4 Tips to Have A Fun & Successful Orientation

Ram Orientation is coming up! Orientation is fun and exciting but can be stressful. Here are our tips on how to have an awesome experience at Ram Orientation.

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Meet people

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I’m bummed orientation is online this year. How can I get to know other engineering students online?


We are also sad we won’t be able to greet you in person, but we will still have time for games and small group discussions so you can get to know your peers. This time will be important to be engaged and fully present with the other first year students. It might feel awkward at first, but don’t forget, everyone is feeling awkward right now! Through these activities, you will see some friendly faces on campus and in your classes after seeing them online at Ram Orientation.


Pay attention

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How am I going to remember all the important stuff from Ram Orientation?


You’re going to have a LOT of information thrown at you, so it is important to retain as much as possible. You will learn about clubs at CSU, life in the residence halls, information about your major and much more! Take notes as you watch the orientation videos and during the time you meet with advisors. You will not be tested on the information in the videos, but it will help you start off your first semester strong. 


Listen to your advisors

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Who is going help me register for fall classes?


You will register for your classes during online Ram Orientation. You will have the chance to meet with advising staff in a small group setting online to select and register for fall classes. If an advisor says you need to take a math class, then you should register for it. They will have your best interests in mind, and it is important to listen to their advice in order to graduate. 


Get engaged

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How can I get engaged with the community right now?


Take advantage of our online resources! Follow our engineering Instagram, @csuengineering, to see what’s going on in the college. If you haven’t already, consider downloading RoomSync, a roommate-finding app that can connect you with other students in your residence hall, and hopefully find you a roommate along the way! You can also head over to Facebook and join the CSU class of 2024 group, where you can connect with other incoming students. 

Go Rams!

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