Graduate Certificate - Systems Engineering Practice

A flexible program introducing you to the systems engineering discipline and with hands-on experience applying systems thinking to real-world problems.

Four programs aimed at preparing you to engage skillfully with complex systems

Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Practice

This certificate will give you key competencies needed to skillfully practice within complex systems. It prepares engineers in aerospace technology, energy, biosciences, environmental resources, and other fields to lead systems engineering development from concept creation through the system lifecycle. Those who finish SYSE 501 with at least a B+ (87%) in the course can bypass the INCOSE knowledge exam for either ASEP certification or CSEP certification.

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Human Systems Integration Graduate Certificate

All complex technical systems must contend with the human factor. This is an interdisciplinary certificate focused on the intricate relationships among people, technology, and the environment. Gain the skills necessary to create efficient, user-friendly, and safe systems with a mind toward human users and stakeholders. Choose a data-centric or AR/VR course path to tailor your expertise. You'll be prepared to tackle the evolving challenges of technology-driven industries, becoming an asset in systems engineering, design, and human-computer interaction.

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Systems Security Graduate Certificate

Learn to enhance the security of complex systems with this certificate. You'll gain the skills to analyze, implement, measure, validate, and verify security properties. Key topics include threat analysis, risk assessment, networking, physical security, information system security, and operational technology security. This program combines cybersecurity for systems engineers with networking concepts, manufacturing, supply chains, system modeling, and policy development. It emphasizes attention to cyber-physical systems, such as Controller Area Networks (CAN bus) as seen in vehicles and industrial systems. Completing this certificate makes you a vital resource for companies needing robust security programs and innovative approaches to modern threats.

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Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Graduate Certificate

Learn how to apply formalized computer modeling to support systems engineering activities such as requirements identification, design, analysis, and verification & validation. Work directly with key software tools like Magic Systems of Systems Architect, Vensim, MATLAB, and Simulink. You'll build competency in both systems modeling and technical system architecting, aligning with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework.

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Program Summary

Students may apply for and complete just the certificate, or may apply for both the certificate and a degree program (separate applications, but can be completed in the same semester). This allows students to start with the certificate and continue on to a more advanced degree.

  • Requires 12 credits of graduate work
  • All credits must be earned at Colorado State University. There are no course waivers or substitutions for certificates.
  • No courses completed while enrolled in an undergraduate degree program may be used toward the certificate, unless specifically excluded from the student’s undergraduate degree requirements through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students must be enrolled in the certificate program the semester in which they complete their final certificate course requirements; a student cannot be back-awarded a certificate. If a student completes all four required courses prior to being admitted, they are ineligible for the certificate.

You can earn your certificate online or on-campus. 

Visit CSU Online to learn more about completing your program online.

Certificate Curriculum

SYSE 501 – Foundations of Systems Engineering (3 cr.)

SYSE 530 – Overview of Systems Engineering Processes (3 cr.)

ENGR 531 – Engineering Risk Analysis (3 cr.)

And one of:
ENGR 502 – Engineering Project Management and Program Management (3 cr.), previously MECH 501
CIS 600A – Information Technology and Project Management (3 cr.)
CIS 670 – Advanced IT Project Management (3 cr.)

Course descriptions and expected offerings are available on the Courses page.

Admission Deadlines

Fall admission

Application materials due by July 1

Spring admission

Application materials due by November 1