Daily Systems

Resources and content related to the work and interests of Dr. Jeremy Daily, Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at Colorado State University

Heavy Vehicle Cybersecurity and In-Vehicle Networking

Datasets and resources for heavy vehicle digital forensics and cybersecurity.

Projects and data from networks on heavy vehicles. J1939 tools and resources are available to help students and researchers understand some of the challenges of securing heavy vehicles. Many projects are open source and linked to public Github repositories.

The following repository contains source and documentation for projects initiated and maintained while Dr. Daily has been at Colorado State University: https://github.com/SystemsCyber

Many of these git repositories were forked from the Github page Dr. Daily used at The University of Tulsa.

Projects include:

CyberTruck Challenge

CyberTruck Challenge Logo

The CyberTruck Challenge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company with a twin mission:

  • Help develop the next generation workforce by bringing awareness, excitement, professional involvement, and practicum based training to the heavy vehicle cyber domain.
  • Help establish a community of interest for heavy vehicle cybersecurity that transcends individual companies or departments and reaches across disciplines and organizations to make a more universal and experienced base of engineers and managers.


A list of presentations in reverse chronological order given by Dr. Daily and his students on various topics. Some presentations are tied to published papers presented at conferences.

Crash Testing

Archives and data from the many years of crash testing that was hosted on The University of Tulsa's Crash Reconstruction Research Consortium website. Some of the pages include: