International Engineering

See the world and make a difference! Engineering students at CSU have many opportunities to participate in international experiences, whether that’s short-term or a semester.

Engineering Abroad Bridge Programs

Picture this…
It’s late summer. You arrive on campus for one week of classroom learning.

Then you get 10 days traveling to Berlin or Copenhagen!

Experience Cultural Adventures
Industry Visits
Continued Academic Learning
and Course Credits
Networking with Engineers
in Another Country
You return to campus in time to move into the residence halls and begin your first semester of classes at CSU!
“Engineering is so global, and it’s really important for students to have as many global experiences as they can.”
Claire Lavelle, Counselor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering, Colorado State University, September 20, 2019
Claire Lavelle
Academic Advisor & Department Manager,
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Join the Engineering Bridge Abroad: Berlin Program

Meet other incoming students and travel abroad to Berlin, Germany, as part of an introductory mechanical engineering course that will take you through engineering marvels and lessons learned from failed projects.

This program provides a unique opportunity for a small cohort of incoming, first-year and transfer students to earn credit for an introductory mechanical engineering course, including travel to Berlin, Germany.

Join the Engineering Bridge Abroad: Copenhagen Program

Start your career as an engineering student with a study-abroad experience in Copenhagen, Denmark!

All while working on your first-year chemical and biological engineering coursework!