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Details on Course Info Tables:

  • ** = Included in the Systems Engineering Core (four courses). Choose ENGR 502 or CIS 600 or CIS 670.
  • Prerequisites: Consent of instructor is implied whether so stated or not. Prerequisites may be met by presenting evidence of credits earned in equivalent courses or by demonstrating knowledge equivalent to indicated prerequisites.
  • Offerings: Course offerings are estimated; there is no guarantee a course will be held for any given semester.







For elective requirements on the ME, MS, or a 72-credit doctoral degree’s ‘technical elective’ spaces, any course on our suggested elective list may be used. Please note the 42-credit Ph.D. and the 42-credit D.Eng. program do not include space for electives from this list. The ‘Applied’ and ‘Professional’ elective spaces on the DEng program cannot be chosen from this general list.

For those with general elective spaces in their program, this list is not exhaustive. If you find a graduate-level technical course that pertains to your professional goals and/or the systems engineering field, please contact the SE program to check if it may apply as an elective.

Please email for questions pertaining to coursework or advising.