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Next Info Session: Online Master's Program (M.E., M.S.)

Learn more about completing a master’s program online. This info session will discuss the online master’s student experience and application tips. 

When: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 | 5 – 6 p.m. 

Where: Zoom (registration below)

Who: All prospective online master’s students are invited to attend!


Previous Info Sessions

Watch: Our recorded Zoom session for online master’s programs (recorded February 9, 2022)

00:00 Introduction

04:19 Our department’s story

05:52 What makes our department unique?

10:14 How does CSU Online relate to CSU?

11:43 Our master’s programs: Master of Science (M.S.) v. Master of Engineering (M.E.)

16:04 M.S. Degree Options – Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (capstone project)

18:42 Application info & tips

24:15 Application fee waiver info

25:50 Online student resources & funding

32:39 Q&A

On-Campus Master's & Ph.D. Info Session
Play Video about On-Campus Master's and Ph.D. Programs Info Session | Nov. 10, 2021

Watch: Our recorded Zoom session for on-campus master’s and Ph.D. programs (recorded November 10, 2021)

00:00 Introduction from Dr. Tom Bradley

02:25 What is systems engineering?

06:18 Our Master’s Programs: M.E. v. M.S.

10:21 Ph.D. Program

12:45 Research and Funding Opportunities Intro

15:08 Dr. Tom Bradley’s Research Opportunities

16:38 Dr. Erika Miller’s Research Opportunities

19:55 Dr. Dan Herber’s Research Opportunities

24:36 Dr. Steve Conrad’s Research Opportunities

28:01 Additional Student Funding

30:11 Application Information and Tips

36:25 Application Fee Waiver

38:08 Graduate Student Experience

41:33 Q&A

Application Fee Waiver

If you attend an information session, or watch a recording of a previous one (see above), and you meet the below criteria, you can receive a waiver of the normal application fee. Steps to receive the application fee waiver are discussed during the info session. Note that we cannot waive your fee until your application is submitted, with all required supplementary materials already received (i.e. fully complete except the payment).

Systems Engineering applicants meeting all the following criteria can receive a waiver of the normal application fee:

  • Applying to an online master’s program, on-campus master’s program, or on-campus PhD program
  • Have attended or viewed an SE information session 
  • Are not eligible for an application fee waiver through the Graduate School
  • Meet all minimum application requirements (i.e. 3.0 GPA, math prerequisites, etc.)

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