Student Awards and Recognition

Our students are among the best on the world, and are regularly recognized with honors from departments, our college, the university, and beyond. 

Colorado Engineering Council (CEC) Silver Medal Award

Each year, the Colorado Engineering Council awards the Silver Medal to a student at each of the state’s engineering colleges. The award is based on research skills, academic performance, and service, and is based on nominations from departments within the college and subsequent interviews with candidates.

2024 nominees

  • Derek Campbell
    Civil Engineering
  • Dylan Scheller
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Zack Cohn
    Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Kyle Pinto
    Computer Engineering
  • Elaine Smith
    Electrical Engineering
  • Cavin Alderfer
    Environmental Engineering

Previous winners and nominees


Nicholas Chastain, Chemical and Biological Engineering


  • Aidan Allen, Environmental Engineering
  • Ainsley Burch, Mechanical Engineering
  • Catherine Burr, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Shawn Mellinger, Engineering Science and International Studies
  • Gwyndolyn Tari, Computer Engineering
  • Jordan Jeski, Electrical Engineering
  • Joshua McMartin, Civil Engineering


Sarah Verderame, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering


  • Kori Eliaz, Electrical Engineering
  • Carissa Vos, Mechanical Engineering

Nick Daly, Computer Engineering

Katherine Ascough, Civil Engineering; Brianna Bartlett, Engineering Science; Isabella Brandes, Chemical and Biological Engineering; William Brandt, Electrical Engineering; Delaney Galvan, Environmental Engineering; Mallory Knudsen, Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering; Sydney McDonald, Mechanical Engineering

Caitlin Robinson, Mechanical Engineering

Gillian Fahey, Electrical Engineering; Kyle Howe, Chemical & Biological Engineering; Joseph Keaveny, Environmental Engineering; David Kimmey, Biomedical Engineering + ME; Amanda Merkley, Computer Engineering; Susan Ossareh, Engineering Science; Daniel Sanchez, Civil Engineering

Katie Jordan, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Tyler Daniel, Biomedical Engineering + CBE; Nicole Nasi, Civil Engineering; Mitch Hawkins, Computer Engineering; Bassem Faour, Electrical Engineering; Stefan Strutz, Engineering Science; Joey Sinclair, Environmental Engineering; Ray Huff, Mechanical Engineering

Hannah Mikelson, Biomedical Engineering;

Joseph Staver, Chemical & Biological Engineering; Kristen Wells, Civil Engineering; Chris Retzlaff, Computer Engineering; Forest Kunkel, Electrical Engineering; Alex Cecil, Engineering Science; Megan Scott, Environmental Engineering; Marco Peyfuss, Mechanical Engineering

2024 E-Days and Department Awards

During E-Days each year, and during the following weeks, engineering departments recognize the accomplishments of their students with awards and honors, listed below.

2024 Senior Project Awards

First place: Hairy Roots

Grace Blaskowski, Zack Cohn, Zoe Fiedler, Keigan Garrity, Madison Hill, and Nathaniel Welch

Second place: Ramskeller /Anheuser-Busch Collaboration Project

Becca Balliew, Edna Barcenas Ramirez, Carley Boulger, Michael Burns, Caroline Loewecke, Ethan Lucero, and Chris Rossi

Third place: Open Insulin 

Maryam Al Mashrafi, Dalal Alrefae, Jason Jackson, Erin Johnson, Sherly Manoharan, Hunter Pickerel, and Samual Wardono

2024 Senior Project Awards

1st Place – Project 15: Sustainable Solutions Cookstoves: DME/LPG Cookstove Design

Students: Kay Willock, Cavin Alderfer, Mohsen Alherz, Macayla Scheidt, Devin Walsh, and Jordan Blake

2nd Place – Project 20: South Fork Aquatic Engineering

Students: Will Undy, Charlotte George, Evan Storick, Laiken O’Rourke, Alex Scott, and Keely McDaniel

3rd Place – Project 8: Cam Crossing: CSU Campus CPTED Design

Students: Aaron Powers, Ashley Schuler, Mohammed Alharbi, Karina Gonzalez, and Jennifer Valencia

2024 Senior Project Awards

1st place (tied): Arduino Farm  

Advisers: Dr. Bert Vermeulen, Dr. Olivera Notaros 
Team Members: Anthony Conte, Genevieve Reyland-Slawson, Logan Riemer, Carina Morroni

MRI Technologies 

Adviser: Dr. Branislav Notaros 
Team Members: Christopher Erickson, Jack Lattanzi, Benjamin Pauletto

3rd place:  RamBOT

Adviser: Dr. Olivera Notaros 
Team Members: Josiah Aldridge, Jacob Beauchamp, Aironas, Bilevicius, Anna Biolchini, Caleb Costigan, Lawrence Milo, Samuel Peccoud, Kaitlin Rentmeester, Elaine Smith

Best Professor Awards:

Sudeep Pasricha and Tom Chen 

2024 Senior Project Awards

1st Place: AIAA Design Build Fly Team

Students: John Connely, Will Ela, Christian Kolset, Kamren Porche, Josh Querry, Jack Rotter, Bryan Slaughter, Matthew Sloane, Sam Stahl, Daniel Zhou 

2nd Place: Co-Robot Test Stand 

Students: Jack Bishop, Erin Reilly, Justin Levi, Thomas Raspanti

3rd Place: Clean Bean Machine

Students: Seth Butler and Muhamad Nugroho 

MECH 498: Engineering Research Practicum

1st place: Katie Plese

“Integration of a High Enthalpy Source for the CSU Supersonic Indraft Wind Tunnel”

2nd place: Chloe Brekhus

“Development of an Automated Bone Transport Device to Heal Segmental Bone Defects”

3rd place: Kanita Hrustanovic

“Drug Therapy to Counter the Effects of Microgravity”  
Honorable Mention: Anna Helfrich, “Burning Homes and Structural Materials” 

2024 Senior Project Awards

1st place – Her-2-Heros: Biosensor to Detect a Breast Cancer Marker

Students: Mikayla Cox, Lauren Frueh, Anika O’Brian, and Zachary Ortiz 

2nd place: Custom Prostheses for Upper Limbs

Students: Jessie Harrell, Sebastian Lawton, Nyzek Rodriguez, and Kevin Ruzicka

3rd place: Emergency Pediatric Scale

Students: Chris Glagola, Brayden Kono, Tanara Morrell, Maddie Shafer, and Mahalia Thomas

Honorable Mentions:

Inducing Traumatic Brain Injury in a Mouse Model

Students: Ailyn Montes Ramos, Jared Shaaban, and Taylor Wittwer

Cardiac Catheterization Device

Students: Shelby Bauer, Olivia Brown, Madeline Hoffmann, Sherly Manoharan, and Dani Mense

Step Up Prosthetics

Students: Joyce Bohn, Declan Buggy, Ali Hamid, and Kalaina Stroyan

Other Department Awards

Atmospheric Science