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Kevin L. Lear

Bald, Bearded, Bespectacled Guy

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Tel: +1-970-491-0718  

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Colorado State University
MS 1373 / Electrical & Computer Engineering
Fort Collins, CO  80523-1373

Prof. Lear teaches courses in circuits, semiconductor devices, Fourier optics, and optical fiber communications in CSU's Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.  With his dedicated graduate students and other collaborators, he investigates cutting edge optoelectronic devices and systems to address future critical needs in applications including biosensors and optical communications.  Prior to coming to CSU, he studied quantum transport in resonant tunnel diodes as an ONR Fellow at Stanford, pushed VCSEL laser diode technology to compelling performance levels as a researcher at Sandia Nat'l Labs and then became the Chief Scientific Officer of a successful high tech startup company that commercialized VCSEL technology for optical communications.

Optoelectronics Group Research Highlights

Record low thermal resistances show dramatic impact on VCSEL modulation bandwidth

NSOM experiments continue to validate LEAC biosensor concept

Monolithic optical interconnect with high responsivity polysilicon detectors fabricated in commercial CMOS

Microfluidic Fabry-Perot interferometer differentiates cells