Engineering Residential Learning Community

Our community is designed to help students succeed with all aspects of student life. We provide academic advising and tutoring, help with technology and room requests, and we’re ready to help answer whatever questions you have. 

All about our community

Where we are on campus

The community is located in Academic Village (AV) – Engineering Hall and offers engineering students an academically supportive and fun environment.

Residents can take advantage of design studios, collaborative work rooms, and an electronic classroom.

Our supportive communty

Residents can take advantage of nightly tutoring, general advising, a live-in “Faculty-in-Residence,” and live-in Graduate Academic Coaches.

Our Engineering Peer Mentors live in the hall to support students with their personal and professional development.

Apply for our community now!

There are just two quick steps to apply for the Engineering Residential Learning Community.

Complete the general housing application on the CSU housing website
Visit the CSU Learning Communities page and look for the "how to apply" section under "Engineering Residential Learning Community."

Staff & Mentors

The Engineering Residential Learning Community isn’t just a place to live, it is a place to get the support you need to be successful as a student and engineer. Our staff and fellow students are here to help with mentoring, tutoring, and to help when you need it most.

Faculty and Staff

Bonnie Roberts, Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Practice,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
She enjoys being a part of undergraduate student education and helping students reach their full potential. Dr. Roberts lives in Academic Village (AV) – Engineering and hosts various events for the ERLC.
Chase Jackson, Academic Success Coordinator

Chase Jackson
Academic Success Coordinator

Engineering Success Center
Chase is a full-time staff member in the Engineering Success Center. He provides services catering to the academic success of all Engineering students. From hosting “Drop-In Hours” for any and all students’ questions, supervising student staff, and hosting “Free Cookie Friday’s,” Chase is available to help you with all your Engineering Success needs!


Email Chase here for answers to your questions.

Graduate Academic Coaches

The Graduate Academic Coaches are graduate students who live in Academic Village – Engineering and host programs, meet with students one-on-one, and provide support on how to succeed in engineering. They have all earned their Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and are currently pursuing graduate degrees in Engineering.

Engineering RLC Peer Mentors

Engineering RLC Peer Mentors are your go-to support system! They are upper-level engineering students living in Academic Village – Engineering who will listen, give advice, and generally be there for you in your struggles and successes this year.

Our “in-house” tutors specialize in different types of engineering curriculum so that you can get the help you need in your engineering courses! Visit AV - C141 from 7-10 pm Sunday through Thursday for their services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Learning Community Application open the same day as the rest of the housing applications?

Yes! Each year in January both applications open up for students.

I was accepted into the college, now if I want to live in the Academic Village do I apply for both general housing and the ERLC?

Yes, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Submit the general housing application and then fill out the application through the Learning Communities Portal in Step 2 above.

How long does the application process take?

We don’t have an exact timeline because we accept and evaluate applications on a rolling basis. It depends on the amount of applications that we receive at the time.

How will I find out if I am accepted into the ERLC?

We will be sending responses out to your CSU email, so be on the lookout there!

Chase Jackson, Academic Success Coordinator

Contact Us

Email Academic Success Coordinator Chase Jackson if you have further questions.