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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at CSU is internationally recognized for our research, education, and outreach focused on providing sustainable and resilient solutions to improve the quality of life for all society. The Department values and appreciates diversity, and believes that diversity in our Department and on our campus strengthens our entire engineering and scientific community. Accordingly, we welcome to our community as equal contributors all who share our goal to improve society regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, physical ability, age, socioeconomic status or nationality. (Last revised 12/06/2016)

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Latest News

Ashwin Dhanasekar Joins the Water Research Foundation


Ashwin Dhanasekar, Research Scientist in the Environmental Engineering program with Dr. Ken Carlson, has joined the Water Research Foundation in Denver, Colorado as a Research Project Manager. The Water Research Foundation is a not-for-profit research cooperative whose mission is to advance the science of water to protect public health and the environment. The Foundation is governed by utilities who provides sound research solutions and knowledge in all areas of water, wastewater, stormwater, and reuse.


Joseph Scalia Invited to Deliver Young Lecture

Dr. Scalia

Dr. Joseph Scalia has been invited to deliver an invited Young Lecture on the topic of his choice for the 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (8ICEG). The conference will be held on October 28-November 1, 2018 in Hangzhou, China. The nomination of Young Lecturers was finalized by the Organizing Committee of 8ICEG after consulting with the chair of the Technical Committee. Dr. Scalia has also been selected as a recipient of a fellowship for the 2nd United States Universities Council on Geotechnical Education and Research (USUCGER) Workshop for Early Career Geotechnical Faculty. The workshop is targeted to help promising young geotechnical scholars launch their academic career, and will be held. May 20-22, 2018 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bruce Ellingwood Receives 2018 Geerhard Haaijer Award

Dr. Ellingwood
Dr. Bruce Ellingwood was notified that he has been selected to receive the 2018 Geerhard Haaijer Award for Excellence in Education from the American Institute of Steel Construction. This award is given "in special recognition to individuals who have had a profound and lasting impact in developing a unique application for engineering practice or in the mentoring of future leaders." The award will be presented at the North American Steel Construction Congress in Baltimore on April 11, 2018.

Suren Chen Elected to ASCE Fellow

Dr. Chen
Dr. Suren Chen has been elected to ASCE Fellow effective January 31, 2018. This status must be attained by professional accomplishments via application and election by the Membership Application Review Committee (MARC). Minimum requirements for fellowship inlcude 10 years of responsible charge in the grade of ASCE member and a P.E. or P.L.S. License.


Faculty Published Papers Recognized

Dr. Bailey
Dr. Shackelford
Several recently published papers co-authored by Department faculty have been selected for special recognition by the journals in which the papers were published. Dr. Ryan Bailey (left) co-authored a paper entitled, "Method for Estimating Available Groundwater Volume of Small Coral Islands" that has been recognized as a Feature Article by the Hydrological Sciences Journal (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02626667.2017.1382703). Also, two papers co-authored by Dr. Charles Shackelford (right) have been selected as Editors' Choice papers, viz., "Membrane Behavior of Compacted Sand-Bentonite Mixture" published in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal (http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/story/10.4141/news.2017.10.12.495#.Wl9ueFFG2Ci) and "Membrane Behavior of Unsaturated Sodium Bentonite" published in the ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. Finally, a third paper co-authored by Dr. Shackelford entitled, "Apparatus for Measuring Coupled Membrane and Diffusion Behavior of Unsaturated Sodium Bentonite,"  published in the Vadose Zone Journal has been selected for special recognition in Crop, Soils, Agronomy News Magazine (see: https://dl.sciencesocieties.org/publications/csa/abstracts/63/2/14/preview).

Three Faculty Join Editorial Boards

Dr. Venayagamoorthy
Three Department faculty are joining the editorial boards of three prestigious journals. Dr. Ryan Bailey (left) is joining the editorial board of the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, published by Elsevier, Amsterdam. Dr. Chris Bareither (middle) is joining the editorial board of the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Virginia. Dr. Joe Scalia (right) is joining the editorial board of the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, published by the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa. Congratulations Ryan, Chris, and Joe!

Karan Venayagamoorthy receives the Meroney Family Chi Epsilon Faculty Teaching Award

Dr. Venayagamoorthy
On December 11, Karan was awarded this award which was established by our Emeritus Professor Bob Meroney and his wife Joan. This Fund was made possible with a cash gift from Envirodyne Systems, Inc. on behalf of Dr. Robert and Joan Meroney in May 2016. Other gifts or bequests may also be allocated to this Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to reward current mid-career faculty (between 5 to 20 years’ service period) whose accomplishments and contributions to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department through outstanding advising, teaching and innovation. Preference is given to those faculty members who exhibit the greatest potential for continuing and long-term impact and who will make significant contributions to the continued success of the programs and reputations therein.

The candidates are nominated and selected by a committee comprised of the Chi Epsilon honor society student executives and their advisor in consultation with the Department Head and Dean of the college.

Neil Grigg appointed Adjunct Professor for the Colorado School of Public Health

Dr. Neil Grigg

Congratulations to Neil Grigg for his appointment to the rank of Adjunct Professor for the Colorado School of Public Health, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health as approved by the Provost of the University of Colorado, Denver. The appointment was effective December 1, 2017.

Beyond wind speed: A new measure for predicting hurricane impacts

3-Team Taylor
Hussam Mahmoud and graduate student Stephanie Pilkington develop new approach to assessing the resiliency of coastal communities to hurricanes.

Mahmoud and Pilkington's impact model uses artificial neural networks and machine learning to "teach" a computer program how to predict a pending storm's damage, by dollar figure.

Read the full story.

CIVE 525 students Create Hydraulic Ram Pump

3-Team Taylor

Each year, students in CIVE 525 Water Engineering for International Development compete to design the most efficient hydraulic ram pump. The pump needs to convey water from the basement to the roof of the three-story Engineering Building without any external source of power. This winning team this year was: Wesley Back, Kristen Cognac, Taylor Hogan, and Daniel McFarland. Their pump had an efficiency of 72.5%, which set a new record for the competition. Congratulations!

(Pictured left to right: Wesley Back, Taylor Hogan, Daniel McFarland and Kristen Cognac)

Yufen Zhou Invited to MIT's CEE Rising Star Workshop

Dr. Yufen Zhou
Yufen Zhou (Ph.D., civil, 2016) was one of the top 20 early career women interested in academia in Civil and Environmental Engineering who was invited by MIT to participate in the CEE Rising Stars Workshop held on the MIT campus October 12 -13, 2017.  This is the second year of this event.  The goal of the workshop is to bring together the next generation of CEE academic leaders for two days of scientific interactions and career-oriented discussions. It featured research presentations by the participants, faculty talks, panels on issues relevant to academic careers, and opportunities for informal networking with faculty members at MIT.  Yufen’s presentation was entitled “Advancing performance-based multi-hazard engineering:  risk-informed approaches considering combined serviceability and ultimate strength of critical infrastructure.”


Navid Attary receives ASCE 2017 Best Journal Paper

In spring 2017 the Board of the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering (JSE) decided to initiate a new set of awards to recognize best journal papers in three categories: Analysis & computation,  recognizes papers in the SHM/structural system identification, optimization, computing and reliability areas; Structural Hazards: recognizes papers in the seismic, wind, dynamic effects, and shock and vibration areas; and Materials and Structural Response: Recognizes papers in the metal, concrete, masonry, wood and composites areas. Selection of the award-winning papers was conducted by a committee of Associate Editors.  The 2017 Best Journal Paper in Structural Hazards was awarded to Navid Attary,(Research Scientist) John W. van de Lindt, Vipin U. Unnikrishnan, Andre R. Barbosa and Daniel T. Cox for the paper entitled “Methodology for Development of Physics-Based Tsunami Fragilities.”

2017 Alfredo Ang Award Given to Bruce Ellingwood

Dr. Bruce Ellingwood
Dr. Bruce Ellingwood was awarded the prestigious ASCE 2017 Alfredo Ang Award on Risk Analysis and Management of Civil Infrastructure "for significant advancement of and outstanding contributions in the field of probabilistic risk analysis and management of civil infrastructure, notably in performance-based design structural safety, reliability, and resilience in relation to abnormal loads and progressive collapse. An interesting note, Alfredo Ang was Dr. Ellingwood's Ph.D. advisor.

Congratulations Bruce!

New Faculty this Fall 2017

Dr. Tiezheng Tong
Dr. Tiezheng Tong joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an assistant professor in August 2017. He received his Ph.D. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University in 2015. Before joining CSU, he worked as a postdoc research associate in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Yale University. He graduated from Beijing Normal University (with the highest honor) and Tsinghua University with B.S. and M.S. degrees, respectively, both of which are in environmental engineering.

Dr. Tong is the leading author or co-author of 23 peer-reviewed journal articles, many of which have been published on high-impact journals such as Environmental Science & Technology and Water Research. He is also the recipient of several academic and professional awards, including the Environmental Chemistry Graduate Student Award from American Chemistry Society, Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Student Scholarship Award from Illinois Section of American Society of Civil Engineers, a student award from Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO), and the prestigious Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Student Abroad. Dr. Tong aims to utilize interdisciplinary research approaches to promote environmental sustainability at the water-energy-health nexus. His current research areas include developing novel membrane materials and processes for sustainable water supply, as well as understanding ecological and health impacts of engineered nanomaterials.

Summer Outreach Program funded by Dr. Peter Nelson CAREER Grant

Summer Outreach Program

Earlier this month, 10 high school students waded through Spring Creek sampling fish and insects as part of a summer outreach program in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering.

The program is funded through a five-year National Science Foundation CAREER grant awarded to Peter Nelson. CAREER awards are given "in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization."

Read the full story.

CSU Water Center announces 7 Grant Recipients

"The CSU Water Center has selected four multi-disciplinary teams and three individual faculty members as recipients of competitive grants totaling $129,553 for 2017-18. The seven projects involve 25 faculty members and eight students from across campus. True to the mission of the Water Center, these projects involve water research, teaching, and engagement through interdisciplinary collaboration and creative scholarship among faculty and students."

Read the full story.

In Memory of Cody Oser

Cody Oser

CSU alum, Cody Oser, of Broomfield, Colorado passed away on April 8, 2017, while working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama. Cody graduated with a BS degree in Civil Engineering in the fall of 2015. Cody was known as a caring and giving individual, and had participated as a student member of CSU's student chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) during his undergraduate studies. As a student member of EWB, Cody worked closely with a broad range of students from across the university as well as with the faculty advisors of EWB, Dr. Christopher Bareither (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Dr. Andrea Purdy (Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Cultures), in assisting the village of La Criba, El Salvador in enhancing their water supply and distribution system.

Dr. Bareither remembers Cody's participation in EWB well: "Cody was an invaluable member of EWB during his time at CSU; he was an excellent engineer and an outstanding person. Cody was willing to sacrifice everything to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. He will be missed dearly by the EWB family at CSU and by family and friends throughout the world;" "Cody will be remembered for his caring and selfless contributions towards the betterment of humanity", Charles Shackelford; "Assistant Professor Andrea Purdy states "He wanted to build and work with communities in a manner that was sustainable and respectful of their cultures and way of life."

Andrea's reflections on Cody Oser.

Cody Oser Pictures


E-Days was a huge success for the entire College this year with a total of 93 senior design projects presented by teams ranging from 3 members to 10 members. For the department's projects see the slide show below.

Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017
Sr. Design Projects 2017

E-Days is also a time for the College and Departments to recognize outstanding graduating seniors.

Two students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have been nominated for the prestigious Colorado Engineering Council (CEC) Medal of Award in Silver (Silver Medal Award). The Silver Medal Award is presented annually to graduating senior engineering students in the several schools designated by the CEC. The recipient is selected from among three top students nominated by each school for consideration and interviewed by the Engineering Council Student Awards Committee. All students nominated receive a Certificate of Merit; and, in addition, the student judged to be the most outstanding is also presented the Silver Medal Award. Emilie Abbott (Environmental Engineering) and Cayla Cappelo (Civil Engineering) were selected as two of the three recipients being nominated to the CEC from the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering (WSCOE) at CSU. Congratulations Emilie and Cayla!

In addition, the department recognized Kole Van Treese with the Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award, Lana Millard with the Civil Engineering Achievement Award, Abel Fuhrmann with the Civil Engineering Student Leadership Award, Emilie Abbot with the Outstanding Environmental Engineering Student Award, Daniel Stringer with the Environmental Engineering Achievement Award, Aaron Kolb with Environmental Engineering Student Leadership Award and Taylor Hogan with the Ralph Parshall Award. Congratulations to all!!!!

Aaron KolbAaron Kolb
Abel FuhrmannAbel Fuhrmann
Daniel StringerDaniel Stringer
Emilie AbbotEmilie Abbot
Kole Van TreeseKole Van Treese
Lana MillardLana Millard
Taylor HoganTaylor Hogan

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