Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering, Stream Restoration & River Mechanics


Hydraulic Engineering

Program Coordinator:
Pierre Julien


The Hydraulic Engineering, Stream Restoration, and River Mechanics track encompasses a broad range of topics related to fluvial systems, hydraulic systems and infrastructure, river engineering, fluid mechanics, environmental hydraulics, and restoration of aquatic systems. Students in this focus area can design a graduate program to match their individual goals and interests, whether they be related to traditional areas of hydraulic engineering or interdisciplinary focus areas such as stream restoration and environmental hydraulics. Graduate studies in Hydraulic Engineering, Stream Restoration, and River Mechanics typically consider issues like the following:

  • Experimental fluid mechanics & physical modeling
  • Sediment transport, erosion & scour studies
  • Channel stability of streams & rivers
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Applied fluvial geomorphology
  • Land use impacts on fluvial systems
  • Stream and watershed restoration
  • Physical-ecological linkages in fluvial systems
  • Hydraulic structures (i.e. dams, grade control, spillways, energy dissipaters & outlet works)
  • Turbines, valves & other turbo machinery
  • Pump and piping systems
  • Overtopping protection for dams, dam foundation erosion & dam safety