Soham Ghosh, PhD
1374 Campus Delivery
Colorado State University
Phone: 970-297-3765

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Office at the Scott Bioengineering Building

Lab and office at the Translational Medicine Institute


Prospective graduate students

We are in lookout for outstanding people who are interested in pursuing a PhD in our lab. The primary requirement is a strong academic background, a passion for pursuing unknown realms, and having the professional ethics to work in an interdisciplinary team. Prior research experience in cell/ tissue culture, molecular biology/ genetics, histology, biomechanics is preferred. Having prior publication and basic knowledge of coding is a plus. The students must apply through the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering or Bioengineering at CSU. However students are welcome to contact me beforehand with their complete resume and with a few sentences explaining why they want to work in our lab. Generic emails are not entertained. I read every single email and if I feel someone is a good fit, I will reply with further instructions. If you do not hear back from me, then probably you are not a good fit. Working in CSU is a great experience for graduate school, where besides conducting outstanding research you have access to many other activities in the Rockies, in Fort Collins and in Denver. The video below nicely sums up the Fort Collins experience.

Undergraduate students

We are always in lookout for motivated undergraduate students for several projects. If you are in CSU (any major), contact Dr. Ghosh for possible opening.