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Ram Orientation is coming up and you might have questions before you meet with us virtually on your orientation date. Guess what! We have answers. Here are the top eight questions students have before Ram Orientation.


Will I register for classes?

Absolutely! During Ram Orientation you’ll have the chance to meet with advising staff in a small group setting online to register for fall classes. If you haven’t already signed up for orientation, we recommend making a reservation online as soon as possible.

Protip: The earlier your orientation date, the more options you’ll have for class days and times. 


Do I need to take the Math Placement Tool?

Completion of the Math Placement Tool is required for all incoming Engineering students.

Without the Math Placement Tool, students will not be able to register for math or science (CHEM 111 or PH 141) during Ram Orientation.

Deadline to complete Math Placement Tool is June 3, 2020.

Protip: Students’ fall class schedules will be adjusted (with support from their respective academic advisor) in mid-July if needed. 


Do I have to complete the Chem Prep?

Completion of ALL Chem Prep modules is required for all incoming Engineering students except for Computer Engineering students. Chem Prep should be completed at least one week in advance of your orientation date. Visit the Chem Prep page for more information.

Protip: Chem Prep takes a bit of time to finish, make sure to start early and work everyday over a longer period of time.


What is the Directed Self-Placement Survey (DSP) and do I need to complete it?

The DSP is a Composition Placement used to help determine which composition class you can register for, either CO150 or CO130. If you need to complete the DSP it will show up in your RAMWeb account.

Protrip: If you’re placed into CO130, you can take the Composition Placement Challenge and Re-Evaluation Essay to be placed into CO150.


When do I declare my minor?

At the beginning of your first semester, meet with your academic advisor to discuss minor options. Once you decide your minor you’re able to declare halfway through your first semester.

Protip: You can add a minor at a later date, but the sooner you declare the more likely you are to stay on path for a timely graduation.


How and when do I get involved in research, internships, etc.?

You can get involved your first semester! If you’re interested in research, check with faculty as they hire undergraduate students to assist in their research labs. Talk to professors in your department about the research they’re doing and if they hire undergrads.

Internships usually take place over the summer. Make sure to go to the career fair hosted by the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering. Bring copies of your resume and ask employers about internships and/or co-ops.

Protip: Get your resume reviewed at the Engineering Success Center before the career fair! The spring career fair brings in more employers looking for summer interns.


What is the Engineering Residential Learning Community (ERLC)?

The ERLC is a community of first year engineering students who all live together in Academic Village and Edwards Halls. We have extra support with tutoring, computer labs, peer mentors, graduate academic coaches, and a faculty in residence. To apply to live in this community, select it when filling out your Housing Application and submit the supplemental questions. For more information, visit or email

Protip: If you can’t get into the Engineering RLC, opt for Newsom Hall or Ingersoll Hall as they’re both close by. Even if you don’t live in AV you can still access the computer labs, tutoring, and mentoring as an engineering student.    


Can I be an Honors student or Key student and still be in engineering?

Yes! Keep in mind the GPA requirements for those programs will still need to be maintained, and engineering classes do present a unique academic challenge.

Protip: Be sure to prioritize and manage your time effectively. Check out TILT workshops on time management.   

We are so excited for you to join the Ram Family! If you have any other questions or would like to chat with one of our engineering student ambassadors, please e-mail us at


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