Spring 2022 Engineering Career Fairs

Find internships, co-ops, and jobs

Free for CSU students and alumni

All CSU students and alumni are welcome to participate

Both in-person and virtual options this year

Each semester, our Career Fairs offer resume and interview help, internship and career information, and more. For Spring 2022, the college is holding both virtual and in-person Career Fairs. Find the right fit for your career outlook, your time and ability to attend, and comfort level with each format.

Virtual Engineering Career Fair

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

On the day of the Virtual  Engineering Career Fair, students will be able to attend video information sessions and private one-on-one video meetings with employers, which means there will be no waiting in line to talk to recruiters.

When you register for the virtual career fair on Handshake, you sign up for specific session times—securing your spot to meet with the employers that you are interested in.

In-person Engineering Career Fair

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022
Canvas Stadium

The Spring 2022 in-person fair will take place in Canvas Stadium, convenient for students and attendees. Attendees can talk directly with recruiters and employers from across Colorado and the U.S.

Find the right employer for your internship, co-op, or job, and get important practice on doing interviews, creating resumes, and preparing for your life as an engineer.

In-person Engineering Career Fair

February 24, 2022
Canvas Stadium

We had a fantastic turnout for our Spring 2022 in-person Career Fair in the beautiful Canvas Stadium! See our gallery of student, alumni, and employer interactions.

Event information

Whether you are joining our virtual or in-person Career Fairs or both, we are ready to answer your questions. Find information below on each fair, including both attendee and employer frequently asked questions.

Students and attendees

  • Registration for CSU students and alumni is free for all Engineering Career Fairs.
  • All CSU students and alumni are welcome to participate.
  • Engineering career fairs are open ONLY to students and graduates of Colorado State University.
  • Virtual registration will take place through the Handshake app. Attendee registration is not necessary for the in-person fair.
  • Students can follow specific employers for information and sessions within Handshake.
  • The virtual Engineering Career Fair will take place on Handshake, including registrations, sessions, and contact with employers.
  • Students can sign up for an unlimited number of 10-minute breakout sessions with different employers.
  • The virtual fair allows students to set their meeting times according to their schedules. Make sure to sign up for sessions early to save your spot.

The in-person fair will take place in Canvas Stadium, convenient for students and attendees.

Other questions?

Please contact the Engineering Success Center at engr-careeradvising@colostate.edu

No! Employers need you for their internships, jobs, and co-ops!

Absolutely! A resume is an excellent conversation starter when talking to recruiters. For most companies, it will be how they remember your interaction and contact you in the future.

Having an idea of the companies you’d like to talk to before you walk into the fair will help you be more confident and less scattered in what can be a chaotic environment.

Virtual or not, first impressions are everything.

We recommend wearing business casual attire. To us, that means clothes you would expect employees to be wearing in a bank or business office. Overall, it is important to make sure that your clothes are clean and in good condition with no rips or stains.

The CSU Career Center has an excellent short video about considering inclusivity as you dress for success. “Questions to Ask Yourself to Dress for Success” is available here on their site.

Not at all! Students of all ages are encouraged to attend. Companies are often looking to hire interns too, and attending as a first year student is great practice for future career fairs and networking events.

Students will be able to contact employers directly through Handshake. This is the preferred method unless a student and recruiter have agreed to other procedures.

The participating employers list gets updated every week, beginning in late July.

Employers listed will be different for each fair, and will be indicated by event participation.

The Engineering Success Center has many opportunities throughout the semester for students to practice with.

  • Students can first attend a Behavior-Based Interviewing session before scheduling a mock interview.
  • Students can then schedule interview practicing sessions through the mock interview program on Handshake.
  • Students can also schedule a one-on-one session to talk about strategies in networking at a career fair. Appointments can be made on Handshake.

Employers and recruiters

  • Employers can screen candidate resumes using the familiar Handshake platform.
  • If you have an account in Handshake already, you’re ready to sign in and register for the event.
  • If you don’t have an account yet, no problem! Create a free Handshake account at the same link and register for the event.
  • Virtual presentation allows for reduced registration fees for employers.
  • The Handshake platform includes all virtual functions, from registration through live sessions, without the need to use Zoom or your organization’s platforms.
  • Employers can host three 30-minute information sessions throughout the day.
  • Employers can offer one-on-one sessions to prospective candidates.

After being virtual for so long due to the pandemic, the in-person fair offers employers and recruiters the opportunity to meet potential candidates without the drawbacks of Zoom and virtual meetings.

The in-person fair will take place in the beautiful Canvas Stadium on the Fort Collins campus, a well-recognized central location for attendees and your staff.

The virtual fair has no limits on staff participation.

For the in-person fair, it depends on the type of registration:

  • Non-profit, government, and small businesses can have up to two people per table.
  • Large businesses can have up to four people.
  • Sponsors can have up to 10 people.

Tables and chairs will be provided.

For swag, handouts, and other materials, we have had on average 1,000 students visit the career fair in-person during previous events. However, that doesn’t mean they will all visit each booth.

Electricity is an extra $25 fee per registration. An internet is included for no additional cost.

There is a $50 processing fee for cancellations.

For our Fall 2021 events:

  • Full refund minus $50 for cancellations before September 3.
  • No refunds after September 3.

Co-ops and Internships Program Coordinator Teresa Simske can answer questions from employers and recruiters about the college’s
Cooperative Education Program and overall employer internship questions.

Other questions?

Please contact the Engineering Success Center at engr-careeradvising@colostate.edu

Participating employers

Recruiters from all over the country will join us at the Engineering Career Fair, the cornerstone event of campus recruiting activities for engineering students. 

Spring 2022 Employer List

Use the Search/Filter box to find employers by company name, majors, or keywords.

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