Center for Laser Sensing & Diagnostics

Laser Applications for Plasma Science, Combustion, and Atmospheric Sensing

Our Research

Our research focuses on laser-based measurement of gases, plasmas, and plasma-surface interactions for plasma science and electric propulsion applications. Interests also include laser ignition of engines, laser combustion diagnostics, high-power fiber delivery, and laser sensing for environmental and health applications.

Opportunities for

We recruit motivated graduate students and post-doctoral researchers for projects related to laser-based sensing of plasmas, combustion, and the atmosphere. Visit to view current openings. Search ‘Center for Laser Sensing & Diagnostics’ to find positions in our lab.

Industry Partnerships

Our group welcomes partnership with industry in multiple ways. We partner on projects related to laser diagnostics and sensor development for plasma, combustion, and the atmosphere. We can also provide test-services including sensor instrumentation development, characterization of optical coatings by cavity down-spectroscopy, and measurements of sputter yields.

The Lab

Welcome to the Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics at Colorado State University.  The lab is founded and directed by Mechanical Engineering Professor Azer Yalin. It is located at the Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

The lab is ~2000 sq. ft. and contains advanced instrumentation for plasma and combustion experiments including multiple solid-state lasers, spectroscopic detection equipment, and test beds for combustion and plasma experimentation. We partner with other researchers at the Powerhouse for access to aerosol instrumentation, fuels characterization equipment, and internal combustion engines. Our lab is also a vital training ground to develop the next generation of leaders in our research areas. 

Real World Impact

The work in our laboratory advances the understanding of combustion and plasma systems enabling improvements of efficiency and cleanliness in energy-conversion devices and advances in propulsion systems for terrestrial and space application. Our work on atmospheric sensing improves regional air quality and increases homeland security.

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