What starts here changes the world. The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering is known for numerous discoveries, leading to solutions for global challenges in water, health, energy, and the environment. The true goal of research is to discover technologies, standards, methods, products, and processes that improve the world we live in.

Top Ranking in the U.S.

Department of Atmospheric Science1

1: National Research Council (2010); 2: US News and World Report (2016)

$80 Million

Total Research Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2018

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Average Research Funding per Faculty Among Public Land Grant Engineering Colleges2

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Distinguished Researchers and Honors

University Distinguished Professors

University Distinguished Professors comprise less than one percent of Colorado State University faculty. Over 31 years of the program’s existence, only a selected few have received this special honor across the university.

V. Chandrasekar, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Colorado State University, .April 9, 2010
V. “Chandra” Chandrasekar, 2016, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Colorado State University Distinguished Professor Carmen Menoni
Carmen Menoni, 2016, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sonia Kreidenweiss
Sonia Kreidenweis, 2014, Atmospheric Science
Dave Randall, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, April 20, 2018
David Randall, 2012, Atmospheric Science
Jorge Rocca, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jorge G. Rocca, 2007, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graeme Stephens, Atmospheric Science, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Graeme L. Stephens, 2005, Atmospheric Science (emeritus)
Thomas H. Vonder Haar, 1994, Atmospheric Science (emeritus)
Thomas H. Vonder Haar, 1994, Atmospheric Science (emeritus)
Jack E. Cermak, 1986, Civil Engineering
Jack E. Cermak, 1986, Civil Engineering (deceased)

University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

University Distinguished Teaching Scholars have records of performance ranking them among the most outstanding teachers and educators in their disciplines.

Faculty members must be approved through an extensive process that includes a panel of current University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at Colorado State University.

Branislav Notaros, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Branislav Notaros, 2016, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Darrell Fontane, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Darrell Fontane, 2013, Civil and Environmental Engineering (emeritus)

National Academy of Engineering Logo

Current faculty who are National Academy of Engineering members:

  • Bruce Ellingwood, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Emeritus faculty who are National Academy of Engineering members:

Jack Cermak, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Ray Chamberlain, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Marvin Jensen, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Larry Roesner, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Graeme Stephens, Atmospheric Science; Tom Vonder Haar, Atmospheric Science

National Academy of Sciences Logo

Current faculty who are National Academy of Sciences members:

  • A.R. Ravishankara, Atmospheric Science and Chemistry
Seal for fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Current faculty who are Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors:

  • V. “Chandra” Chandrasekar, 2020, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Susan James, 2020, Mechanical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, and School of Advanced Materials Discovery

Areas of Excellence

water icon


CSU has a rich legacy of excellence in water research, dating back to the earliest days of the University. Today, engineering faculty working in hydrology, hydraulics, water resources, and water infrastructure and management are continuing and expanding upon this legacy, helping us maintain a national and international prominence in this societally critical area. 

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Partnering with other CSU researchers, our faculty are making contributions to the improvement of human, animal, and environmental health. Our research includes development of new diagnostic tools and biomedical devices, tissue engineering, innovative pharmaceutical production processes, and human health impacts of degraded air and water quality.

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Access to clean, reliable, and abundant energy is central to every major challenge the world faces today. Developing innovative solutions to global energy problems, our faculty conduct research in clean technology, renewable energy sources, next-generation photovoltaics, CO2 capture, and advanced power grid technologies.

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Our programs in atmospheric science and environmental engineering and science are ranked among the top in the world. Focus areas include hurricanes and severe weather, environmental monitoring using radar and satellite technologies, emissions and transport of pollutants, global carbon and nitrogen cycles, and water sustainability.

Centers & Labs

Located on- and off-campus, the College’s centers and labs make cutting-edge research possible, and facilitate practical, hands-on learning experiences for students.