Our students are our greatest assets, and we want to provide as much help as we can so that they can reach their goals. Discover information regarding campus and online resources, financial aid, student organizations, and commencement.

InTERFEWS Graduate Program

The InTERFEWS Program funds graduate students to conduct research at the nexus of Food-Energy-Water systems and provides training to equip students with 21st century career skills.

Academic Tutoring and Advising

Find academic tutoring hours, drop-in advising hours, and academic advising by department and program below in the ERLC section.

Student Organizations

Vehicle senior design team

Become a part of the engineering community through our many student organizations. Find opportunities for collaboration and connection through diversity organizations, honor societies, and local engineering project clubs.


The Dean, faculty, and staff of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering congratulate you on your upcoming graduation from Colorado State University! Find commencement times and locations, information on how to pick up your cap and gown, day-of guidelines, and more. 

Dean's List

The Dean’s List for the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering recognizes students with high academic achievements during the course of the semester.

Ryan Abbott
Brendan Abel
Steven Abel
Caitlin Adams
Emma Adams
Salim Al Abri
Saleh Al Ismaili
Hassan Al Lawati
Ghassan Al Mamari
Yaqoob Al-Aamri
Khalid Alanazi
Sydney Alderfer
Kristopher Alquist
AlWaleed Al-Rashdi
Bilarab Al-Yahyaai
Connor Anderson
Ashley Andringa
Chon Chia Ang
Jorge Arriaga
Katie Ascough
Taylor Ausec
Brandon Avers
Austin Banks
Ryan Barnes
Matt Barr
Emma Barrett
Ethan Barron
Katelyn Bartley
Isaac Bast
Lauren Beatty
Mike Berg
Cooper Bisset
Jason Black
Jake Blase
Hector Bonilla
Carmen Bowen
Michael Bradley
Isabella Brandes
Will Brandt
Chloe Brekhus
Thomas Bridges
Hailey Brunner
Nick Bruns
Khoa Bui
Matt Bullock
Ben Bunten
Ainsley Burch
Catherine Burr
Michael Cabida
Ansley Carver
Sarah Chancellor
Nick Chastain
Brooks Classick
Joe Clouse
Mykala Coe
Bailey Coker
Sienna Colonese
Trenton Cooper
Jeremiah Corrado
Connor Craddock
John Crowell
Kira Cunniff
Sierra Curdts
Alec Day
Sarah deBoer
Jack Derbique
Brandon Dodd
Courtney Doherty
Matthew Douple
Maggie Dring
Jake Edwards
Alaa Eldeiry
Megan English
Max Essenburg
Katie Evans
Najy Faour
Abigail Fennell
Beatrice Fischer
Sami Fischer
Garon Fish
Kinsey Flanders
Devon Fossceco
Julia Friederich
Troy Garner
Katie Gaughan
Ashley Geraets
Joseph Girard
Sophia Girard
Garret Glaspy
Ethan Green
Ryan Guidice
Stephen Haag
Kayla Hackett
Olivia Hahn
Zach Haigh
Sawyer Halingstad
Jared Ham
Enci Han
Cory Harland
Macklin Harrington
Cole Harris
Miles Harris
Sarah Hartley
Iris He
Andy Hegemann
Andrew Helmreich
Matt Helmreich
Connor Henderson
Hailea Henry
Kendall Hettel
Kevin Hewson
Spencer Hicklin
Colin Hill
Joseph Hodges
Emily Hoffmann
Cameron Holmes
Kyle Howe
Casey Johnston
Drew Jones
Spencer Jordan
Walter Jordan
Jurre Kalff
Duke Kalua
Kirsten Kauk
Amy Keisling
Bilal Khan
Jason Kiehlbauch
David Kimmey
Kim King
Kelly Koehler
Cameron Koford
Rachelle Koly
Kalyn Kosmiski
Noah Koury
Nick Krekeler
London Kubicek
Max Kuck
Elizabeth Lacey
Chris Lamson
Marina Larson
Sawyer Lasewicz
Sebastian Lawton
Danelle Lazcano-Concelman
Andre Leautaud
Paxton Lee
Jordan Leonard
Jacob Lerner
Ilana Levine
Everett Lewark
Xiaochen Li
Jared Licht
Ross Lohrisch
Alex Losada
Liza Lunina
Scott Maclean
Chris Mann
Ethan Markey
Aaron Marshall
Brian Mccaffrey
Elliot McCormick
Will McCormick
Sydney McDonald
Stuart McKnight
Josh Mcmartin
Sarah Mendus
Zijun Meng
Amanda Merkley
Peter Meyer
Clint Middlemist
Zane Miller
Lukas Mills
Lars Mitchel
Naser Moin
Kendall Monley
Vincent Montez
Pierce Montilla
Mackenna Moody
Blake Moore
Colton Moore
Stephanie Mooty
Tanara Morrell
Meghan Morrill
Thomas Muetterties
Richard Nash
Elise Ng
Mikayla Novak
Theresa O’Donnell- Sloan
John O’Donnell-Sloan
Michelle Ondrejka
Collin Orr
Kojo Otoo
Hannah Park
Eric Percin
Georgia Perkins
Hannah Peters
Ben Platt
Devin Pohl
Daniel Polinski
Lex Pollicita
Maya Priebe
Noah Probst
Mackenzie Radandt
Emily Radtke
EmmaKate Raisley
Isaac Reaves
Mauri Richards
Ethan Richardson
Natalie Rios
Lauren Robertson
Krista Roerty
Courtney Roush
Kelly Ryan
David Salmon
Daniel Sanchez
Jordan Schlitzer
Kyle Schmer
Amanda Schmidt
Kayla Schultz
Taylor Schulze
Trey Scism
Nick Scrivens
Alison Shad
Clay Shaver
Sydney Sherrick
Amanda Shick
Nick Shipe
Becca Shorey
Kieran Simske
Thamir Sindi
Jessica Slane
Sean Smith
Erin Solis
Jonathan Steiner
Chloe Stoffel
Dan Stone
Wyatt Suit
Kellan Sullivan
Parker Sullivan
Yipin Sun
Aaron Tai
Calvin Tai
Juliette Talarico
Jacob Tamani
Wes Taylor
Alden Tennison
David Thormodsgard
Nick Trammell-Jamison
Gus Trimble
Beau Van Der Sluys
Jake Van Dorfy
Nick Velasquez
Juan Venegas Jimenez
Sarah Verderame
Julia Vervaecke
Axel Villarreal Conchas
Owen Wahl
Sarah Wakumoto
Janaye Walker
Bobbi Jo Wallace
Peter Walsh
Connor Wenzel
Jack Whalen
Sam White
Tracey Wick
Analiese Wiedenbeck
Dillon Willett
Jack Willson
Seth Wilson
Anna Wilwerding
Adji Witjaksono
Sam Wolyn
Cassie Wong
Andy Worcester
Connor Worrell
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Austin Yeager
Roman Yoder
Kiho You
Ailsa Young
Tommy Zakrzewski
Yuwei Zhao
Ryan Zonnefeld

Engineering Residential Learning Community

Academic Village - Engineering, Engineering Residential Learning Community, Colorado State University

Academic Village Commons

Front Desk: 970-491-5807
Directions to Academic Village

Academic Tutoring Hours

Academic Village Room 141
Sunday–Thursday, 7–10 p.m.

  • Physics, math, and chemistry tutored all nights
  • Sunday: CBE 101/160; LIFE 102
  • Monday: CIVE 102/260/261; CIVE 360
  • Tuesday: BIOM 100/200; BMS 300, BZ 220 LIFE 102/210
  • Wednesday: ECE 102/103; CS 163/164
  • Thursday: MECH 103-342; CIVE 260/261/360

Academic Advising

Drop-in advising hours

  • Every Wednesday from 2–4 p.m., during the spring semester
  • Engineering Success Center, Scott Bioengineering Building
  • Information:


  • Every Monday and Wednesday from 7–9 p.m. during the fall semester
  • Academic Village Room AV C146
  • Specifically designed for students in PACe math courses: MATH 117, 118, 124, 125, or 126
  • Hosted by the Graduate Academic Coaches
  • For questions or to set up a one-on-one appointment, email

Maintenance Requests/Residential Work Orders

Routine requests for maintenance in YOUR living space can be placed by filling out the online work order request

Regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. All requests received will be processed on the next REGULAR BUSINESS day.

Note: for emergency services, contact the person on duty for your residence hall or apartment area.

Student Parking

CSU has permit options for students who live on campus or commute to campus daily, with a variety of parking options near the academic core.

ETS help desk hours

Computing Support:

 Academic Village ENS Help Desk

  • AVB C142, next to the Orion Design Studios
  • The Help Desk’s staffing schedule is posted at the desk.
  • Semester breaks (spring, summer, fall, winter): Closed

Main Help Desk

  • Glover 100
  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Semester breaks (spring, fall, winter): 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Summer hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Foothills Campus Help Desk (Atmospheric Science 107)

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed for lunch.
  • Semester breaks (spring, fall, winter): Closed.

Staff & Mentors

Dr. Bonnie Roberts
Faculty in Residence

Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME profile
Allis Werkmeister
Academic Support Coordinator

Advising Appointment Line:
(970) 491-6220


The Graduate Academic Coaches are here to support students, including one-on-one meetings. For questions or to set up an appointment, email

Reza Gorakhki
Vignesh Manivasagam
Ben McKenney
Asif Mirza

Isabel Brandtjen
Andrew Jones
Eric Rubtsov
Jacob Tamani
Michelle Vang

Courtney Doherty
Mechanical Engineering Tutor
Emma Maclaughlin
Biomedical Engineering Tutor
Layne Perry
Civil and Environmental Engineering Tutor
Jacob Tamani
Chemical and Biological Engineering Tutor
Andy Worcester
Electrical and Computer Engineering Tutor

Engineering Orientation

Starting a new phase of life as a college student is not always easy, and we want to help our new students with a smooth transition into the college and CSU. Our orientation programs work alongside the university’s to provide dynamic, student-centered experiences.

Chem Prep and MPE

Missed the June 3 MPE completion deadline? 
E-mail Shannon Wagner to discuss your options and best next steps.

  • Completion of the MPE is required for all incoming engineering students, regardless of anticipated AP/IB credit for high school exams and courses completed.
  • Without MPE, students will not be able to register for math or science (CHEM 111 or PH 141) during Ram Orientation.
  • Completion of ALL Chem Prep modules is required for all incoming Engineering students except for Computer Engineering students. Visit the Chem Prep page for more information.
  • Students’ fall class schedules will be adjusted (with support from their respective academic advisor) in mid-July (as necessary) to account for earned AP/IB credits earned from spring 2019 exams.

Help! What do I do first?

Start Here

CSU: Admitted Student Checklist

You’ve created a lot of unique logins while applying to universities, but we have good news for you: This is the last one you’ll need for a while.

Your eID is needed to complete many of the enrollment tasks to the right, and it also will be your official login as a student at Colorado State. Click here for instructions to create your eID unless you’ve already done so.

To confirm and deposit, visit RamWeb using your eID and select the ‘confirm and pay’ link on your profile. For more information, visit the Admissions Deposit Confirmation page.

Make sure you’ve finished #1-3 above before you access the orientation form.

When you are ready to reserve your spot in an orientation session, visit the Ram Orientation Reservations page

Visit the Applying for Financial Aid page and follow the process, including:

  • Create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Verify Information on Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

Completion of the Math Placement Exam (MPE) is required of all incoming Engineering students by June 3. 

  • In addition, all Engineering majors (except Computer Engineers) are also required to complete Chem Prep well in advance of Ram Orientation. 
  • There is a 48 hour waiting period for Chem Prep completion to show up in the CSU student information system, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete this important part of your pre-orientation process.
  • All official transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.  Click here for more information on the transcripts process and to submit documents
  • In addition, bringing copies of your unofficial transcripts (both college transcripts and ACT/SAT/AP exams scores) with you to Ram Orientation can also be helpful for fall registration since the Registrar’s Office has up to 30 business days in which to evaluate official transcripts once they’re received.

Visit the Health Checklist page for health requirements and recommendations for incoming CSU undergraduate students.

Part 2

Pre-Orientation Checklist

This is required to register for CHEM111. Find more ChemPrep information here.

There is a 48 hour waiting period for Chem Prep completion to show up in the CSU student information system, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete this important part of your pre-orientation process.

Gather your ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores and visit the placement website to determine if you are ready for CO150. Take Directed Self Placement (DSP) if needed.

Create your Engineering Technology Services (ETS) account at This will allow you to log in to campus computers and access important software tools.

Log in to and complete the Registration Ready steps in the center window.