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Engineering-specific COVID-19 updates for students

David McLean, Dean of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

David McLean

Dean, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Anthony Marchese, professor and associate dean of engineering

Anthony Marchese

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Dear Students in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering:

We hope that you are staying healthy and taking much-deserved time away this summer to re-energize and get in a rhythm for this new world we’re living in together. We miss seeing you. And, despite the challenges that we will continue to face as a community, we are committed to providing the highest quality education this fall and beyond to prepare you for your future engineering and scientist careers. 

To that end, we have laid out below what you might expect as we get closer to the start of the school year. All faculty and staff are planning for multiple scenarios this fall which, depending on the class size and learning objectives, will consist of face-to-face instruction, remote course delivery, or hybrid delivery (mix of face-to-face and remote). More information about these delivery modes is available at

While these guidelines have already been communicated by President McConnell, we want to explain what that might look like for you here in the WSCOE.

First and foremost is health – for you, your instructors and the staff that support you. We can’t stress enough that when we do return to campus for classes starting August 24, we must all follow strict health protocols that are necessary for everyone and will also prevent additional restrictions and closures. We also ask for your patience as we work through all the necessary details.

All of us at the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering are here to support your success. We look forward to seeing all of you this fall!

Be well.

Updates and the latest information

As the pandemic and the necessary responses at the local, state and national levels continue to evolve, the following websites will be updated with the latest information:


Our goal, based on strict health guidelines, is to maximize the opportunity for in-person instruction while simultaneously allowing for remote learning where necessary.

The university has conducted a detailed inventory of every classroom, laboratory and learning environment here on campus to determine the maximum capacity to maintain safe social distancing requirements. For some courses, it may be possible for 100% of the instruction to occur in-person under these conditions. For other courses, it may be necessary to attend some fraction of classes in-person, and some fraction remotely.  In some cases, a course might be delivered completely online.

While things might look a little bit different than in previous years, we are committed to delivering the highest quality educational experience by investing in remote learning technology as well as additional instructors, graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants. Given the complexity in class scheduling, final decisions on the delivery mode for each course will be made later this summer.

As per university guidelines, all lecture courses with more than 99 students have been moved online.  And, the university has expanded the weekly class schedule to enable additional afternoon and evening classes between 4 and 8 p.m. on weekdays, and with the option for classes on Saturdays.

Individual departments within the college are now busy planning the instructional delivery approaches depending on the classrooms and resources available to them within public health guidelines. Given the differences in enrollment and educational program requirements (e.g., labs, lectures, design projects), there may be slight variations in remote vs. in-person course delivery between departments in the college. Your department will be in touch with you soon with further information as it pertains to your program.  

The university is providing significant training for instructors this summer to ensure the best possible online course delivery. Additionally, most large classrooms in the college and across campus are being fitted with new technology for efficient lecture capture, remote access, and to record the content for asynchronous viewing.   Based on feedback from students and faculty from this spring, we will strive whenever possible to deliver synchronous remote instruction, providing opportunity for real-time interaction with a faculty member, while also providing opportunity for students to access recorded lectures/laboratory material asynchronously as well.

Classes that are delivered in-person or hybrid will appear in RAMweb with a day, time, and classroom. As the Office of the Registrar manages the process of finding the appropriate space for the course, there may be changes to the room over the summer. You will receive more information about your individual classes and expectations for in-person/hybrid participation near the beginning of the semester. Note that some of the courses that currently say in-person may actually be online or hybrid. The Office of the Registrar is clarifying all instructional formats by early August.

Please also continue to monitor for the latest information from the university on classes this fall.

Based on health considerations, the last two weeks of classes (November 30-December 11) and finals week (December 14-18) will be delivered remotely. Plans are moving ahead to celebrate graduation with returning students and the students whose ceremony was delayed in May, but the timeline is subject to public health guidance.

Housing and Dining

University housing is scheduled to be open for the fall semester and will remain open during and after Fall Break for students who need to remain or return to campus. There are new guidelines for dining that respects physical distancing. Please go to for detailed information.

  • Impact on GPA for students on academic probation.
  • Impact on graduate/professional school applications.
  • Scholarship implications if a minimum of graded coursework is required.

RAM Orientation

RAM Orientation has gone virtual this summer, and the majority of our incoming first-year and transfer students have successfully registered.  For more information, please visit this website:

College and University Resources

Dean's List

The Dean's List for the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering recognizes students with high academic achievements during the course of the semester.

Brendan J. Abel
Caitlin E. Adams
Emma L. Adam
Maria D. Aguilar
Zachary S. Ailes
Hashim A. A. A. M. Akbar
Salim Mohammed Abdullah Al Abri
Husam Saud Nasser Al Habsi
Abdulmalik Abdullah Said Al Mamari
Asal A. Al Mohamed
Mazin A. Al Shaqsi
Al Muaiyad Said Salim Al Shuraiqi
Abdulla M. Al-Khelaifi
Abdul Aziz S. Al-Maskari
Bassam Alabbad
Abdulrahman Saad A. Alabede
Khalid Muidh Z. Alanazi
Zeus M. Alcon
Sydney A. Alderfer
Abdulkarim Aldhafeeri
Omar Ahmed Aidarous Omar
Sajjad A. AlHabshi Aljaman
Kiersten R. Allen
Ali J. Almajid
Abdulaziz Abdullah A. Alzneidi
Anya N. Anderson
Connor A. Anderson
Owen D. Anderson
Saul Arce Mendez
Jorge A. Arriaga
Katherine A. Ascough
Logan R. Ash
Taylor R. Ausec
Brandon S. Avers
Michelle L. Bailey
Kaitlyn C. Baker
Sonia G. Bame
Blayne B. Banghart
Austin B. Banks
Joshua J. Barber
Ryan A. Barnes
Matthew W. Barr
Connor A. Barraclough
Emma J. Barrett
Ethan T. Barron
Bryce S. Barsnick
Madeline R. Bartell
Brianna Bartlett
Katelyn M. Bartley
Dawson P. Baucke
Kathryn I. Beardslee
Hunter E. Becvar
Jeremy W. Belin
Vincent P. Berardi
Michael L. Berg
Emily A. Bergum
William J. Betz
Priya R. Bhowmik
David H. Bieber
Ethan J. Biederman
Cooper W. Bisset
Jason E. Black
Madeline G. Blake
Melanie L. Blake
Logan A. Blakeslee
Joyce R. Bohn
Aj J. Booker
Erik J. Borovilos
Carmen E. Bowen
Michael S. Bradley
Alexander J. Bragg
Isabella L. Brandes
William A. Brandt
Chloe R. Brekhus
Katrina L. Brewer
William E. Brown
Nicholas R. Bruns
Ali Habeeb M. Bukhedher
Matthew D. Bullock
Ainsley M. Burch
Jack A. Burns
Catherine A. Burr
Seth Butler
Michael K. Cabida
Andrew B. Callaway
Jacob L. Calvert
Owen E. Camp
Michael D. Canard
Austin H. Cannon
Joseph A. Canterbury
Yongcheng Cao
Sawyer D. Carlton
Conner Carter
Jose M. Catalan
Christina T. Chang
Patrick J. Charlton
Scott J. Chase
Nicholas F. Chastain
Rachel M. Chayer
Henry M. Chhor
Adam E. Cholak
Madison F. Cieciorka
Joseph A. Clouse
Bailey M. Coker
Joseph D. Coleson
Matthew G. Collard
Renata J. Comeau
Katherine A. Conger
Oscar Coronado Rosales
Jeremiah M. Corrado
Connor L. Craddock
Luke T. Crawford
John A. Crowell
Sierra S. Curdts
Weston J. Dall
Dominic P. Dallago
Nicholas B. Daly
Emerson O. Davis
Katelyn K. Davis
Alec H. Day
Sarah K. deBoer
Teryn C. Degenhart
Leslie R. DeLay
William G. Delbrueck
Doribella A. Demiranda
Jack A. Derbique
Ariel J. Derting
Emre Diker
Brandon C. Dodd
Olivia R. Doehr
Courtney J. Doherty
Avery M. Dondershine
Jacob T. Dorsett
Matthew J. Douple
Lilith J. Drum-Parce
Nicole K. Duca
Trevor J. Dunham
Samantha E. Eisenhauer
Alaa A. Eldeiry
Ali A. Eldeiry
Kinor S. Eliaz
Samuel A. Ellis
Tyler C. Engle
Melony S. Erly
Elias Espin
Erin E. Estrada
Erith K. Evans
Gillian Fahey
Najy I. Faour
Taryn Farhar
Kaitlin H. Farrell
Abigail I. Fennell
Julian L. Ferrer
Garon K. Fish
Kinsey E. Flanders
Devon Q. Fossceco
Benjamin Fox
Erica N. Frank
Clayton C. Freed
Nathaniel J. Freeman
Ian K. French
Julia Friederich
Osvaldo Garcilazo
Kathleen L. Gaughan
Ashley G. Geraets
Tanner D. Gettel
Joseph T. Girard
Garret T. Glaspy
Ryan E. Gloekler
Joshua T. Goetz
Christopher L. Graffia
Liam M. Gray
Ethan C. Green
Cody J. Griffin
Krista Grossmann
Ashlen B. Grote
Ryan J. Guidice
Stephen S. Haag
Kayla M. Hackett
Olivia L. Hahn
Zachary J. Haigh
Jared L. Ham
Enci Han
Alexander J. Harmann
Cole T. Harris
Miles L. Harris
Sarah C. Hartley
Cody M. Hawthorne
Travis J. Hayes
Lingyun He
Michelle B. Hefner
Andrew J. Hegemann
Brandon M. Hellem
Andrew C. Helmreich
Matthew D. Helmreich
Hailea A. Henry
Kevin K. Hewson
Colin C. Hice
Spencer R. Hicklin
Daniel Hidalgo Argote
Joseph M. Hodges
Emily A. Hoffmann
Cameron D. Holmes
Kyle M. Howe
Teresa E. Hubbeling
Andrew C. Hubler
Keegan A. Hughes
Cody J. Hyman Colon
Amanda M. Innes
Isabella R. Jackman
Isaac B. Jacobson
Kyra B. Jensen
Rustin P. Jensen
Chenhui Jiang
Lin Jiao
William Joel
Blaze E. Johnson
Garrett M. Johnson
Tierney E. Johnson
Casey S. Johnston
Andrew L. Jones
Sean D. Jones
Brayden J. Jonswold
Walter P. Jordan
Jurre J. Kalff
Maja W. Karp
Kirsten S. Kauk
Rachel S. Keating
Amy M. Keisling
Tyler J. Kelly
Muhammad Bilal Khan
Jason G. Kiehlbauch
Kimberly H. King
Zachary J. Klein
Theodore A. Klovstad
Talia S. Knapp
Kelly G. Koehler
Matthew J. Koenig
Cameron S. Koford
Andrew M. Kollar
Rachelle L. Koly
Kalyn N. Kosmiski
Noah A. Koury
Kassandra Krohn
London C. Kubicek
Erik K. Kvietkus
Kendall M. Labonde
Elizabeth M. Lacey
Nikolas K. Landin
Amanda P. Landrum
Haley C. Lang
Sawyer S. Lasewicz
Joshua E. Laskie
Corey A. Lauck
Michael W. Lauck
Austin C. Laurel
Sebastian R. Lawton
Andre K. Leautaud
Jade J. Lee
Paxton M. Lee
Jonathan M. Leininger
Cara V. Leone
Ross E. Leopold
Jacob Lerner
Jethro M. Leroux
Everett A. Lewark
Jared T. Licht
Conner M. Lindholm
Simon D. Lindley
Youming N. Liu
Ross K. Lohrisch
William H. Long
Jose E. Lopez Morales
Alexander X. Losada
John P. Luebbers
Eryn K. Lum
Alexander J. Lynch
Abigail I. Maben
Courtney Mack
Sarah A. Maclean
Allison M. Maddocks
Joessalee J. Maher
Evan T. Malloy
Taylor J. Mancini
Mitchell T. Mannino
Michael Mar
Thomas J. Marshall
Marissa A. Marti
Charles G. Martz
Pramit Maskey
Anugrah B. Mathew
Elliot S. Matlack
Janaye M. Matthews
Thomas R. Mayer
Adam McAuliffe
Edward R. Mccaskey
Elliot M. McCormick
William F. McCormick
Sean T. McDonough
Jana C. Mckinny
Stuart F. McKnight
Sara E. McMahan
Claire L. Mcwilliams
Tyler D. Mellinger
Paula V. Mendoza Moreno
Sarah C. Mendus
Zijun Meng
Amanda R. Merkley
Jonathan D. Meyer
Peter M. Meyer
Jack A. Miera
Mason R. Mill
Zane P. Miller
Lukas J. Mills
Lars J. Mitchel
Victoria L. Mondy
Kendall O. Monley
Vincent J. Montez
Pierce C. Montilla
Mackenna L. Moody
Tanara M. Morrell
Meghan B. Morrill
Thomas Muetterties
Aaron J. Murphy
Calvin Murray
Andrew J. Muterspaugh
Jacob C. Nash
Dylan C. Newell
Elise G. Ng
Tai A. Ngo
Levi R. Nicholson
Lyndsey E. Nold
Jacob Null
John J. O’Donnell-Sloan
Shelby M. Oke
Alexander M. Olson
Eric A. Olson
Michelle M. Ondrejka
Roberto N. Ortega
Kojo Otoo
Jason Z. Pang
Katelyn G. Paradis
Hannah C. Park
Scott D. Parmelee
Hadley M. Patterson
Samantha E. Pearson
Trevor Kyle J. Pelletier
Samuel G. Penner
Nicholas L. Penrose
Eric T. Percin
Nicholas R. Peters
Connor J. Peterson
Clayton J. Phillips
Cade A. Plath
Bennett P. Platt
William J. Plomer
Devin D. Pohl
Jacqueline N. Poirot
Daniel L. Polinski
Jacob J. Pollard
Alexis J. Pollicita
Joseph Prendergast
Maya K. Priebe
Noah D. Probst
Analia N. Quirk
Mackenzie C. Radandt
Emily E. Radtke
Emma K. Raisley
Nicholas Raley
Lauren M. Ramsey
Jessica L. Reyes
Mauri L. Richards
Hannah L. Ringoen
Natalie I. Rios
Jacob A. Robertson
Caitlin L. Robinson
Levi R. Robinson
Krista A. Roerty
Carlie J. Rosenkrance
Tyler S. Ross
Kellan S. Roth
Courtney E. Roush
Jack B. Roy
Garrett Ruf
Kelly P. Ryan
Deanna R. Sadecki
David W. Salmon
Cameron J. Salz
Paul Sampson
Daniel K. Sanchez
Elijah P. Sandoval
Rebecca J. Schaldach
Jordan J. Schlitzer
Amanda I. Schmidt
Megan E. Schmidt
Ethan B. Schultz
Kayla A. Schultz
Taylor S. Schulze
Trey B. Scism
Syed Arsalan Shah
Manav Sharma
Zachary J. Sharn
Clay W. Shaver
Sydney E. Sherrick
Amanda E. Shick
Kieran A. Simske
Mary K. Skillicorn
Sophie L. Slade
Alyssa D. Smith
Emily M. Smith
Sean C. Smith
Andrew P. Snead
Erin J. Solis
Alexandra L. Soran
Jack A. Sorensen
Neyver Soto Velasques
Jaclyn M. Springer
Ryan J. Staab
Jonathan D. Steiner
Samuel K. Stinson
Jacob W. Stockebrand
Foley B. Stokes
Daniel J. Stone
Kalaina K. Stroyan
Carter W. Struhs
Jenna Stubbers
Wyatt J. Suit
Cailin D. Sullivan
Ryan S. Sullivan
Sean T. Sullivan
Yipin Sun
Matthew F. Sylvester
Jeremy Tabke
Jian Bin Aaron Tai
Jian Feng Calvin Tai
Juliette A. Talarico
Jacob Tamani
Rui Tang
Gwyndolyn S. Tari
Cole W. Taylor
Cory W. Taylor
Alden J. Tennison
David P. Thormodsgard
Katherine J. Thorne
Gus Trimble
Beau J. Van Der Sluys
Scott G. Van Hoesen
Nicholas R. Velasquez
Juan L. Venegas Jimenez
Sarah K. Verderame
Julia K. Vervaecke
Sydney Villers
Harvinder Singh Virk
Andrew S. Volt
John C. Vovk
Nathan P. Waanders
Robert L. Wagner
Owen M. Wahl
Sarah R. Wakumoto
Janaye E. Walker
Jess G. Walker
Peter J. Walsh
Wesley E. Walthall
Zhiyun Wang
Ethan F. Watne
Ryan J. Way
Joshua J. Weiser
Samantha M. White
Tracey V. Wick
Analiese J. Wiedenbeck
Dillon Willett
Grant M. Willsie
Brett M. Wilson
Seth W. Wilson
Brye T. Windell
Parker H. Wismar
Adji Witjaksono
Connor L. Witt
Samuel R. Wolyn
Bronson M. Wong
Cassie M. Wong
Logan Z. Wood
Anderson R. Worcester
Connor K. Worrell
Andrew T. Wyatt
Kiyoshi C. Yamamoto
Zelin Yang
Clark L. Yarbrough
Roman A. Yoder
Alex J. Yohe
Ki Ho You
Nathan K. You
Tony Yuan
John D. Zack
Yuwei Zhao
Zerong Zheng
Ryan J. Zonnefeld

Financial Aid and Scholarships


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Scholarship Questions

Faith Nielsen
Scholarship Coordinator
(970) 491-7103

The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering pays differential tuition for all graduate students on a research assistantship (GRA), teaching assistantship (GTA), or other assistantship (GSA).

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