Graduate Certificate - Systems Engineering Practice

A flexible program introducing you to the systems engineering discipline and with hands-on experience applying systems thinking to real-world problems.

Program Summary

Students may apply for and complete just the certificate, or may apply for both the certificate and a degree program (separate applications, but can be completed in the same semester). This allows students to start with the certificate and continue on to a more advanced degree.

  • Requires 12 credits of graduate work
  • All credits must be earned at Colorado State University. There are no course waivers or substitutions for certificates.
  • No courses completed while enrolled in an undergraduate degree program may be used toward the certificate, unless specifically excluded from the student’s undergraduate degree requirements through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students must be enrolled in the certificate program the semester in which they complete their final certificate course requirements; a student cannot be back-awarded a certificate. If a student completes all four required courses prior to being admitted, they are ineligible for the certificate.

You can earn your M.E. online or on-campus. 

Visit CSU Online to learn more about completing your M.E. online.

Certificate Curriculum

SYSE 501 – Foundations of Systems Engineering (3 cr.)

SYSE 530 – Overview of Systems Engineering Processes (3 cr.)

ENGR 531 – Engineering Risk Analysis (3 cr.)

And one of:
ENGR 502 – Engineering Project Management and Program Management (3 cr.), previously MECH 501
CIS 600A – Information Technology and Project Management (3 cr.)
CIS 670 – Advanced IT Project Management (3 cr.)

Course descriptions and expected offerings are available on the Courses page.

Admission Deadlines

Fall admission

Application materials due by July 1

Spring admission

Application materials due by November 1