Composite Materials, Manufacture and Structures Laboratory

Research and development focused on processing of fiber reinforced composites

Our Research

CMMS research incorporates advanced manufacturing concepts into the fiber reinforced composite materials arena through automated process development. A broad spectrum of composite materials is studied with applications ranging from wind turbines to high temperature engine components.

Opportunities for

We look for students with interests and experience in the following areas: materials, composites, 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, mechanical design, and robotic manufacturing systems.

Industry Partnerships

CMMS has a long history of developing relationships with industry. We are available to interact in a variety of ways, ranging from contract services to teaming on research opportunities. If you think our expertise in advanced composite materials may help your project, please contact us to discuss possible collaborations.

The Lab

Welcome to the Composite Materials, Manufacture and Structures Laboratory (CMMS) at Colorado State University. The lab is directed by Dr. Don Radford, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University. CMMS is located at The Factory in Fort Collins, Colorado.

CMMS was initiated in the fall of 1989 to address research and educational issues related to advanced fiber reinforced composite materials.  The lab moved from the Engineering Research Center to The Factory in the summer of 2004.  CMMS houses traditional and automated equipment to develop, perform and model composite manufacturing processes as well as to perform mechanical testing and microstructural analysis.  The focus of the research efforts can be broken into broad categories including process development, shape and warpage control, and materials response simulation.  In addition, the lab has provided testing services for industrial groups both regionally and nationally.  These varied R&D activities have allowed both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue education and research in the field of composite materials.  By maintaining research projects in various areas of the composites field, students in the Composite Materials, Manufacture and Structures Laboratory have gained a greater appreciation for this broad field of engineering.

Real World Impact

Hundreds of engineers have gained their introduction to advanced composite materials through the activities of the CMMS lab. Many of those engineers continue to work in the composites industry today.