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About Us

Systems Engineering at CSU is a program of research and scholarly innovation seeking to develop solutions to the most difficult technical, economic, environmental, and social challenges.

As a student in one our programs, you will have access to decades of combined faculty experience and will develop in-demand industry skills.

We work closely with our industry and government partners to develop new systems engineering research, and to establish a collective capability to engineer systems in aerospace, energy, civil, and social applications.

Department Timeline


We conducted an extensive industry survey conducted with over 600 responses to help identify the need for Systems Engineering and specifically what areas we needed to focus on in our future Systems Engineering program.


After nine years of rapid growth and interest in the program, we became an official department! The Doctorate of Engineering (D.Eng.) was added as a new, applied doctoral option.


CSU’s Systems Engineering program began in 2008 with the initial offering of a Master of Engineering (M.E.) with a specialization in Systems Engineering.


We now have over 200 graduate students studying all aspects of systems engineering science and applications. We currently have 12 core faculty, and 29 associated faculty from across CSU’s relevant departments and programs.


In 2010, the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Systems Engineering were offered on-campus.

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Come be part of the future of systems engineering!

Our Mission

“To be the world’s premier systems engineering program” – Ronald M. Sega, founding Director.

We are dedicated to serving students with an interdisciplinary, comprehensive education that is accessible and customizable. 

Our curriculum provides the foundation for a lifetime of creative and rigorous systems-thinking and cultivates students into adaptable and successful scholars and professionals. 

We strive to conduct innovative and pragmatic team-based research to solve the most complex and challenging problems facing the human condition. 

The Department invests in employees through inclusion and empowerment to realize personal and professional excellence. 

We seek to serve our local, national, and global society through scholarly engagement with industrial, governmental, and public stakeholders.

Systems Engineering at Colorado State University is about developing integrative solutions to the world's most complex problems.