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  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Postdoctoral Fellow - OPEN POOL (Chemical and Biological Engineering 2020)
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    The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering seeks applications throughout the year from individuals who are interested in Postdoctoral positions within the department in 2020.
    PhD graduates receive world-class training, participate in cutting-edge and often interdisciplinary research projects.
    More job-specific information will be available as faculty members decide to hire a postdoctoral fellow from the open pool.
    The open positions are temporary assignments. Annual terms and reappointment may depend on performance and/or the continued availability of funding.
    Should your qualifications result in a decision to pursue your candidacy, you will be contacted.
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  • Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
  • 20-118: Data Assimilation and Machine Learning Scientist
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    The Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) at Colorado State University seeks to fill a postdoctoral fellowship in November 2020 as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) award to train a new scientist in data assimilation and machine learning techniques. Located at CIRA in Fort Collins, Colorado, this fellowship may last up to 3 years contingent upon NSF funding availability.  
    Recent work at CIRA has focused on non-Gaussian-based data assimilation systems that are mixed Gaussian-lognormal based. As part of a previous award, a second non-Gaussian distribution has been detected in the Lorenz 63 model, as well as early indication of this reverse lognormal distribution in the output from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. The individual in this position will develop the theory of the reverse lognormal in both variational and ensemble data assimilation systems.
    Specifically, the individual in this position will serve as a member of the CIRA data assimilation group and will test the robustness of machine learning techniques to identify the links between non-Gaussian distributions and different atmospheric scale dynamics, convert the hybrid version of WRF-GSI to have a non-Gaussian component, and assess the robustness of new non-Gaussian based ensemble systems along with advancing the development of a new version of the Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Smoother.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Research Histology Technologist
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    The Engineering Research Histology Technologist position will support orthopedic and musculoskeletal research within the OBRL’s histology lab. Daily operations of the histology lab may include, but are not limited to, processing tissue samples, creating microscopic tissue slides, maintaining histology lab equipment, maintaining histology lab supplies, imaging slides, and performing slide analyses. The Engineering Research Histology Technologist will maintain excellent data documentation and report writing, and will follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) within the lab at all times.
  • Mechanical Engineering Non-tenure track Assistant/Associate/Professor of Practice - Open Pool
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    The Department of Mechanical Engineering invites applications for a Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (NTTF) member, specifically to teach engineering design and engineering mechanics sequences, as well as a range of aerospace engineering courses in both lecture and laboratory formats.  
    The person selected for these positions will be slotted into one of three NTTF working titles (Assistant Professor of Practice, Associate Professor of Practice, or Professor of Practice) based on experience.  Specifically, a selected person who has more than 5 years of experience will have a working title of Associate Professor of Practice, and more than 10 years of experience will have a working title of Professor of Practice.
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  • Postdoctoral Fellow
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    The Colorado State University (CSU) Energy Institute is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in Advanced Combustion Strategies. 
    The selected individual will work with Drs. Daniel Olsen, Anthony Marchese, and Bret Windom at CSU and interface closely with scientists at Cummins, Inc. and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The research will be performed at the Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins, CO.
    The new hire will be working on the development of new combustion strategies for heavy duty LPG engines utilizing a rapid compression machine, a high-pressure spray chamber, and single cylinder engines. Sponsored by the DOE/EERE Vehicle Technologies Office, the new hire will be required to work collaboratively with researchers from CSU, Cummins,  ANL, and key vendors to improve LPG engine efficiency in order to increase market penetration.
  • Systems Engineering
  • Assistant or Associate Professor
    Full details Position Summary
    The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU) invites applications for a tenured/tenure-track faculty position at Assistant Professor or Associate Professor rank. The successful candidate will be appointed to CSU’s Systems Engineering Department.  
    This search seeks candidates with a systems-centric research and teaching record in the fields of engineering systems, design and optimization, data science, requirements engineering, test and evaluation, model-based systems engineering, and other aspects of systems engineering and systems engineering science. This position seeks to grow scholarly capacity within the Systems Engineering Department ( 
    Further information about the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering can be found at:
    This faculty position is a full-time, regular, nine-month tenured/tenure-track appointment. Successful candidates are expected to build and maintain a strong, internationally-recognized research program supported through external funding, to enhance Systems Engineering’s educational programs, and to provide service to the College of Engineering and broader community. Successful candidates will teach courses and advise students in the Systems Engineering Department and will develop advanced courses in her or his areas of expertise.
    Colorado State University offers a comprehensive benefits package; including 10 paid holidays, 24 accrued vacation days, and 15 accrued sick leave days per year, enrollment in group health, life and accident insurance, retirement plan options, work injury benefits, disability insurance, and additional opportunities such as free employee study privilege credits. CSU offers paid parental leave, spousal and domestic partner benefits as well. 
    CSU is not a social security employer. Administrative professional and faculty employees can participate in the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) or PERA (if eligible) or for a retirement savings. For the DCP, a regular or special appointment employee will receive a CSU match equal to 12% of the pre-tax monthly salary and the employee contributes 8%. For more information about all CSU benefits and privileges, please view the Human Resources web page at: