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Senior Design Resources

Welcome to your CBE 451/CBE 452 Senior Process and Product Design Resources page. This page is intended as a central repository for many of the resources that you will be needing for this class and may be updated periodically through the year. Here you will find information about the class and some tools to help you through both semesters.

Portrait photo of Minnie Piffarerio, Associate Professor of Practice, Colorado State University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering; credit: Russell Dickerson, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, August 2022.
Minnie Piffarerio, Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

What to Expect

This class is about creating a bridge between your academic and professional career.  In this class we will be working on team projects throughout the year.  In this class, you will gain experience on how to effectively work as a team, refine your technical writing skills, and utilizing all the tools/skills you have collected the past few years in CBE to solve real world problems. 

Your project will culminate in the Spring where you will showcase your work at Engineering Days.  Each of your teams will be assigned at least one faculty advisor to help navigate you along the way.  This class includes periodic guest speakers from campus, research, and industry to give you a peek into the next steps of your professional career.

We will be having a lot of fun and I am looking forward to getting to work with you all in the upcoming semester.

Engineering Days

April 2024, Lory Student Center and Plaza

Engineering Days is where you and your team get the opportunity to showcase your project to the public and industry visitors.  You and your team will prepare a poster board about your project and then spend a good portion of the day talking to various visitors about your project.  You will also be talking to judges who will evaluate your project and presentation. 

Video and captions feature both English and Spanish.

Guest Speakers

Career Services • Effective Teamwork • Technical Writing • Project Design • Process Design
Find the list of speakers and session schedules on this page as they become available.
Talk with recently graduated students in industry and research

Class Information

CBE 451/452, 2023-2024

Homework and Assignment Policy

Late homework is not accepted and given zero points.  Please email me or come see me PRIOR to the deadline to let me know that you will not be able to meet the deadline along with a valid and reasonable reason for missing the deliverable deadline. 


  • Product & Process Design Principles, Seader, Seider, Lewin & Widagdo, 3rd edition, Wiley, 2009. 
  • Writing Style and Communication Skills for Undergraduate Engineers, 5th edition, Katie C. Russell, Jeffrey Donnell, Sheldon Jeter, College Publishing, 2022.
  • Referenced: Chemical Engineering Design (Sixth Edition), Ray Sinnott, Gavin Towler, 6th edition, Elsevier Ltd, 2020.


Current Projects

  • Anheuser-Busch Product Recycle
  • Ramskeller Kettle Boil Optimization
  • Caterpillar Methanol Engine Reactor
  • ChemE Cube Challenge
  • CSU Anaerobic Digester
  • Hairy Roots
  • Open Insulin
  • Van Grow Nitrogen Fixing Soil Probiotics
  • Sublingual Epinephrine
  • Texas Instruments CMP
  • Tolmar Polymerization
  • Wastewater Virus Capture

Writing and Presentations

Summary and Report Resources

Sample writing

Literature Resources

Colorado State University Rams head logo

Colorado State University Library is a wonderful on-campus resource to connect you with background information; help with journal articles, patent, and standards; chemical properties and reactions; hazard, safety, and regulation information; industry supplier information; and managing and formatting your references.

Wellbeing and Teamwork

CSU is a community that cares for you.   If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, and/or experiencing depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress or thoughts of hurting yourself or others please know there is help available.

First, know that you can come see me or someone in the front office if you need help.

CSU Health Network logo

The Colorado State University Counseling Services has trained professionals who can help. Contact 970-491-6053 or go to  If you are concerned about a friend or peer tell someone by calling 970-491-1350 to discuss your concerns.

Applications and Tutorials

Class Software Applications

Aspen, SuperPro, and MatLab

Should be available through ETS (if not already on computers)


Aspen Tutorials

In the Teams 2023 CBE 451, Senior Design Resource channel, Aspen Folder

SuperPro Tutorials

In the Teams 2023 CBE 451, Senior Design Resource channel, SuperPro Folder

Gantt Project Tutorial