Recent Publications

Recent Journal Publications

Bolded names: Current or former Systems Engineering students

Bolded names with asterisk*: Systems Engineering core faculty member

Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Simske, S.*, Treiblmaier, H., Zailani, S. (2022). The big picture on the internet of things and the smart city: A review of what we know and what we need to know. Internet of Things.

Rejeb, A., Keogh, J. G., Martindale, W., Dooley, D., Smart, E., Simske, S.*, Wamba, S. F., Breslin, J. G., Bandara, K. Y., Thakur, S., Liu, K., Crowley, B., Desaraju, S., Ospina, A., & Bradau, H. (2022). Charting past, present, and future research in the semantic web and interoperability. Future Internet14(6), 161.

Winters, D., Boakye, K., & Simske, S.* (2022). Toward carbon-neutral concrete through Biochar–Cement–Calcium Carbonate composites: A critical review. Sustainability14(8), 4633.

Ketkale, H., & Simske, S.* (2022). Encouraging reuse in the corrugated packaging industry using persuasion and operant conditioning. Sustainability14(11), 6454.

Wolyn, S. & Simske, S.* (2022). Summarization assessment methodology for multiple corpora using queries and classification for functional evaluation. Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, pre-print. 

Younse, P., Cameron, J., Bradley, T.* (2022). Comparative analysis of model-based and traditional systems engineering approaches for simulating a robotic space system architecture through automatic knowledge processing. Systems Engineering. 

Robbins, C., Du, X., Bradley, T.*, Quinn, J., Bandhauer, T., Conrad, S.*, Carlson, K., Tong, T. (2022). Beyond treatment technology: Understanding motivations and barriers for wastewater treatment and reuse in unconventional energy production. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 177.

Somers, M., Batan, L., Al-Alawi, B., Bradley, T.* (2022). A Colorado-specific life cycle assessment model to support evaluation of low-carbon transportation fuels and policy. Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability, 2.

Trinko, D., Horesh, N., Zane, R., Song, Z., Kamineni, A., Konstantinou, T., Gkritza, K., Quinn, C., Bradley, T.*, Quinn, J. (2022).  Economic feasibility of in-motion wireless power transfer in a high-density traffic corridor. eTransportation, 11.

Vatter, M., Van Vactor, S., Coburn, T.* (2022). Price responsiveness of shale oil: A Bakken case study. Natural Resources Research, 31, 713-734. 

Recent Conference Proceedings/Technical Papers

Bolded names: Current or former Systems Engineering students

Bolded names with asterisk*: Systems Engineering core faculty member

Fanas Rojas, J., Brown, N., Rupp, J., Bradley, T.*, Asher, Z. (2022). Performance evaluation of an autonomous vehicle using resilience engineering. SAE Technical Paper

Mottalebiaraghi, F., Yao, K., Rabinowitz, A., Hoehne, C., Garikapati, V., Holden, J., Wood, E., Chen, S., Asher, Z., Bradley, T.* (2022). Mobility energy productivity evaluation of prediction-based vehicle powertrain control combined with optimal traffic management. SAE Technical Paper. 

Lobato, P., Rayno, M., Daily, J.*, Bradley, T.* (2022). Quantifying repeatability of real-world on-road driving using dynamic time warping. SAE Technical Paper. 

Pirani, R., Cale, J.* (2022). Comparison of pattern recognition approaches for identification of failure-prone battery cells. 2022 IEEE International Systems Conference. 

Herber, D.*, Narsinghani, J., Eftekhari-Shahroudi, K.* (2022). Model-based structured requirements in SysML. 2022 IEEE International Systems Conference. 

Ahmed, H., Miller, E.* (2022). Human-systems integration of agricultural machinery in developing economy countries: Perceptions of adoption. 2021 Human Systems Integration Conference (published online in 2022).