Venayagamoorthy serves as editor for special issue in Environmental Fluid Mechanics Journal

The Environmental Fluid Mechanics Journal has published a special issue on turbulence and mixing in stratified flows. Professor Karan Venayagamoorthy served as editor for the issue which includes twelve papers, half of which focus on stratified turbulence and mixing research performed in labs and simulations, with the second half focused on field-scale observations and simulations in natural…Read more

New research analyzes impact of climate change and urban development on compound dry-hot weather events

The concurrent occurrence of hot and dry weather events, known as compound dry-hot extreme (CDHE) events, poses a significant risk to the health of both humans and the environment. In their research published by Nature Communications journal, postdoctoral researcher Mahshid Ghanbari and Professor Mazdak Arabi analyze the impact of climate change and urban development on…Read more

ASCE interviews van de Lindt for book on resilient and sustainable buildings

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) invited Professor John van de Lindt to discuss his new book, Resilient and Sustainable Buildings. CEE professors Hussam Mahmoud and Bruce Ellingwood contributed as chapter co-authors, and van de Lindt served as lead editor for the book. The text examines four NSF projects pertaining to resilient and sustainable structures,…Read more

Carlson and Tong’s fracking research cited in NYT feature

The New York Times’ article “‘Monster Fracks’ Are Getting Far Bigger. And Far Thirstier.” references research by CEE professors Kenneth Carlson and Tiezheng Tong. The article demonstrated the impact on U.S. aquifers by fracking activity by large oil and gas wells, using “astonishing volumes of water.” Carlson and Tong’s research found hydraulic fracturing in arid…Read more

Meira recognized as outstanding reviewer for Water Resources Research journal

Assistant Professor Antônio Alves Meira Neto was named a 2022 Outstanding Reviewer by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) for his work with the Water Resources Research journal. The AGU, established in 1919 by the National Research Council, is a leading association in earth and space sciences. Meira joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in the…Read more

Smith featured in NY Times article on diminishing groundwater

Assistant Professor Ryan Smith’s research connecting groundwater depletion to arsenic contamination was cited in a New York Times article entitled “America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow.” Below is an excerpt from the article: “In general, as people drill deeper wells, the likelihood of arsenic contamination increases, according to Dr. Smith, now…Read more

Mahmoud published in Nature as wildfires continue to blaze around the world

Professor Hussam Mahmoud has published an article in Nature‘s online journal under the World View section entitled “The causes of wildfires are clear. How they burn through communities is not.” In the article, Mahmoud calls for community-wide mitigation to reduce damage from wildfires. His own groundbreaking wildfire model is one such way to increase resilience…Read more

YouTube: The Water TAP Lab with Sybil Sharvelle

Sybil Sharvelle, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is also head of the Water Technology Acceleration Platform Lab (Water TAP) at the CSU SPUR campus. Learn more about the Water TAP Lab in this video.

Mahmoud interviewed by NPR and KKTV for wildfire model

This week, both NPR for Northern Colorado (KUNC) and Colorado’s 11 News (KKTV) invited Professor Hussam Mahmoud to describe his work on predicting the path of wildfires within communities. While there are several models for predicting wildfire paths in forests and wildlands, communities are more challenging to predict. Yet, his groundbreaking model was able to…Read more