Our Equipment

Key Facilities & Capabilities


This research-scale autoclave is capable of 400°F industrial cures at up to 100 psi. With fan forced heating, it can be used for parts up to 15″x15″x36″. Multiple thermocouples can be positioned across the composite. Control is performed by computer and autoclave and part temperatures are recorded throughout the run.

This autoclave has been used to produce custom parts for a number of local industrial groups, specimens for CMMS research and hardware for undergraduate design projects including major portions of devices to compete in the Walking Machine Decathelon and the SunRayce events.


Thermal Analysis

The Seiko Instruments SSC5200H Disk Station can simultaneously control the differential scanning calorimeter (DSC 220C), the thermo gravimetric analyzer (TG/DTA 220) and the thermo mechanical analyzer (TMA/SS 120C). These modules allow complete testing of polymer and composite properties over a wide range of temperatures. Further, this equipment enables rapid development of optimized processing conditions for materials without the need for full scale processing.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry
The DSC enables the determination of the melt transition and glass transition of materials, as well as the heat capacity. The DSC 220C is designed to provide automatic heating and cooling measurements. Temperatures ranging from -150C to +725C are possible, with heating rates programmable from 0.01 – 100C/min.

Thermo Gravimetry
The TG/DTA enables the precision measurement of weight change, while simultaneously indicating critical transitions, such as the glass transition. The TG/DTA 220 has a temperature range from room temperature to 1100C, and covers many application areas. A horizontal differetial design produces high quality data.

Thermo Mechanical Analyzer (Stress/Strain)
The TMA/SS enables measurement of both length change and changing strain. The unit has the capability to function as either a thermo mechanical tester or a dynamic mechanical tester, allowing measurement of properties ranging from the coefficient of thermal expansion to creep ans stress relaxation. The TMA/SS 120C can take automated measurements over the range of -110C to +600C, using both heating and cooling rates. Cycling with heating and cooling curves combined is readily done. The system can be programmed for loading modes including: constant loading (500g), linear loading (1g-500g.min), sine loading (0.001Hz-1Hz) and combination loading and for displacement modes including: constant displacement, linear displacement, sine displacement and combination displacements.


Controlled Temperature Mechanical Tester

This 10,000 lb tester is coupled with an 8″ x 8″ x 20″ environmental chamber capable of programmed temperature excursions from -150°C to +425°C. Fixturing is available for tensile, bend and compression testing. An extensometer clip gage allows strain measurement over much of the temperature range. Computer data acquisition is used to record the test results.

T-Test Equipment