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Northern Water E-Waternews May 2020 Features CEE Senior Design Project

Design drawings made by engineering students at Colorado State University show the potential for a fishing pier at Glade Reservoir that would meet Americans with Disability Act protocols.

“While universities across the country have been forced to conduct classes via the internet because of the threat of COVID-19, a group of engineering students at Colorado State University used the time to design a potential improvement to the proposed Glade Reservoir.
Students in a senior design class at CSU were given the task to design a fishing pier at Glade Reservoir that would comply with standards in the Americans with Disabilities Act. On May 4, they gave a presentation to Project Management Department Manager Carl Brouwer that outlined the possibilities for a fishing pier at the southern end of the reservoir. If built, it would create an inclusive opportunity for recreation at the reservoir.

Students looked at other ADA-compliant fishing piers throughout the region before designing a project that would be suitable at Glade Reservoir.” (Courtesy of Northern Water E-Waternews)

CEE Presents Outstanding Student Awards at May 1, 2020 E-Days Ceremony

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Caley Dallman Named and Outstanding Grad by Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering.


Dallman chose Civil Engineering as a career that would enable her to be a part of something that would help and positively impact others by improving infrastructure.

After shadowing a friendof Caley’s mother who was a CSU alumnus, she enrolled in the Department’s Civil Engineering program.

Caley has definitely made the most of her experience at CSU as you can tell from this article.

Steel Bridge Team prepares for ASCE Regional Competition and Senior Design during E-Days


The Steel Bridge Senior Design team
The Steel Bridge Senior Design team: Daniel Besmer, Erin Dunn, Kelsey Seibel, Lauren Hudak and Zac Fry. Not pictured: Nick Marques De Souza

“The Steel Bridge Team’s mission is to design a one tenth-scale bridge, made of many small components, that can be constructed and deconstructed quickly. The designers must adhere to strict rules and guidelines set by organizers – the ASCE and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) – to score points. They are judged on all the factors that would go into a real construction project: design, size, weight, cost, efficiency, and of course, safety.”

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Lana Millard selected for KaTO Design, Inc. Summer 2016 program

Lana Millard
Lana Millard was selected for the Summer 2016 program with KaTO Design, Inc., an architecture studio out of Richmond, VA that designs schools and community buildings in developing countries. For eight weeks, Lana worked with a team of eight students from around the country to design a community center for a low-income housing development near Monterrey, Mexico. The team travelled to Mexico for one week to meet the client firm, visit the site, study architecture precedence in the area, and identify the needs of the community. After returning to the US, the students worked closely with professional architects and engineers on the design and construction documents for the project. The community center will be a hub for education, health, and economic empowerment. It will serve as a heart for the community and will provide many services for children and working families. Construction is expected to begin in February. Those interested in learning more about the program can visit the KaTO website here:

Lana Millard will be graduating from CSU in May 2017 with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. She has an interest in water resources and international development, and hopes to someday provide access to potable water in impoverished communities.

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Photos provided by KaTO


Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s Big Beam Competition

For the last two years CSU undergraduate and graduate students taking CIVE 567 Advanced Concrete Design have been participating in the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s Big Beam Competition. Student teams design a prestressed concrete beam to meet the design requirements specified by PCI. Local precast concrete producers, including Rocky Mountain Prestress and EnCon United, allow students to help fabricate the beams, and then the beams are tested in the Structural Engineering lab at the CSU Engineering Research Center. Student teams then submit their final report for judging by PCI. The CEE department is grateful to the local producers and the PCI Mountain States Chapter for supporting this exciting learning opportunity.

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Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Graduates!

Spring 2016 Graduation

Front Row: David Neuder, CIVE, Kavi Pool, CIVE, Derek Adams, CIVE, Kayla Moden, ENVE, Risa Benvenga, CIVE, Caroline Ogg, ENG SCI.
2nd row: Miawand Mohammad Yaqoob, CIVE, Dr. Rebecca Atadero, Tyler Elliott, CIVE, Natalie Young, CIVE Leah Optiz, CIVE, Karla Young, CIVE, Nicolette Lind, CIVE, Samantha Katz, CIVE, Samantha Bayliff, CIVE, Caryn Nezat, ENVE, Meredith Favero, CIVE, Valene Lickley, CIVE Jenna Beairstro, CIVE, Liting Tao, ENVE, Sarah Youssef, Advisor
3rd row: Tyler Davis, CIVE, Carmen Soller, CIVE, Bill Richards, CIVE, Kelly French, CIVE, Griffin Cullen, ENVE, Chad Pasma, CIVE, Kevin Smith, CIVE, Chandler Croneigh, CIVE, Mitchell Werden, CIVE, Nathan Clouse, CIVE, Jacob Lawrence, CIVE, Joe Somer, CIVE, Austin Knapp, CIVE, Alex Connell, CIVE, James Mason, ENVE, Beth Lunsford, ENVE, Nick Hiseler, ENVE, Brian Wood, CIVE, Dr. Christopher Thornton, Dr. Pierre Juien
4th row: Tyler Sandt, CIVE, JJ Brunelle, CIVE, Tanner Waldron, CIVE, Evie Croft, ENVE, Erick Ritter, CIVE, Chaz Myers, CIVE, Ian Junkerman, CIVE, Sean Brustuen, CIVE, Kimberly Fridsma, CIVE, Sara Gray, CIVE, Alec Kaljian, CIVE, Daniel Polverari, CIVE, Laurie Alburn, Advisor, Dr. Neil Grigg, Dr. Charles Shackelford

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ENGINEERING DAYS for the department

Below are our place winners for Senior Design Projects this Spring:

E-Days 1st place 1st PLACE – Big Thompson River Restoration

Team Members: Chris Dumler, Benjamin Choat, Jessica McCallum, Krystle Salas, Nolan Platt, Samual Parker

E-Days 2nd place 2nd PLACE – NoCo Hydraulics

Team Members: John Cox, Brianna Corsi, Kayla Moden, Chaz Myers, David Neuder, Caroline Ogg

E-Days 3rd place 3rd PLACE – Glen Haven Community Bridge

Team Members: Nicolette Lind, Nathan Clouse, James Frye, Trevor Sand, Kevin Aguilar

All projects

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Kayla Moden awarded Jack and June Richardson Honors Scholarship

Kayla Moden
Kayla Moden, a Student Ambassador and an Environmental Engineering undergraduate was awarded the prestigious Jack and June Richardson Honors Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to two or more of the very best full-time undergraduate students who are in the University Honors Program at Colorado State University with outstanding academic achievement; the potential to make a significant intellectual or humanitarian contribution; and commitment to an undergraduate experience that emphasizes the development of advanced research, and communication skills. Kayla will be involved in undergraduate research in the geoengineering program under Dr. Chris Bareither this summer and will continue as a department Student Ambassador next academic year.


Cole Brubaker awarded scholarship from the Thornton Thomasetti Foundation

Cole Brubaker
Cole Brubaker, who is graduating in May with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, is one of three students in the country selected to receive the Thornton Thomasetti Foundation’s top scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to students entering a master’s degree program specializing in structural or architectural engineering and who “endeavor to make an impact on the structural design of buildings.”

For the full story, click here.

For more information about the scholarship, click here.


Choosing a Career in Civil & Environmental Engineering Videos

The Impact of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Job Satisfaction
The Work Environment

Empowering Future Civil & Environmental Engineers

Job Outlook for Civil Engineers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics professions in engineering are expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2018.

Civil engineers can expect a job growth of 24% over the decade, much faster than average for all occupations!! This job growth is spurred by general population growth In the U.S. and related need to improve our nation’s infrastructure.

CSU Engineer Placement Rates
The 5 YR trend for overall placement is 75%.

Chemical 68%
Civil 79%
Computer 87%
Electrical 79%
Environmental 85%
Mechanical 72%