Department of Systems Engineering

Our students and faculty implement systems-thinking to solve the world’s most complex problems, ranging from aerospace systems to cybersecurity implementation.

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With both on-campus and distance learning, you can earn your degree from your own home or in the classroom.

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You are interested in systems engineering and want to learn about it in a hands-on format.

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The Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Practice provides an introduction to the systems engineering discipline and hands-on experience applying systems thinking to real-world problems. The certificate requires 12 credits of graduate work.

Students may apply for and complete just the certificate, or may apply for both the certificate and a degree program (separate applications, but can be completed in the same semester). This allows students to start with the certificate and continue on to a more advanced degree.

  • SYSE 501 –  Foundations of Systems Engineering
  • ENGR 531 – Engineering Risk Analysis
  • ENGR 502 – Engineering Project Management and Program Management

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Jeremy Daily, Assistant/Associate Professor-Cyber Security in the department of Systems Engineering in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering works with graduate students in putting together test platforms for his research at Colorado State University's Powerhouse, December 17, 2020.

Master's Programs

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You have an interest in gaining new skills. You are going into industry or looking to advance your career.

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Our Master of Engineering graduates can design and manage complex multidisciplinary engineering systems with a rigorous systems engineering approach.

The applied focus in courses builds skills that can be utilized immediately in current projects and prepares students for future career opportunities.

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You want to perform research in systems engineering. You plan to continue in academia or industry.

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Graduates of our Master of Science program will be capable of designing and managing complex multidisciplinary engineering systems, with a rigorous systems engineering approach.

The research component of the thesis- and project-based M.S. programs equip students with cutting edge skills in specific focus areas, preparing them for future career opportunities.

Students work in the Rapid Prototyping Lab at the Powerhouse Energy Institute. December 17, 2020.

Doctoral Programs

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You are currently working in industry and are interested in pursuing a highly practical degree.

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The D.Eng. degree is an applied program that requires students to be working or active in the Systems Engineering field while completing the degree.

All D.Eng. candidates are expected to have a sponsor from within their company/organization/practicum site to serve on their advisory committee as an industry member and help coordinate the practicum and dissertation process from within the organization.

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You are interested in academia and leading the field through systems engineering research.

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Graduates of our Ph.D. program will be capable applying a rigorous systems engineering approach to their research and future career.

Completing a dissertation equips students with cutting edge skills in specific focus areas, preparing them for future career opportunities in academia or industry.

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