Recent Publications

Recent Journal Publications

Updated: Jan. 2024

Ahmed, H., & Miller, E. E. (2023). Quantifying the Economic Impact on Farmers from Agricultural Machinery: A Case Study of Farmers in Sudan. World, 4(2), 347-359.

Aliebrahimi, S., & Miller, E. E. (2023). Effects of cybersecurity knowledge and situation awareness during cyberattacks on autonomous vehicles. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 96, 82-91.

Allison, J. T., Zalkind, D. S., & Herber, D. R. (2024). Open-Loop Control Co-Design of Semisubmersible Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Using Linear Parameter-Varying Models. Journal of Mechanical Design146, 041704-1.

Anderson, W., & Simske, S. (2023). Forensic Identification of Environmental Sensors Through Challenge-Based Biometrics. IEEE Sensors Journal.

Azad, S., & Herber, D. R. (2023). An Overview of Uncertain Control Co-Design Formulations. Journal of Mechanical Design, 1-20.

Birch, D., Miller, E., & Bradley, T. (2023). Human Reliability Analysis using a Human Factors Hazard Model. Journal of System Safety, 58(2), 7-29.

Birch, D. S., Narsinghani, J., Herber, D., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). Human factors hazard modeling in the systems modeling language. Systems Engineering26(3), 328-343.

Boakye, K., Fenton, K., & Simske, S. (2023). Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict CO2 Using a Cement Manufacturing Historic Production Variables Dataset: A Case Study at Union Bridge Plant, Heidelberg Materials, Maryland. Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 7(6), 199.

Cabrera, M. A., & Simske, S. (2023). Project Lifecycle Development for a Next Generation Space Suit Project. INSIGHT, 26(2), 57-65.

Chellin, M. D., & Miller, E. E. (2023). Proactive Obsolescence Management Methods for C5ISR Systems: Insights from Practitioners. Defense Acquisition Research Journal: A Publication of the Defense Acquisition University, 30(1).

Elhadeedy, A., & Daily, J. (2023). Using Ethernet or A Wireless Harness and Named Data Networking in Autonomous Tractor-Trailer Communication (No. 2023-01-0924). SAE Technical Paper.

Fenton, K., Simske, S., & Luu, J. (2023). Mitigation of chemical reporting liabilities through systematic modernization of chemical hazard and safety data management systems. ACS omega, 8(5), 4928-4936.

Herber, D. R., Dierker, D., & Patnaik, S. S. (2023, January). Advancing model-based engineering through improved integration of domain-specific simulation and analysis using SysML-based models for unmanned aerial vehicles. In AIAA 2023 Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, AIAA 2023-0256, National Harbor, MD, USA. doi: 10.2514/6.2023-0256.

Herber, D. R., & Eftekhari-Shahroudi, K. (2023, September). Building a requirements digital thread from concept to testing using model-based structured requirements applied to thrust reverser actuation system development. In Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components, Toulouse, France.

Hunu, K., Conrad, S. A., & DePue, M. (2023). Accounting for climate change in the water infrastructure design: evaluating approaches and recommending a hybrid framework. Journal of Water and Climate.

Huss, M., Herber, D. R., & Borky, J. M. (2023). Comparing Measured Agile Software Development Metrics Using an Agile Model-Based Software Engineering Approach versus Scrum Only. Software2(3), 310-331.

Huss, M., Herber, D. R., & Borky, J. M. (2023). An Agile Model-Based Software Engineering Approach Illustrated through the Development of a Health Technology System. Software2(2), 234-257.

Ikumapayi, O., Olufowobi, H., Daily, J., Hu, T., Bertolotti, I. C., & Bloom, G. (2023). CANASTA: Controller Area Network Authentication Schedulability Timing Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

Keets, L., Boscan, P., Arakaki, L., Schraeder, B., Tornatzky, C., Vans, M., Jiang, W., & Rao, S. (2023). Interactive Virtual Reality with Educational Feedback Loops to Train and Assess Veterinary Students on the Use of Anesthetic Machine. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, e20220140.

Keets, L., Boscan, P., Tornatzky, C., Vans, M., Jiang, W., & Mama, K. (2023). Anesthesia machine training using virtual reality. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 50(1), e111-e112.

Keogh, J. G., Simske, S., & Manning, L. (2023). Global Food Chain Traceability—Reflections on the Past, Present, and Insights into Future Directions. SUPPLY CHAIN,

Ketkale, H., & Simske, S. (2023). A LifeCycle Analysis and Economic Cost Analysis of Corrugated Cardboard Box Reuse and Recycling in the United States. Resources, 12(2), 22.

Ketkale, H., & Simske, S. (2023). Demographic Considerations in Incenting Reuse of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes. Sustainability, 15(15), 11600.

Kleinwaks, H. , Batchelor, A., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). An Ontology for Technical Debt in Systems Engineering. IEEE Open Journal of Systems Engineering.

Kleinwaks, H., Batchelor, A., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). Predicting the Dynamics of Earned Value Creation in the Presence of Technical Debt. IEEE Access, 11, 125381-125395.

Kleinwaks, H., Batchelor, A., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). Technical debt in systems engineering—A systematic literature review. Systems Engineering.

Kukkala, V. K., & Pasricha, S. (Eds.). (2023). Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems. Springer Nature.

Kurtz, J., Bradley, T., & Gilleon, S. (2024). Hydrogen station prognostics and health monitoring model. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 49, 287-302.

Mansourifar, H., & Simske, S. J. (2023). Towards CGAN-based Satellite Image Synthesis with Partial Pixel-Wise Annotation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.11175.

Mohan, V., & Simske, S. J. (2023). Cross-sensor vision system for maritime object detection. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10, 331.

Nguyen, F. B. T., Grigg, N., & Valdes-Vasquez, R. (2023). Electric utility construction: Causes and types of field change orders. The Electricity Journal, 36(8), 107332.

Nickkar, A., Pourfalatoun, S., Miller, E. E., & Lee, Y. J. (2023). Applying the heteroskedastic ordered probit model on injury severity for improved age and gender estimation. Traffic injury prevention, 1-8.

Lawrence, S., & Herber, D. R. (2023, November). Towards the integration of hydrogen production with nuclear with model-based systems engineering. In ANS Winter Meeting and Technology Expo, Washington, D.C., USA.

Oguntola, O., & Simske, S. (2023). Context-Aware Personalization: A Systems Engineering Framework. Information, 14(11), 608.

Oguntola, O., & Simske, S. (2023). Continuous Assessment of the Environmental Impact and Economic Viability of Decarbonization Improvements in Cement Production. Resources, 12(8), 95.

Ouren, F., Trinko, D., Coburn, T., Simske, S., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). Developing a profile of medium-and heavy-duty electric vehicle fleet adopters with text mining and machine learning. Renewable Energy Focus, 46, 303-312.

Paglioni, V. P., & Groth, K. M. (2023). Dependency Idioms for Quantitative Human Reliability Analysis. Nuclear Science and Engineering, 1-23.

Pourfalatoun, S., Ahmed, J., & Miller, E. E. (2023). Shared Electric Scooter Users and Non-Users: Perceptions on Safety, Adoption and Risk. Sustainability, 15(11), 9045.

Rabinowitz, A. I., Smart, J. G., Coburn, T. C., & Bradley, T. H. (2023). Assessment of Factors in the Reduction of BEV Operational Inconvenience. IEEE Access, 11, 30486-30497.

Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Simske, S. J., & Treiblmaier, H. (2023). Drones for supply chain management and logistics: a review and research agenda. International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 26(6), 708-731.

Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Simske, S., & Keogh, J. G. (2023). Exploring blockchain research in supply chain management: A latent Dirichlet allocation-driven systematic review. Information, 14(10), 557.

Scalco, A., & Simske, S. (2023). A model for measuring multi‐concern assurance of critical infrastructure control systems. Systems Engineering.

Sirico Jr, A., & Herber, D. R. (2024). On the Use of Geometric Deep Learning for the Iterative Classification and Down-Selection of Analog Electric Circuits. Journal of Mechanical Design, 146(5), 051703.

Sirico Jr., A., & Herber, D. R. (2024, January). Geometric deep learning towards the iterative classification of graph-based aircraft thermal management systems. In AIAA 2024 Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, Orlando, FL, USA.

Sirico Jr., A., & Herber, D. R. (2023, August). On the use of geometric deep learning towards the evaluation of graph-centric engineering systems. In ASME 2023 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences, DETC2023-114592, Boston, MA, USA. Doi: 10.1115/DETC2023-114592.

Smith, J. P., Limb, B. J., Beal, C. M., Banta, K. R., Field, J. L., Simske, S. J., & Quinn, J. C. (2023). Evaluating the sustainability of the 2017 US biofuel industry with an integrated techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 413, 137364.

Sundarrajan, A. K., & Herber, D. R. (2023, November). Using high-fidelity time-domain simulation data to construct multi-fidelity state derivative function surrogate models for use in control and optimization. In ASME 2023 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.

Trinko, D., Horesh, N., Porter, E., Dunckley, J., Miller, E., & Bradley, T. (2023). Transportation and electricity systems integration via electric vehicle charging-as-a-service: A review of techno-economic and societal benefits. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 175, 113180.

Villanueva Jr., A. N., & Simske, S. J. (2023). Functional Analytics for Document Ordering for Curriculum Development and Comprehension. arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.09457.

Vlajnic, M. M., & Simske, S. J. (2023). Accuracy and Performance of Machine Learning Methodologies: Novel Assessments of Country Pandemic Vulnerability Based on Non-Pandemic Predictors. IEEE Access.

Weinmann, K., & Simske, S. (2023). Design of Bluetooth 5.1 Angle of Arrival Homing Controller for Autonomous Mobile Robot. Robotics, 12(4), 115.

Wheaton, J. S., & Herber, D. R. (2024, January). Seamless digital engineering: a grand challenge driven by needs. In AIAA 2024 Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, Orlando, FL, USA.

Ault, T., & Bradley, T. (2022). Risk‐based approach for managing obsolescence for automation systems in heavy industries. Systems Engineering25(6), 551-560.

Lunsford, I., & Bradley, T. H. (2022). Evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicle tactics through the metrics of survivability. The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation19(4), 855-864.

Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Simske, S.*, Treiblmaier, H., Zailani, S. (2022). The big picture on the internet of things and the smart city: A review of what we know and what we need to know. Internet of Things.

Rejeb, A., Keogh, J. G., Martindale, W., Dooley, D., Smart, E., Simske, S.*, Wamba, S. F., Breslin, J. G., Bandara, K. Y., Thakur, S., Liu, K., Crowley, B., Desaraju, S., Ospina, A., & Bradau, H. (2022). Charting past, present, and future research in the semantic web and interoperability. Future Internet14(6), 161.

Winters, D.*, Boakye, K.*, & Simske, S.* (2022). Toward carbon-neutral concrete through Biochar–Cement–Calcium Carbonate composites: A critical review. Sustainability14(8), 4633.

Ketkale, H.*, & Simske, S.* (2022). Encouraging reuse in the corrugated packaging industry using persuasion and operant conditioning. Sustainability14(11), 6454.

Wolyn, S.* & Simske, S.* (2022). Summarization assessment methodology for multiple corpora using queries and classification for functional evaluation. Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, pre-print. 

Younse, P.*, Cameron, J., Bradley, T.* (2022). Comparative analysis of model-based and traditional systems engineering approaches for simulating a robotic space system architecture through automatic knowledge processing. Systems Engineering. 

Robbins, C., Du, X., Bradley, T.*, Quinn, J., Bandhauer, T., Conrad, S.*, Carlson, K., Tong, T. (2022). Beyond treatment technology: Understanding motivations and barriers for wastewater treatment and reuse in unconventional energy production. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 177.

Somers, M.*, Batan, L.*, Al-Alawi, B., Bradley, T.* (2022). A Colorado-specific life cycle assessment model to support evaluation of low-carbon transportation fuels and policy. Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability, 2.

Trinko, D.*, Horesh, N., Zane, R., Song, Z., Kamineni, A., Konstantinou, T., Gkritza, K., Quinn, C., Bradley, T.*, Quinn, J. (2022).  Economic feasibility of in-motion wireless power transfer in a high-density traffic corridor. eTransportation, 11.

Vatter, M., Van Vactor, S., Coburn, T.* (2022). Price responsiveness of shale oil: A Bakken case study. Natural Resources Research, 31, 713-734. 

Recent Conference Proceedings/Technical Papers

Updated: Jan 2024


Azad, S., & Herber, D. R. (2023, August). Concurrent Probabilistic Control Co-Design and Layout Optimization of Wave Energy Converter Farms Using Surrogate Modeling. In International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (Vol. 87318, p. V03BT03A035). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Bonnici, A., & Simske, S. (2023). Reviewer# 2 Must Be Stopped! Or, The Art of Providing Good Reviews. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2023, 1-2.

Bokhtier, G. M., Crawford Sr, S. W., & Shahroudi, K. E. (2023, July). Integrated Systems Architectural Modeling with Architectural Trade Study of a UAV Surface‐less Flight Control Systems for Wildfire Detection and Communication utilizing MBSAP. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 229-250).

Bumgarner, S., Span, M. T., & Daily, J. (2023, July). A Systems Engineering Approach to Reducing Mis‐pulls and Misplaced Trailers for Trucking Fleets. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1300-1314).

Cabrera, M., Simske, S., & Worrell, J. (2023). Requirements Engineering Scorecard and the Next-Generation Space Suit. 2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems.

Call, D. R., & Herber, D. R. (2023, July). A Case for Model‐Based Systems Engineering in an Agile World and Principles for Growth. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1612-1626).

Elhadeedy, A., & Daily, J. (2023, June). Securing New Autonomous Truck-Trailer Communication Protocols. In 2023 IEEE World AI IoT Congress (AIIoT) (pp. 0384-0391). IEEE.

Elhadeedy, A., & Daily, J. (2023, March). 60 GHz Wi-Fi as a Tractor-Trailer Wireless Harness. In 2023 IEEE 13th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC) (pp. 1023-1028). IEEE.

Eddy, A., & Daily, J. (2023, April). Systems Engineering Methods for Validation and Verification of Changes to Legacy Fielded Systems. In 2023 IEEE International Systems Conference (SysCon) (pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Jepson, J., Mukherjee, S., Span, M., & Daily, J. (2023, July). CANLay: A Network Virtualized Testbed for Vehicle Systems–Improving System Integration and Verification Efforts. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1-16).

Kleinwaks, H., Batchelor, A., & Bradley, T., Rich, M., & Turner, J. F. (2023, July). LEAP–A Process for Identifying Potential Technical Debt in Iterative System Development. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 535-553).

Kleinwaks, H., Batchelor, A., & Bradley, T. (2023, July). An empirical survey on the prevalence of technical debt in systems engineering. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1640-1658).

Kurtz, J., Bradley, T., & Gilleon, S. (2024). Hydrogen station prognostics and health monitoring model. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 49, 287-302.

Lins, R. D., Pe Silva, G. de F., Chaves, G. P., da Silva Barboza, R., & others. (2023). Quality, Space and Time Competition on Binarizing Photographed Document Images. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2023, 1-10.

Ray, I., Thuraisingham, B., Vaidya, J., Mehrotra, S., Atluri, V., Ray, I., Simske, S., Venkatasubramanian, N., & Singh, V. (2023, May). SAFE-PASS: Stewardship, Advocacy, Fairness and Empowerment in Privacy, Accountability, Security, and Safety for Vulnerable Groups. In Proceedings of the 28th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (pp. 145-155).

Rayno, M., & Daily, J. (2023, July). Balancing Digital Forensic Investigation with Cybersecurity for Heavy Vehicle Traffic Crashes. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 638-648).

Rabinowitz, A. I., Smart, J. G., Coburn, T. C., & Bradley, T. H*. (2023, July). A Geo‐Spatial Method for Calculating BEV Charging Inconvenience using Publicly Available Data. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1276-1299).

Simpson, C., & Simske, S. (2023, July). Scalable, Flexible Implementation of MBSE and DevOps in VSEs: Design Considerations and a Case Study. In INCOSE International Symposium (Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 1044-1056).

Valipour, M., & Brown, A. (2023, December). Streamflow Forecasting in Colorado by Artificial Intelligence, Remote Sensing, and Data Mining for A Sustainable Future. AGU Annual Meeting, December 11-15, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Villanueva Jr, A. N., & Simske, S. J. (2023). Algorithm Parallelism for Improved Extractive Summarization. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2023, 1-4.

Wolyn, S., & Simske, S. (2023). Character Relationship Mapping in Major Fictional Works Using Text Analysis Methods. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2023, 1-4.


Fanas Rojas, J., Brown, N., Rupp, J., Bradley, T.*, Asher, Z. (2022). Performance evaluation of an autonomous vehicle using resilience engineering. SAE Technical Paper

Mottalebiaraghi, F., Yao, K., Rabinowitz, A., Hoehne, C., Garikapati, V., Holden, J., Wood, E., Chen, S., Asher, Z., Bradley, T.* (2022). Mobility energy productivity evaluation of prediction-based vehicle powertrain control combined with optimal traffic management. SAE Technical Paper. 

Lobato, P., Rayno, M., Daily, J.*, Bradley, T.* (2022). Quantifying repeatability of real-world on-road driving using dynamic time warping. SAE Technical Paper. 

Pirani, R., Cale, J.* (2022). Comparison of pattern recognition approaches for identification of failure-prone battery cells. 2022 IEEE International Systems Conference. 

Herber, D.*, Narsinghani, J., Eftekhari-Shahroudi, K.* (2022). Model-based structured requirements in SysML. 2022 IEEE International Systems Conference. 

Ahmed, H., Miller, E.* (2022). Human-systems integration of agricultural machinery in developing economy countries: Perceptions of adoption. 2021 Human Systems Integration Conference (published online in 2022).