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Greetings! My name is Luke and I'm a senior electrical engineering major with a biomedical engineering and mathematics minors at Colorado State University. I'm from Corvallis, Oregon.

I am in the Honors Program, which was a big draw for me to come to CSU. In high school, I thought I would be studying history, but I decided to switch my major to Open Option Engineering the summer before my freshman year. After taking the Introduction to Grand Challenges in Engineering (ENGR 101) class, I chose to focus on a combination of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. This combines my passion for the biomedical sciences with applications of electrical system technology.

In my time at CSU, I have gained not only a wealth of technical knowledge through my courses, but I have had a great deal of experience with extracurricular involvement. Through the Honors program, I became involved with the Honors Undergraduate Research Scholars (HURS) program my first semester. I was placed in a biomedical engineering research lab on campus where I worked for two years with a biomedical engineering graduate student on his doctoral project. In summer 2011, I worked in the lab full time and pursued some individual projects. I eventually gained a co-authorship on a paper and presented the work at professional conferences. I also worked as a Hardware Engineering R&D Intern at Agilent Technologies partnered with the CSU Engineering Co-Op program in the summer of 2012. This was a chance to gain valuable engineering industry experience in a timeline longer than a traditional engineering internship, which is an experience that has been absolutely invaluable for my career as an engineering student. In addition to my research experience, I have been involved in numerous student organizations in leadership roles. My freshman year, I was a part of the Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) Ram Leadership Team, a freshman leadership development program. This was a life changing opportunity where I made life-long friendships and outstanding connections across the University. My sophomore year, I became involved in Engineering College Council (ECC), the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), and Sigma Alpha Lambda (SAL). On Engineering College Council, I served as the career fair liaison, webmaster, and eventually president. As president, I organized delegation national engineering leadership conferences, encouraged freshman retention and involvement, and helped to plan E-Days, the annual presentation of senior design projects and celebration of engineering at CSU. Now as a senior, I am involved with the Presidential Ambassadors program on campus, which represents the President's office from a student perspective at a number of events across campus and the nation.

My involvement experiences help represent the diverse range of opportunities that all CSU students have for furthering themselves as people, outside of the classroom. In summer 2013, I worked as a policy analysis intern for IEEE-USA in Washington DC. As a part of the Washington Internships for Students in Engineering (WISE) program, I learned about the public policy process and how engineers can be further involved in it, met at numerous federal organizations and agencies on a variety of topics, and eventually formed a research paper on Internet governance issues. This experience has led to my interest in engineering and public policy, and how to further the understanding between the two sectors. Beyond graduation in May 2014, I hope to enroll in a graduate program focused on the intersections between engineering, technology, and public policy. I am also exploring options to work in industry before continuing to graduate school. Overall, I hope I have given you a good picture of the diverse experience engineers can have here at CSU!

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