Our lab focuses on the architecture of mammalian cells. The main expertise of the team is in single-molecule biophysics experiments at the nanometer scale. We place particular emphasis on the actin-based cytoskeleton and its role in the dynamic organization of the plasma membrane.

Research Projects


  • January 2018 – New article in NJP

    Our article on the power spectral density of individual Brownian motion trajectories was accepted for publication in New Journal of Physics.

  • December 2017 – New article in Phys Rev E

    Our article on the analysis of membrane nanodomains in the soma of hippocampal neurons was accepted to PRE.

  • November 2017 – Adal Sabri visited the lab.

    Adal, a graduate student from the Weiss lab in Bayreuth, spent one month working at CSU.

  • October 2017 – Congratulations to Terrance!

    Terrance Bishop received an award for best poster at the Annual Meeting of the APS Four Corners Section 2017.

  • August 2017 – Congratulations to Patrick!

    Patrick Mannion received a BMES Undergraduate Design and Research Award for the BMES 2017 Annual Meeting.

  • June 2017 – New article in Scientific Reports

    Our article on ergodicity breaking caused by transient confinement on the neuronal surface was accepted to Scientific Reports.

PI: Diego Krapf
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering
Colorado State University

Phone: (970) 491-4255
E-mail: diego.krapf@colostate.edu

Our labs are located in the third floor of the Scott Bioengineering Building.