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On-Campus Programs (M.E., M.S., Ph.D.)
Learn about completing your program on-campus. This info session will discuss funded research opportunities.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | 5 - 6 p.m. MT
Online Master's Programs (M.E., M.S.)
Learn about completing a master's program online. This info session will discuss the online master's student experience and application tips.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | 5 - 6 p.m. MT
Application Fee Waiver

Those who attend an information session can receive a waiver of the normal application fee. Steps to receive the application fee waiver will be discussed during the info session. Note that we cannot waive your fee until your application is submitted, with all required supplementary materials already received (i.e. fully complete except the payment).

Systems Engineering applicants meeting all the following criteria can receive a waiver of the normal application fee:

  • Applying to an online master’s program, on-campus master’s program, or on-campus PhD program
  • Have attended an SE information session or watched a recorded session
  • Are not eligible for an application fee waiver through the Graduate School
  • Meet all minimum application requirements (i.e. 3.0 GPA, math prerequisites, etc.)

Previous Info Sessions

On-Campus Master's Virtual Info Session
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Watch: Our recorded Zoom session for on-campus master’s programs (recorded January 12, 2021)

Watch: Our recorded Zoom session for online master’s programs (recorded January 26, 2021)

Systems engineers are big-picture thinkers and innovators.

Systems engineers are trained to think in terms of the whole system.

How does this work? Take a car for example. Mechanical engineers work on the engine and other mechanisms; electrical engineers work on the wiring; computer engineers might work on the programs that allow the car to run. All of these pieces are the machine itself, we haven’t even gotten into the user experience yet!

None of these things alone constitutes a car. This is where a systems engineer comes in. They work to integrate each individual system to develop the system of systems – or, the car in this example.

Join Us.

Systems Engineering at Colorado State University is about developing integrative solutions to the world's most complex problems.