PhD student wins best presentation at International Water Association conference

Student and dog on cliff overlooking a body of water.

In July, PhD student Yiqun Yao attended the International Water Association’s 10th Membrane Technology Conference & Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in St. Louis, Missouri. Advised by Associate Professor Tiezheng Tong, Yao’s research focuses on developing novel electrodialysis desalination technology for brine treatment and the design of antiscalants for membrane desalination.

Yao presented her research titled “The Design of Antiscalants for Gypsum and Silica Scaling in Membrane Desalination: A Systematic Study” and received recognition for Best Oral Presentation from the conference.

“This conference provided an incredible platform to share ideas, innovations, and the latest research findings in membrane technology. Presenting my work on desalination was a milestone in my professional career. It is a great opportunity to share my passion and insights with an engaged audience and to receive feedback from peers who share a similar passion for the field,” said Yao.

“Winning the ‘Best Oral Presentation’ award was an unexpected honor. This recognition not only validates the hard work and dedication that went into my research but also emphasizes the importance of the problem we’re trying to solve. It has further motivated me to continue my research and strive for excellence in my future endeavors. I am deeply grateful for this recognition, the opportunity to be a part of such an enriching event, and the support of my advisor, Dr. Tong.”