the political and policy management stages and is responsible for bringing water productivity as a concept to the forefront of the quest to feed a growing global population. Under his leadership, Molden coordinated the “Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture,” a study conducted by over 1,000 researchers which serves as a benchmark for researchers grappling with water management issues in agriculture.

Ronald Yoder, Ph.D. 1988 Agri­cultural Engineering, is the head of the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at University of Nebraska at Lincoln. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Professor Mohamed Abdel- motaleb, M.S. 1989, Ph.D. 1993 Civil Engineering, is now the direc­tor of the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) in Egypt. The WRRI performs studies, designs projects, studies Nile Basin projects, create strategies and policies for sustainable use of water resources and contributes to major national projects. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

Seok-Ku Ko

On July 26, 2002, Dr. Seok-Ku Ko, Ph.D. 1989 Civil Engineering, returned to Colorado State University to receive a distinguished alumnus award from the University. Dr. Ko is pictured receiving his award alongside his wife, Cho-Ok Im. Since his graduation from Colorado State in 1989, Seok-Ku Ko has risen through the ranks of the Korea Water Resources Corporation (KOWACO) and was appointed as the President of KOWACO last year. KOWACO is the major water agency in Korea responsible for development and management of Korea’s water resources. The organization employs 3,500 people and has an annual budget of $2 billion. President Ko is widely regarded in Korea as an outstanding water resources engineer and as a national leader in the development of the water resources of his country. His accomplishments bring great honor to our Department and the University. (Spring 2003 newsletter)

After graduation, Michael Morse, B.S. 1989 Civil Engineering, worked as a project manager with RBF Engineering for 10 years. He earned an MBA from California State University, Fullerton, and then went on to complete his masters degree in Real Estate Development at USC. He is currently vice president of con­struction engineering for The Irvine Company, a large real estate devel­opment company in Orange County, California, that develops master planned communities. Michael and his wife are expecting their second son in March 2006. (Spring 2006 newsletter)

Gabriel P. Sabadell, Ph.D. 1989 Civil Engineering, is a principal with TSC Group, Inc. in Arvada, Colorado. (Spring 2005 newsletter)

Paulo Afonso Silva, M.S. 1989 Civil Engineering, is working at Codevasf, a federal government agency in Brazil dealing with the development of the Sao Francisco river valley. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

Kumaraswamy Sivakumaran, Ph.D. 1989, graduated from the West Virginia University College of Law with a J.D. degree in May 2001. (2002 newsletter) Kumaraswamy “Kumar” received the Kaufman Award for two years running (2004 and 2005) for the State of West Virginia. The Kaufman Award is awarded annually to the individual attorney who has done the most pro bono work for civil legal services for low income citizens. Kumar donated over 520 pro bono hours during the past four years and has worked on many complicated domestic relations cases. (Spring 2007 newsletter)

David Thaemert, B.S. 1989 Agricultural Engineering, is working on his Ph.D. and working on research at the Stream Institute, University of Louisville. His focus is stream restoration. (Fall 2006 newsletter) In 2003, Thaemert worked with the Fort Collins office of Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc., as a senior water resource engineer and project manager. (Fall 2003 newsletter)

John Withers, B.S. 1989 Civil Engineering, is president of Geotechnical Engineering Group, Inc., in Grand Junction, Colorado. (Spring 2006 newsletter)