4 Tips to Have A Fun & Successful Orientation

Ram Orientation has kicked off! Orientation is fun and exciting but can be stressful. Here are our tips on how to have an awesome experience at Ram Orientation.


Meet people



I’m going to meet so many new people. What are we going to have in common?


Everyone at CSU has at least one thing in common: We’re all Rams! You might not know anyone at CSU or you might have a ton of friends here. Regardless, you will meet loads of new people on campus. Orientation is a great place to start making new friends. You will bond with your group at Ram Orientation through icebreakers and other activities during your session.


Pay attention



How am I going to remember all the important stuff from Ram Orientation?


You’re going to have a LOT of information thrown at you, so it is important to retain as much as possible. You will learn about clubs at CSU, life in the residence halls, information about your major and much more! Bring a notebook to your orientation session to take notes. You will not be tested on it, but some information sessions give out prizes for answering questions.


Listen to your advisors



Who is going help me register for fall classes?


You will register for your classes on the second day of Ram Orientation. Advisors and other staff members will help you select and register for your fall classes. If an advisor says you need to take a math class, then you should register for it. They will have your best interests in mind, and it is important to listen to their advice in order to graduate. Please note that the class registration session is for students only. Orientation guests will not attend this portion of orientation.


Get engaged



Is there time to socialize during orientation?


There are going to be lots of fun activities planned at the end of the first day, so you might as well participate and enjoy it. The social events at Braiden Hall are a great place to get to know your new people. There will be a movie, popcorn, and games available for students! This year they’re showing Black Panther.

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