Professional Learning Institute

Preparing engineering students for careers that advance society and serve the world

Welcome to the Professional Learning Institute!

The College of Engineering in fall of 2007 launched the Professional Learning Institute (PLI) which provides students with real world skills and experience to complement the outstanding technical curricula they receive at Colorado State. We are proud to once again offer students the opportunity to participate in the PLI during the upcoming year.

Here you will find how to add expertise in many areas that are highly valued by employers. The PLI will help you achieve your employment goals by complementing your engineering classes. We have scheduled interactive workshops led by key industry leaders and Colorado State faculty and staff in each of these focus areas: Cultural Adaptability, Diversity, Leadership, Civic and Public Engagement, Innovation, and Ethics.

Prepare for your engineering careers and make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. If you have questions about the PLI, send an e-mail to

How to Get PLI Credit:

The general process is outlined below. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

  1. Students pre-register for a PLI session on the PLI website:
  2. If students can’t pre-register (i.e., the session is “FULL”), students may attend on a space-available basis and still receive credit.
  3. Students must attend the entire workshop and complete attendance slips to be handed in at the end of the workshop. These are distributed only at the beginning of each PLI workshop and acceptedonly at the end of the workshop. If you come late or leave early, you will not receive credit. Please allow 24 hours for attendance to be posted as it is a manual process.
  4. Students then access the online evaluation via the workshop list on the PLI website:
    • Go to the workshop list (see link on the right side of this page).
    • Find the workshop you attended (they remain in order by date, oldest to newest)
    • In the right-hand column, session name and info, you will see a link entitled Evaluate.
    • Click on the link to evaluate the workshop you attended. You will receive credit only for workshops you both attend and evaluate.
    • Print the evaluation confirmation page for your records.
  5. Students should then wait 14 days and check their My PLI Status at that time to make sure the credit is recorded. This is a manual download/upload of data that we do, so it’s only done at the 14 day and 21 day mark.
  6. If there’s an issue (i.e., you know you submitted the attendance slip and evaluation but don’t see your credit at 14 days), you still have 7 days to work with us to make sure you get your credit before the 21 day deadline!
  7. Direct questions to