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Systems Engineering provides both a framework and a rigorous theoretical underpinning for the design and management of complex engineering systems.  The development of systematic design and management processes, and integrating appropriate tools from varied disciplines, is at the heart of our Systems Engineering program.

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SE Professor’s Net-Zero Energy Emissions Systems Research Published to Science

CSU Author: Thomas Bradley, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University View the full author list here. Path to zero carbon emissions Models show that to avert dangerous levels of climate change, global carbon dioxide emissions must fall to zero later this century. Most of these emissions arise from energy use. Davis et al. review what...


SE’s South Denver Campus Propels Career Goals of Recent Graduate

Josh Panning, a recent graduate from the Engineering distance MS program, made extensive use of the South Denver campus to access face-to-face classes at his workplace, United Launch Alliance. Now, he has a new job title and is off to new career heights!


Systems Engineering Continues Growth with New Faculty and New Projects

The Systems Engineering Program welcomes our new faculty member, Dr. Steve Simske! Dr. Simske, an HP Fellow who has been working with the School of Biomedical Engineering for years, joined Systems Engineering in January and is eager to bring his industry experience to our program.

The Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering holds its 2017 All-College Meeting. November 14, 2017

SE’s Associate Director Recognized for Faculty Excellence

Systems Engineering’s Associate Director, Dr. Thomas Bradley, has been recognized by the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering 2017 Faculty & Staff Awards with the Faculty Excellence Award. This is given to a faculty member that has demonstrated contributions in teaching, research, and service, and has great potential for continued significant contributions to the academic...

The Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering holds its 2017 All-College Meeting. November 14, 2017
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Systems Engineering Welcomes New Faculty Member

The Systems Engineering Program is delighted to announce Dr. James Cale has joined us as a new faculty member! He will be teaching a new experimental course, Coupled Electromechanical Systems, in the Fall 2017 semester, and brings industry expertise from his tenure at NREL. Read more here.

Mir dream sts76
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