About us

Welcome to the website of Cellular Engineering and Mechanobiology lab (CEMLab) at Colorado State University. We are a groups of scientist-engineers who enjoy spending our time asking important and exciting questions on how cells and intracellular components coordinate with environmental cues to regenerate tissues. We have a specific focus on the dynamics of cell nucleus, its chromatin architecture and epigenetic mechanisms. To answer those questions we use the concepts of mechanics at multiple scales, developmental biology, aging and any other scientific paradigm that we need. Our research culture is question driven, not technique driven. However, we regularly use the techniques such as mechanical characterization, microscopy, quantitative imaging, molecular biology, genetic manipulation, biophysical modeling and mammalian model to answer those questions. We are located at the Translational Medicine Institute (TMI) at the south campus of the University which is strategically established to have access to state of the art facility for pursuing cutting edge biomedical research.

Our primary focus is muscuoloskeletal diseases and their treatment, and at CSU we enjoy the outstanding collaborative culture with other labs in TMI such as the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Lab, Orthopaedic Research Center, Preclinical Surgical Research Lab and the Immunotherapy lab. However, we work with other systems as well (reproductive, neural) in collaboration with experts in the Colorado State University, specifically in the Prion Research Center.


This website is under construction, and we are working to make it nicer in near future, but for the time being you can click on each link below or at the top of the page to know more about us.



Lab group : Summer 2019