Upcoming Semester Course Lists

These semester course lists provide an overview of the upcoming courses.

For a more detailed description of each course, please look at the complete course list on the Course Offerings page

Fall 2022 Courses

TitleSubject#PrereqsDay (all courses offered 5:15 – 8:00 p.m.)ProfessorNotes
Foundations of Systems Engineering SYSE501MondayDr. Gregory MarzolfFinishing this course with at least a B+ allows you to bypass the INCOSE knowledge exam for ASEP or CSEP certification.
Engineering Data Design and VisualizationSYSE541STAT 301 or equivalentMondayDr. Erika MillerCredit cannot be earned for both SYSE 541 and ENGR 580A5
Quantitative Behavioral ModelingENGR581A6STAT 301 or equivalentMondayDr. Steve ConradNewer course: first offered last Fall
Systems Engineering ArchitectureSYSE567SYSE 501 or concurrent or instructor permissionMondayDr. Dan Herber
Engineering Project and Program ManagementENGR502TuesdayProf. Ann Batchelor
Dynamics of Complex SystemsSYSE532SYSE 501 or concurrentTuesdayDr. Kamran Eftekhari Shahroudi
Coupled Electromechanical SystemsENGR570ECE 202 (Circuit Theory Applications) or ECE 204 (Introduction to Electrical Engineering) or equivalentTuesdayDr. Jim Cale
AR/VR Environmental Realism for SESYSE581A1STAT 301 or equivalent or MECH 231 (Engineering Experimentation)TuesdayDr. Marie VansNew course!
Leadership/Innovation in Systems Engineering *D.Eng. Students onlySYSE710TuesdayDr. Tom BradleyD.Eng. students only
Overview of Systems Engineering ProcessesSYSE530STAT 301 or equivalentWednesdayDr. Jeremy Daily
Analytics in Systems EngineeringSYSE571STAT 301 or equivalentWednesdayDr. Steve Simske
Development of Aerospace Actuation SystemsSYSE580A3ECE 331 or ECE 341 or ECE 342 or MECH 307 or MECH 324 or MECH 325 (previous experience with engineering systems) or equivalent/instructor permissionWednesdayDr. Kamran Eftekhari ShahroudiNewer course: first offered last Fall
Transitions in Energy SystemsSYSE581A2WednesdayDr. Tim CoburnNew course!
Engineering Optimization: Method/ApplicationENGR510MATH 229 & MATH 261 (Matrices/Linear Equations & Calculus III) or equivalent – review provided during the courseThursdayDr. Dan Herber
Simulation Modeling and ExperimentationMECH513STAT 301 or equivalentThursdayDr. Steve ConradOffered for the first time in 3 years
Engineering Risk AnalysisENGR531STAT 301 or equivalentThursdayTBD
Space Mission Analysis and DesignSYSE580A4MATH 340 or MATH 345 (differential equations)ThursdayDr. Jim AdamsNew course!
Systems Engineering RequirementsSYSE602SYSE 501 & SYSE 530ThursdayProf. Ann Batchelor


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